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Hon. Jingi Rufai Wins G4 Media International Award for Good Governance ,Security And Development



The Executive Chairman Mubi South Local Government area ,Hon. Jingi Rufai has just be awarded with the Nobel G4 Media International Award for Excellent Leadership , Peace And Human Development.

Presentation by Emmanuel Stephen on behalf of G4 Media International
Presentation by Emmanuel Stephen on behalf of G4 Media International

Hon. Rufai who spoke through his Council Secretary in a media Chat said he remains committed to peace,security and agricultural development in Southern Mubi.

He also explained that during his time he has been able to facilitate construction of two international Bridge and road linking Nigeria to Cameroon.

He also said his initiative to establish Local Hunters and vigilante has help to counter insecurity in the area.

Group picture with G4 Meida and Members of Mubi South Council
Group picture with G4 Meida and Members of Mubi South Council

About agriculture Hon. Rufai stressed that over 70million was spent on the purchase of Irish potatoes which today is currently yielding its harvest but called on more investors to help expand the vision

Mr Emmanuel Stephen Who represented G4 Media International Noted that despite issues on ground and the wrong mis-representation of southern Mubi the chairman has been able to achieve a lot in the few months of his chairmanship , he said indeed this is a proof of good governance by the chairman.

Emmanuel thanked the chairman for his true representation of the people and ask other chairmen to emulate him,saying the award is a result of diligence and good work.

Amongst the many Achievement of the chairman also include Sinking of 10 Boarwholes each across the 10 council wards of the Mubi south Local government area,

In Education the chairman is embarking on Scholarship scheme for indigene of the local government in Tertiary institution of Adamawa state which includes, Adamawa state University, Federal Polytechnic, College of Health Technology, College of Legal studies, National Teachers institute (NTI) and National open University among others,

In a good will message to the chairman,The Village Head, Alhaji Haruna Ahmed in his remarks , Said the Chairman is the First Best Chairman ever produce for the people of the Council, he urges the people to continue to support his administrations to enable him deliver the dividend of Democracy to the people.

Also Council vice chairman Hon. Samuel Iliasu in his speech also said his Boss is Focused, committed and ready to serve the good people of Mubi south Local government, and pray for God protection and Divine direction on him as he pilots the affairs of the Local government.

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NIFROP Urges #EndSARS Protesters to Seek Forgiveness Over Killings of Police Officers, Innocent Nigerians



National Inter-Faith and Religious Organizations for Peace (NIFROP) has urged the #EndSARS protesters to seek forgiveness over killings of police officers, innocent Nigerians and for contaminating the land with blood of the blameless.

NIFROP in an electronic statement released on Sunday urged for a national fasting and prayer to avert the wrath of God for the many abominations that the protesters brought upon the land noting that the #EndSARS protesters went about asking for their rights in the wrong way.

The statement reads, “The National Inter-Faith and Religious Organizations for Peace (NIFROP) is concerned at the way and manner the land has been contaminated and polluted with the blood of the blameless through the violent protests of the by #EndSARS protesters who we are now urging to seek forgiveness from God and their victims over the killings of police officers, innocent Nigerians and lying on a scale that shames even the devil.

“The protesters committed too many abominations for which they must seek forgiveness. We must all equally as a nation seek God’s face in fasting and prayers to cleanse our land from what the protesters brought upon us. The blood of the innocent is crying for justice and the anguish of those unjustly oppressed by the protesters is reaching up to the throne of God. We must do all that is necessary to avert calamity from befalling us because of the sins of these people.

“The original intention of seeking an end to police brutality and extra-judicial killings was noble but it soon became apparent that the protests are more satanic than the evil they had sought to eradicate. The protesters masked their evil intention with a semblance of seeking the collective good but they were unable to sustain the pretense for long as their bloodlust manifested and they contravened Exodus 20:13 as they killed policemen to prevent law enforcement from stopping them and also killed innocent Nigerians to create the impression that the law was targeting them.

“It is unfortunate that these protesters are treating their sins lightly without paying heed to the curse in the Bible upon murderers. Proverbs 28:17 is categorical in declaring that “A man who is laden with the guilt of human blood Will be a fugitive until death; let no one support him.” The protesters who killed policemen and innocent Nigerians should worry about how they will carry the bloodguilt that is upon them and unless they seek forgiveness from their victims and from God, they will carry their guilt for life.

“Even more odious is their violation of Exodus 20:16 as the #EndSARS protesters lied without shame through their use of fake news. They may think that there are no correlations but putting out false information about being attacked, like in the case of the Lekki Toll Gate matter, is the same as bearing false witness against one’s neighbors and we know this is abhorrent to the Lord especially when directed at the state. The protesters blaming the military for the Lekki pandemonium to cover up their atrocities against Nigerians and humanity is something for which they must seek forgiveness while desisting from further spreading of falsehood.

“Those that did not originate the fake news but engaged in spreading them, like many celebrities did, must still seek forgiveness from God to avert having to answer for this sin on judgment day as stated in Surah An-Nur, verse 15 “When you were propagating (spreading) it with your tongues, and uttering with your mouths that whereof you had no knowledge, you considered it light, in the sight of Allah it is very great.”

“We are further concerned that Exodus 20:15 and 20:17 did nothing to turn these protesters away from stealing and coveting that which is not theirs. They went on massive looting and the destruction of the property of others simply because they are covetous of these assets. We pray that God in his infinite mercy should touch their hearts to repent and make restitution for the things they stole under the guise of protesting.

“NIFROP will continue to bring the message of hope and redemption, however. The #EndSARS protesters should approach God’s throne of grace to seek forgiveness and sin no more for the Bible says in 1 John 1:9 (NLT) “But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.”

“We call for concerted prayers and fasting to avert future occurrence and for our youth to live lives devoid of wickedness. We are aware that they themselves have been victims of manipulation by wicked forces. It is why we commend them to the exhortation in in Ephesians 4:31 that asked the #EndSARS protesters to “Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior,” the statement said.

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International Human Rights Group Vows to Drag Promoters of Fake News, ‘DJ Switch’ to ICC Hague



The International Human Rights Protection Forum (IHRPF) has threatened to drag disc jockey, Obianuju Udeh, popularly known as ‘DJ Switch’ to the International Criminal Court (ICC) over misleading reports on the #EndSARS protests in Lekki toll gate on Tuesday.

The humanitarian group, with headquarters in Florida, United States, said Obianuju’s claims could have triggered genocide and war crimes in Nigeria.

The IHRPF made this known in a statement signed by its legal adviser, Barrister Janet Ihezie.

DJ Switch alleged to have witnessed and streamed as armed gunmen fired shots at #EndSARS protesters.

However, the disc jockey who according to reports claimed over 70 persons died from the incident backtracked recently, saying at least 15 casualties were recorded.

And IHRPF said DJ Switch must apologise to the government and citizens of Nigeria for misleading key decision-makers across the globe.

Failure to do so, the group said it won’t hesitate within the next seven days to drag the disc jockey to ICC, Hague, Netherlands for peddling fake news capable of throwing the country into a state of anarchy.

According to the human rights group, Obianuju and her likes were sponsored by desperate politicians seeking to illegitimately overthrow the government.

The group, however, called on the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), United States of America, United Kingdom, China, Canada and other international partners in progress to stand by Nigeria at this difficult moment.

Read the full statement below:

The attention of International Human Rights Protection Forum (IHRPF) with headquarters at Florida, USA has been drawn to attempt by one self acclaimed Nigerian celebrity Obianuju Catherine Udeh otherwise known as DJ Switch to trigger genocide and war crimes in Nigeria through publication of misleading reports following the violent #EndSARS protest at the Lekki Toll Gate that degenerated into something close to anarchy in Lagos State on Tuesday, 20th October, 2020 evening hours after Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu imposed a dusk to dawn curfew.

In what we obviously perceive as a teleguided narrative, DJ Switch was found to be speaking from both sides of her mouth when she granted interview to Premium Times on 23rd October, 2020 alleging that armed soldiers and police officers shot at her and other #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate killing at least a total of 15 people. DJ Switch claimed in a video posted on social media that she and some other survivors of the alleged shootings carried dead bodies of the 15 protesters to the feet of the soldiers, who “threw the bodies into their vans”. To add insult to injury, DJ Switch went ahead to display some bullet shells which she claimed were recovered from the scene of the shootings. We are at a loss as to why DJ Switch could tell a bare-faced lie to Nigerians and the international community that the military killed 15 protesters while bodies of victims could not be found.

In their usual antagonistic tendency to rubbish the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR on human right protection issues Amnesty International was quick to posit, albeit without any credible evidence, that at least 12 people were killed on Tuesday, 20th October, 2020 at both Alausa and Lekki Toll Gate just to support the lies told by DJ Switch. With the emergence of conflicting picture of what actually transpired at Lekki Toll Gate, IHRPF feels that DJ Switch and her co-peddlers of fake news should as a matter of urgency apologize to the government as well as citizens of Nigeria concerning how they have misled key decision-makers across the globe.

Granted that some lives and valuable properties may have been lost in Lagos State following the violence that erupted after the #EndSARS protest, it would be uncalled for if not bad for individuals no matter how highly placed to fan the embers of mischief targeted at inciting the general public against the military or other security agencies who have over the years done everything possible to keep Nigeria together as one sovereign and indivisible nation. That the Governor of Lagos State came out to openly confirm that there was no death resulting from the so called Lekki Massacre should have been enough reason why the likes of DJ Switch need to take caution in their use of foul languages. We find it rather appalling that the Federal Government of Nigeria was subjected to unwarranted criticism across the globe due to a well coordinated campaign of fake news in the past few days.

Whilst we empathize with families of those who lost beloved ones and business ventures since the #EndSARS protest began, we wish to fully identify with the genuine demand that the Nigeria Police Force be reformed immediately in order to win back the confidence of citizens that Nigeria is a truly safe and democratic country. Being that as it may, IHRPF in line with its mandate to give voice to the voiceless people in the society shall not hesitate within the next 7 days to drag DJ Switch to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, Netherlands if she does not desist from peddling fake news capable of throwing Nigeria into a state of anarchy, thereby giving room for the commission of genocide and war crimes against the civilian population and military forces alike by enemies who had always wanted to divide Nigeria for their selfish political gains. It is obvious that politicians who could not come to power using the ballot are behind funding of the #EndSARS protest, which later degenerated into a violent attempt to dislodge the legitimate government of Nigeria contrary to Section 5 of the Terrorism (Prevention) (Amendment) Act, 2013. We submit that the utterances and actions of DJ Switch as stated herein are not only criminal but “widespread” and “systematic” within the meaning of Article 7 (1) of the Rome Statute for which the ICC can urgently open an investigation.

On a final note, IHRPF calls on the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), United States of America, United Kingdom, China, Canada and other international partners in progress to stand by Nigeria at this difficult moment as the country strives earnestly to deliver the dividends of democracy to her people in an atmosphere devoid of violence, criminality and sabotage.

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#EndSARS: Nigerian Youths Urged to Quit Violence, Appreciate PMB’s Magnanimity



The Centre for Africa Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights (CALSER) has urged youths in the country to quit the #EndSARS violence and embrace the generous and kind-heartedness of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a town hall meeting with the theme: ‘Consensus Building for National Unity, Peace, Cohesion and Confidence in the Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari,’ in Abuja on Saturday, CALSER said the youths succeeded in driving home their demands and got the attention of the president, but using violence as a means of protests became unfortunate .

According to Princess Ajibola, now is time for fellow youths to celebrate this remarkable feat achieved through the “instrumentality of our voices”.

Ajibola statement adds that ” We must not fail to admit that indeed the agitations were genuine, as the youths didn’t act outside the constitutional rights of freedom of association and expression as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended.

“To think that the youths drove home their demands in a more peaceful manner is indicative of the fact that we are all burning with a passion to succeed. This much was evident in the oneness of our voices and the determination with which the peaceful protests were conducted.

“To say we have achieved success would be an understatement. We have made a very valid point that has elicited a great response from the government that resulted in the disbandment of the notorious SARS by the Inspector General of Police.

“The government has also gone further to institute processes towards the compensation of the victims of the viciousness of SARS on the bulk of Nigerian youth’s across the country. This is a great victory for the teeming youths in the country. The March4Nigeria Town Hall Meeting should serve as the avenue for us to roll out the drums in celebration for this remarkable feat that we have achieved through the instrumentality of our voices”.

Ajibola on behalf of CALSER, however, appealed to the youths to leave now the ovation is loudest.

She noted that, ” we must not allow some unscrupulous elements to take undue advantage to perpetrate violence in the country, adding that the recent events in the country indicate so”.

She further called on the youths to appreciate the noble efforts of President Buhari who according to the centre has proven to be a father figure to all.

“President Muhammadu Buhari deserves all the commendation for the promptness with which he acceded to our demands. He has proven that he is a true democrat that is receptive to ideas towards making Nigeria great,” she said.

“I make bold to say that in the history of democratic governance in Nigeria, there hasn’t been a president that has tremendous regards and respect for the teeming youths of our great country since he assumed leadership of the country in 2015.

“We must realize that our voices have been heard and the various steps taken by the government is quite commendable. I know for a fact that overtures are being made for the street protests to continue all in a bid to discredit the government.

“I want to use this medium to state in unequivocal terms that indeed the youths of Nigeria have demonstrated capacity to drive home our points and to bring the government to accept our demands.

“This was made possible by the disposition of President Muhammadu Buhari for standing as a father at all times, and for displaying acts of tremendous respect for the youths of our great country”.

The statement further stated that the March4Ngeria town hall meeting should indeed be used to send a strong message to those that are against the peace and progress of Nigeria that we are one indivisible and robust constituency that is bounded in love and honesty for peace to grow.

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