Bon Brand in Nigeria has been phenomenal, says Charl Van Wyk


Charl Van Wyk is the Operations Director of Bon Hotels. Making his first visit to Nigeria as part of the General Managers Meeting of Bon Hotels International West Africa, Van Wyk said in this exclusive interview that the group will continue to promote and invest in hospitality and tourism on the continent.


Please let’s meet you

My name is Charles Van Wyk; I am the Operations Directors of Bon Hotels. I have travelled to Nigeria to attend the general/regional manager’s meeting here in Bon Hotel Stratton, Asokoro, where the other general managers throughout Nigeria has come to this particular property to come and share ideas, understand each other businesses, understand each other’s hotels and obviously, the main reason for it is to create a sense of community within and around the Bon Hotels.

This is an opportunity to get everyone together around the same table, and to do a bit of refreshing, retraining and to understand the Bon Ami Loyalty card and to understand more of ourselves and what we are doing.

How would you describe the meeting so far, and what would say is the takeaway from this?

There are certainly a lot of takeaways from everybody here. There is growth in Nigeria, we are developing and building new hotels all the time, we have some very new general managers around the table that haven’t been exposed, and we are building a foundation, that’s the biggest takeaways.

What should we be expecting from bon hotels in the coming months and years?

The growth of Bon Hotels in Nigeria has been phenomenal, and we are growing, we are adding new hotels on a monthly basis, and we have a couple of more hotels that are coming on board that have already signed contracts and we are waiting for the hotels to be finished and opened.

Are there any challenges you feel should be addressed by the government or other stakeholders in the industry?

Well, I guess all I can say to this is that the growth of the Bon Brand in Nigeria has been phenomenal, and we are projecting that the coming years will be even better.

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