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Arewa Group Calls For Shettima’s Arrest Over Attempts To Instigate Mutiny Against Buhari



The Arewa Citizens for Good Governance (ACGG) has called for the arrest of Senator Kashim Shettima for attempting to instigate mutiny against President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group made this known in a statement signed by its president, Comrade Silas Adamu, on Wednesday.

According to Adamu, the Borno Central lawmaker’s recent remarks on national security could potentially incite serving military officers to mutiny against the current government as he suggested that the current set of service chiefs are sitting on their promotion and elevation.

The group said Shettima, who flaunts zero credentials on security matters is unfit to advise President Buhari. 

The Arewa group reminded the Senator of how the intervention of the President and service chiefs stabilised his second tenure as governor of Borno State and eventual election to the National Assembly.

The group further accused Shettima of liaising with a presidential hopeful and some elements from the South to undermine the President and position himself as the most relevant politician from the North ahead of 2023. 

It, however, demanded that Shettima apologises to President Buhari and stop dabbling into security issues. 

The group called on the Police and DSS to put the lawmakerr under its surveillance to avoid a repeat while also advising the Borno Central Senator to publicly renounce his alliance with selfish politicians.

Read the full statement below:

The Arewa Citizens for Good Governance has once again deemed it fit to intervene on a matter of urgent national importance.

A few days ago, a former governor of Borno State, Senator Kashim Shettima made certain disparaging remarks about how President Muhammadu Buhari is prosecuting the war against insurgency and went overboard trying to dictate to the President how he should run his government.

The former governor did not stop at that but went ahead to delve into sensitive security issues by publicly alleging that the current set of service chiefs have overstayed and should be dropped.

He went ahead to make unintelligent comparisons with past administrations under whose watch the Boko Haram problem started and grew and urged President Buhari to borrow a leaf from this administration that Nigerians voted out due to their inability to solve the security problem in the country.

The former governor in the process tried to incite serving military officers to mutiny against the current government by suggesting that the current set of service chiefs are sitting on their promotion and elevation.

This is highly treasonable and should not be ignored.

Why Shettima is not qualified to advise Buhari

It is curious how Shettima,  who is not known to be a security expert apart from being a politician and former state governor suddenly realises his talent in that aspect and wants to coach a retired General, a war hero and three-time Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the most populous country in Africa how to do his job.

Shettima was probably not born when Buhari fought the civil war to keep Nigeria one.

He was probably in primary school when Buhari as GOC acted on a threat from a neighbouring Afridan country and pursued their soldiers who fled in the face of superior fighting powers of Nigerian troops under his command.

Buhari, unlike Shettima, is an internationally recognised military strategist, respected global citizen and statesman whose knowledge and experience on security matters are well known and are being sought the word over.

It is therefore baffling how someone with zero credentials on security matters like Shettima thinks he can lecture another who has attained such lofty heights in military strategy. 

The politics of Shettima’s outburst

The comments by Shettima has confirmed the suspicion that some politicians especially within the Borno axis are not interested in seeing the end of Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorism in Nigeria.

With his suggestion that the only way to end terrorism lies in the removal of the current set of service chiefs, Shettima is trying to introduce the politics of Borno at the national level.

Senator Shettima’s suggestion is not borne out of patriotism but borne out of a mindset that he must dominate every political space in Borno.

Though he has stated that he will not interfere in the running of the affairs of the state after handing over, Shettima still wants to be seen as the arrowhead in every appointment in Borno State and is trying to edge out the service chiefs to create room for his kinsman to take control of the security agencies in the country.

One cannot help but notice the inanity of his suggestion which boils down to criminal confession given the fact that the former governor had during his time as governor, commended copiously the efforts put in by the service chiefs to ensure the security of lives and property which enabled him to remain as governor till the end of his tenure last year.

Shettima had forgotten so easily the security situation in Borno State before the current set of service chiefs were appointed.

The former governor has forgotten that he was not even the one that won the governorship ticket of ANPP,  the then ruling party in Borno State and that it was because Boko Haram took advantage of the security crisis in Borno that they gunned down the initial winner of the ticket that an opening was created for him to become the party’s flag bearer from whence he moved to become the state governor.

Maybe because the killing favoured him, he wants Borno to go back to a former era.

Shettima had forgotten that it was during the reign of his godfather, who sponsored his election to become governor, that Borno became a fertile ground for Boko Haram to grow into full adulthood with the kind of support the group was receiving from the then government. 

All that while, when Boko Haram was killing people daily, nobody heard any suggestion from Shettima on how to end the Boko Haram crisis even when the then-governor appointed one of the group’s sponsors a commissioner in his cabinet. 

Shettima only found his voice when he was installed as governor.

But he has also forgotten that during the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, he had almost given up on the security situation and cried out that the terrorists had more sophisticated weapons than the Nigerian military.

He has forgotten that it was under the administration he wants President Buhari to learn from that 14 local governments in his state were taken over by the terrorists.

Shettima has forgotten too soon that it was under the current set of service chiefs that all the local governments which Shettima has been receiving allocations on their behalf and which he has nothing to show off were recovered by  Nigerians troops.

It was also under the current set of service chiefs that Shettima was able to appoint a successor and present him to the electorate in an election made peaceful through the efforts of the current set of service chiefs.

He seems not to remember that it is under the current set of service chiefs that he won his election to go the Senate.

Now that President Buhari through his service chiefs has made all that possible for him and he has relocated to Abuja as a big boy, he wants to see the back of the current stock of gallant officers.

The Real Issues 

The problem is, Shettima thinks he can dictate to President Buhari who he should appoint or work with.

This is something Shettima as governor fought his political godfather for as he did not tolerate when the latter was allegedly trying to dictate to him how he runs his government.

Now because he has found himself in the Senate and wants to position himself for possible nomination as vice president to a presidential hopeful from the Southwest, he wants to control a whole President.

He seems not to realise that President Buhari is a thorough leader who does his homework first before making an appointment and like his Spokesman Gaba Shehu has said, only him can determine the tenure of the service chiefs.

The fact is that Shettima has gone beyond decorum as it is obvious he wants to carry out the equivalent civilian coup to overthrow Buhari by instigating mutiny within the military that may lead to a putsch against the government.

This is not without reason.

Shettima’s alliance with a presidential hopeful and some elements from the South have always been to undermine the President and position himself as the most relevant politician from the North.

That was why he lobbied to be Vice President at a time the President was sick and deserving of prayers and travelled abroad for treatment. The inordinate ambition it seems has not died down.

The fact is, Shettima cannot come now and pretend he wants a solution to the Boko Haram problem as he contributed negatively to the current state of insecurity in the state by squandering all the LG funds in Borno State and refused to build rural infrastructure that would have made it possible for people to return home. 

Our Demands: 

We demand that Senator Shettima apologises to President Buhari for the caustic remark against him which is meant to ridicule the President and portray him as a weakling and lacking in intelligence to take the right action at the right time.

The former governor should stop dabbling into security issues as he is no longer the Chief Security Officer of any state and if he has any suggestion on how to improve security, he should go through the proper channel as a senator and stop trying to play on peoples’ intelligence. 

Senator Shettima should tell the people how many times he has changed cabinet when he was governor and why he had to contest the governorship position for a second time when he knew that the secret to effective administration is to keep changing those in charge.

Shettima should publicly renounce his alliance with selfish politicians who are trying to use him to pursue their 2023 agenda.

The Inspector-General of Police and Director General of the DSS should put him under surveillance to forestall further attempts to undermine the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

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Scrap Or Restructure NIDCOM Now, Oduduwa Group Urges FG Over Threats By Diaspora To National Security



The Coalition of Oduduwa Descendants (COD) has urged the Federal Government to totally scrap or restructure the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) over threats to national security by some Nigerians in the Diaspora.

According to the Oduduwa group, this has become paramount following hate campaigns by some disgruntled elements abroad , endorsing negative publicity about Nigeria.

The COD made these known at a press conference on Tuesday in Lagos.

Speaking on behalf of the group, National Coordinator, Lekan Ekundayo, said NIDCOM has failed in its mandates thereby discouraging many investors, exaggerating the security situation and underreporting the success made in the fight against insecurity.

The group noted that many campaign of calumny against the country abroad are spearheaded by these Nigerians abroad.

According to COD, these criminal elements hiding abroad have also encouraged enemies of the Nigerian state like Boko Haram, insurgents and other economic saboteurs to continue to wreak havoc on the country.

Instead of promoting the image of the nation abroad, the Yoruba group said NIDCOM has become the refinery for the processing of crude, scathing critics and all forms of negativism against Nigeria.

The Oduduwa descents, however, urged the FG to scrap NIDCOM or restructure it inorder to focus on its “fundamental objectives of harnessing our human resources for good and not for the destruction of Nigeria”.

It also advised the commission to focus on researches that would facilitate development in Nigeria in the fields of science, engineering, agriculture and medicine.

Read full statement below:

Gentlemen of the press,

We are addressing you today on an issue of urgent national importance.

This has to do with the way our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora have constantly been portraying Nigeria in negative light thereby influencing our citizens and other citizens of the world to hate our dear country, Nigeria.

We are also alarmed by the official consent given to these hate campaigns by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, NIDCOM, which is like given an official endorsement to negative publicity about Nigeria.

Going by the kinds of texts and literature coming from our kindred in the Diaspora, one would assume that there is absolutely nothing good about Nigeria and that this country is only fit to be discarded and dumped in the refuse bin.

Saying anything positive about Nigeria is now considered demeaning and for one to belong to the class of individuals seen as deep intellectuals, one must attack the Nigerian  government and speak of happenings in the country as the worst in human history.

It is this kind of mindset that gave birth and nurtured the self hating and seditious sentiments of the likes of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB who kept referring to Nigeria as a zoo and had wanted  to start an insurrection until he was checkmated by the Nigerian Government.

These set of people have become in the words of Prof. Toyin Falola, “like the Europeans in 19th century Africa, the colonizers,  who saw nothing good about the continent.”


According to a United Nations 2017 report, there are at least 1.24 million migrants from Nigeria in the Diaspora but that this figure is likely to be higher in 2018 and 2019 with the recent trend in migration from Nigeria.

These include people who have done their basic and tertiary education in Nigeria but are unwilling to contribute their quota for the development of the country and have set their minds only on looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

These are people who have benefited from the free primary and basic education programmes of previous Nigerian governments, enjoyed various forms of scholarships at the tertiary levels and were treated with high respect and dignity and given choice appointments upon graduation from the universities.

These are the same set of people that have now turned their backs on the very country that gave them these opportunities.

So, as these Nigerians who benefited from the Nigerian system continue in their hate campaigns, the damages they’re doing to the well being of the country is better imagined.

By their actions and comments, they have discouraged many investors from coming into Nigeria as they exaggerate the security situation in the country and underreport the success made in the fight against insecurity.

Unfortunately, their comments influence other unsuspecting citizens not to believe in themselves but begin to think that nothing good can come out of Nigeria and that the only way they can make it is to escape to other countries.

They have encouraged corruption in the public sevice because people who are reading them have come to believe that the only way they can make it is tosteal from the public till and send their children to schools abroad no matter the cost even as Nigeria offers better opportunities in that regard.

The utterances and actions of these Nigerians in the Diaspora has stalled the growth of public institutions in Nigeria as their self hate sermons has encouraged a lackadaisical attitude towards everything the country represents.

Worse still, it has encouraged enemies of the Nigerian State like the Boko  Haram terrorists, insurgents and other economic saboteurs to continue to wreak havoc on the country in the misguided belief that they share common passion with Nigerians in the Diaspora.

Their attitude has also served to dampen the morale of security agencies who are in the field putting their lives on the line to secure the country as troops go home with the belief that they’re not appreciated.


The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, which was created to provide for the engagement of Nigerians in Diaspora in the policies, projects and participation in the development of Nigeria and for the purpose of utilising the human capital and material resources of Nigerians in Diaspora towards the overall socio-economic, cultural and political development has unfortunately allowed itself to be used by these see -nothing -good -about-Nigeria set of Nigerians.

Rather than adhere strictly to its role of fostering development, NIDCOM has now become the refinery for the processing of crude but scathing criticisms and all forms of negativism against Nigeria.

The Commission, rather than insist on the positive aspect of its role is lending itself to the projection of negative images about Nigeria and this is most unfortunate.


NIDCOM must be called to order and reminded of its fundamental objectives of harnessing our human resources for good and not for the destruction of Nigeria.

It should not allow itself to be used by self-seekng opportunists to paint the country in bad light.

If the Commission refuses to fall in line, it should be restructured and reconstituted to allow only those with passion to develop the country come on board as the Commission has failed by becoming an avenue for disgruntled elements to congregate against the interest of the entire country.

Nigerians in the Diaspora on the other hand, should focus on researches that would facilitate development in Nigeria in the fields of science, engineering, agriculture and medicine and not jusy to be regurgitating worn out political theories that have become stale and are no longer applicable in the new world order.

They should be making remittances home not just to build hotels and mansions in their villages for camping young girls but to build industries for the employment of youths.

Nothing stops Nigerians in the Diaspora from building basic infrastructure like schools and hospitals to complement what the government is doing.

They should also use their various positions abroad to project Nigeria as an emerging world economy to woo foreign investors and they should stop magnifying the country’s challenges as there is no nation without challenges.

Finally, we call on Nigerians in the Diaspora to in the words of Prof. Falola remember that, “You are supposed to empower your people, not destroy them. Statements to uplift and upgrade are different from statements to ridicule. We all criticise, even we criticise family members, but not that we want to push them to the mouth of the lion.”

Thank you.

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Facts And Figures: 21 Reasons GYB Stands Out



The unusual emergence of a 40years old unusual Guy as the Chief Executive Officer superintending the unique State of Kogi from LUGARD HOUSE, Lokoja was a stunner. Yahaya Adoza Bello was in every mold different from the pack, having been in Politics for less than two years before he became the Governor of the Confluence State of Kogi, and that reality set the stage for an unusual protocol in governance.

Born on the 18th day of June, 1975 and sworn into office as the Executive Governor of Kogi State on the 27th day of January, 2016, the Youngman popularly referred to as GYB an acronym for Governor Yahaya Bello, is a true leader of men/women, a patriot and a credible manager of resources.

Vilified, lampooned, hated and castigated by the political establishment on account of his unusual emergence on our political kaleidoscope, GYB refused to join issues with his traducers but to silence his critics through unequaled service delivery. Harassed and harangued by Godfathers, he chose silence deciding to endear himself to all through responsible and responsive leadership. And troubled by career politicians at home and across the nation, he chose hard work over propaganda, and that is the enigma called GYB.

Understanding the enormous challenge on him being one of the foremost Youths in leadership, he refused to deploy propaganda in the discharge of his watch over Kogi State, but to speak through profound service delivery, and here we present the 21 things that qualify GYB for higher office, indeed the 21 REASONS GYB STANDS OUT.

1. GYB inherited a State that was largely divided on ethnic, religious and cultural grounds, but undeterred he chose to unite his people indiscriminate of the multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious, and multi-cultural tendencies of the State. The Igalas, Igbiras, Okuns, Owore, Owe et al found in this enigma a worthy son. This he did by locating infrastructures across the State, appointing the best hands indiscriminate of ethnic or religious differences, and being a Muslim he is the first Governor to build a CHAPEL for Christian worship in the Government House. GYB believes that though tongues, faith and tribes may differ that Kogi State is ONE. And he will replicate same in higher office.

2. GYB has made Kogi the safest State in the North Central and indeed the entire North through the proactive cooperation of his government with all the layers of National Security and indeed the setting up of a very effective Kogi State Vigilante Service. The records are visible, that being the Confluence State and the doorway to the South from the North and vice versa, Kogi State today has the least tale of violent crimes, kidnappings and banditry, thanks to the Astute watch of GYB Governor Yahaya Bello (GIVE YOUR BEST), the one who GIVES HIS BEST.

3. GYB is a bridge builder, he has seamlessly integrated both the OLD and the YOUNG in the governance of the State, little wonder Kogi has become a spectacle in peaceful coexistence. Nigeria has got something coming from this Youngman.

4. GYB is an unblemished Patriot, he has in an uncommon way shown how doggedly he loves his people, Kogi State and indeed Nigeria by insisting that we interrogate the COVID19Post pandemic, and stop the now prevalent copy and post approach to the scourge. He has spoken boldly against another possible lockdown of the economy because ‘we must first live to fight a disease’. And Kogi State has apparently remained COVID19 free because of the unusual approach of the State to the pandemic. GYB is a leader that thinks outside the Box, and a patriot per excellence, he is indeed one largely deserving of higher office.

5. GYB inherited months of backlog of unpaid salaries in his first term for which he was largely lampooned, vilified, hated and castigated, but rather than fight or disparage his critics, he went to work, today Kogi State does not owe a worker, and today KOGI STATE effectively pays her pensioners.

6. GYB’s State of Kogi leads the chart of States that has serviced and reduced her Local debts; indeed the Debt Management Office has it on record that Kogi State has recently reduced its local debts by a whooping 51Billion, and the State next on the Chart by about 20billion. The silent Achiever Governor Yahaya Bello has GOT YOUR BACK and he wants to do the same for Nigeria.

7. GYB’s Kogi State led the pack in the total resources that accrued to the Nation during the last COVID19 lockdown because Kogi State maintained very minimal lockdown, and remains the State with the least COVID19 mention.

8. GYB is a study in leadership, and a course in proactive and progressive service delivery.


This expose’ on the Youngman whose acronym GYB stands for GOT YOUR BACK, GIVE YOUR BEST and GROW YOUR BASE is the story of a leader with passion, competency and capacity, and one deserving of the trust of higher office.


Chabor Musa Nyamgul Jnr.

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Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Pigeons Released By Buhari Refuse To Fly



The doves, otherwise known as white pigeons, released by the President, Muhammadu Buhari, at the Armed Forces Remembrance Day ceremony, refused to fly despite multiple attempts by the President thereby sparking a debate on social media on Friday.

The President had opened the birdcage at the National Arcade, picked up one of the doves, and thrown it into the air but the bird landed atop the cage and refused to fly.

Buhari, who was eager to let the white pigeons fly, opened the roof of the cage in a bid to send them all out but the birds remained adamant and decided to sit on top of the cage’s roof.

The President, who appeared tired of trying, soon left the birds and returned to his seat. Moments after the President had left, however, some of the birds flew.

The ritual of releasing doves is to commemorate the life of a departed loved one and is common at significant events like funerals or memorials. It also signifies peace.

Studies show that domesticated doves which are used to living in cages are not always keen on flying.

In 2014, the doves refused to fly when former President Goodluck Jonathan freed them. The Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka, described the incident at the time as a sign that God had abandoned Jonathan.

The refusal of the birds to fly on Friday, however, sparked thousands of comments on social media.

A former presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress, Adamu Garba, said the birds should be eaten if they cannot do what they were trained to do.

“The pigeons are tired and overtime became lazy, they don’t want to fly the spirit of The Nigerian Flag. We should roast them at Suya joint and deploy Crowwe for action,” he said.

Social media personality, Morris Monye, said the Department of State Services would have arrested the pigeons for embarrassing the President if they could.

“I guarantee you… If it was possible, the DSS would arrest the pigeons for such an affront on the President. But really, is there peace, harmony, and security in the land?” he asked.

A former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, who is a known critique of the President, also tweeted, “Hmmm. Even the pigeons in Nigeria.”

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