Nigeria Not Failing, Group Tells Obasanjo, Soyinka

Citizens Action for good governance yesterday faulted the former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s claim that Nigeria is fast disintegrating under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group’s national coordinator, Nazir Galadanci at a press conference argued that Obasanjo’s position on the state of the nation must have been driven by what he termed “extreme and unchecked malice and bitterness” against the President Buhari led administration.

Going down memory lane to list a litany of atrocities committed by Obasanjo against the country, the group maintained that his antagonistic stance must have been prompted by his inability to teleguide President Buhari to do his bidding and accede to what it termed ‘his selfish and self serving desires’ to the detriment of the country.

The group threw it’s weights behind ongoing quest by the President Buhari led administration to ensure the social economic development of the country.
The group noted: “How can Obasanjo say Nigeria is more divided than ever? He has been the godfather who did not mean well for the progress of the country based on his kingmaking role that gave Nigerians leaders Who were not ready for leadership because he wants to control the affairs of Nigeria from his sitting room.

“It is also unfortunate and disheartening to hear from the respected Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, making statement in support of Obasanjo that Nigeria is nearing extinction. This is condemnable and unacceptable because these statements from Soyinka are basically to incite Nigerians and make the nation lawless.
” Nigeria is not in the state of disarray nor facing extinction as he claimed because the Buhari led administration has done what other administrations could not do for the past 21 years of democracy in Nigeria.

“The Buhari led administration has fought corruption to a level that the international community is applauding the effort of the government. Those that made themselves untouchable while they were neck deep in corruption have been made to face the wrath of the law.
“On security, this government has put in enormous resources to fight all forms of terrorism to a standstill and the effort on this is glaring for Nigerians to see and testify.

“There is massive infrastructural development ongoing across the country despite the dwindling prices of oil and the economy has witnessed enormous growth from the diversification effort by the Buhari led administration. The Buhari led administration has brought inclusiveness of Nigerians in participatory governance, and a sense of belonging.

“It is therefore, most strange that Obasanjo who presided over a dictatorship that thrived on illegalities , high handedness, intolerance of opposing views and divide and rule would now have the temerity to assume the rule of social critic”. 

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