Legislators absence at General Danjuma,Gov Ishaku event at Takum explained.


A source has told KWARARAFA REPORTERS that members of the Taraba State House of Assembly were busy at the state capital with the 2018 budget at the weekend when General TY Danjuma and Governor Darius Ishaku stormed their country home, Takum, to commission and flag off projects. Normally, members representing Takum at the state and federal levels are often expected at such high profile events. But both Hon. Hosea Ibi and Mark Useni (Takum 1and 2)were absent, sparking off rumours of a possible crack in relations. Also not making a showing are the federal legislators Senator Emmanuel Bwacha (Taraba South), Reps. Rima Shawulu (Takum,  Ussa, Donga). 


Governor Ishaku who was visibly excited with his biggest showing in Takum yet, did not acknowledge the absence in any of his comments. Last week at the close of the Taraba Cultural Carnival in Jalingo, the governor had rebuked the members for not attending the event.


Watchers said this may be an indication of a friction in relations with the legislators.


But a highly respected source told KR the members did not shun any of the events as they were busy. He said, “the speaker, for instance, was at the carnival but he didn’t make it to the closing event because he was at a wedding as father of the day. He had four weddings that day. Same for many other members who were engaged at other events. On the Takum occasions, the members were feverishly at work on the budget. In fact,  when one of the members said he was coming to Takum, it was the governor who quickly reminded him of the work at hand at the Assembly. As you know,  the budget has to be passed early. So it called for plenty work on the MTEF this week and the governor understands this. Another thing is that the Clerk of the House was to be given a befitting de-robbing in an official ceremonial pull out, after which a new one is to be appointed.”


Sources close to some of the federal legislators  told KR they may not have been informed of the event, stressing it is strange not to have them at event.


But an observer who gave his name as Magaji told KR that it was wrong for the members not to show up. He said,  “what kind of work is that?  This is General Danjuma. He deserves to be honoured. He was responsible almost single-handedly for their being in office today. I don’t think a few hours off their schedule as a mark of honour would stall the budget.”


As a counter,  another commentator said the members did well to place the state above all other considerations.



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