A funny rejoinder to a story not carried in KWARARAFA REPORTERS


Editors of KWARARAFA REPORTERS are currently having a good laugh at the puerile rejoinder to a story our medium did not carry. The dribble written by a certain “confidential aide” David Charima, rolled out praises to the Deputy Governor of Taraba State, Haruna Manu, who was mentioned in our story. By the way confidential aides DO NOT do rejoinders for their principals as they are mostly in the background as secretaries.

But be that as it may, rather than reply our story, Charima heaped praises in a servile manner on his boss. Praise singing is the exclusive preserve of minions and they must not be denied the opportunities to engage in their trade, however nauseating. Passing that as a reply is what is curiously incongruous.

But his piece skipped our story in its form and context. Our story did not seek to question the loyalty of the deputy governor. That is not in the purview of news writing. We are also not questioning his antecedents or humility. Our story is simple: a source approached our reporters with a side of an ongoing matter. The source came with a letter signed by the SSG, Anthony Jellason, banning a group laying claims to ownership of remittances from Madrid. The source made a series of allegations which Charima did not even address. A true retort should have answered these following questions: Are the contractors really banned? Is there an attempt by them to smuggle their way back? Is it true the deputy governor is involved in the entire Madrid business? If yes, what exactly are his roles vis a vis the two groups? Where did our reporter goof in the narration?

Again, for the avoidance of doubts, we merely stated the position of a party in a matter. That would not mean KR had independently confirmed the claims or is editorially claiming this is her own position. Our positions on any matter are in our editorials, not in the stories we carry.

Our unsolicited advice to the deputy governor then is to get a competent media handler to provide a reasonable retort rather than engaging the services of a praise singer.

But in the absence of such, we still took liberties to publish, warts and all, what his “confidential secretary” wrote as a Right of Reply.


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