RE: Gov. Darius Ishaku And Taraba’s Continuing Saga Of Incompetence And Malfeasance , By Fred Hikon – By A. A. Mshelia

I believe in good faith that the “pattern of my writings”, over time, focuses on facts, in an effort to defend the sincere interest of the people and standing against some irksome cobras that seeks to devour innocent souls, especially in Taraba State.

As much as one will want to put his pen to rest in regards to responding so these injudicious venoms, it has become extremely hard.

A man called or better put labeled as Fred Hikon, because we know there’s no such human with the said name. Thus, whatever category one chooses to place the said name, the person wont be wrong. Some that knew the hidden facts about the phony character hiding behind the said name, have called him a spirit, fake, stupid, clown among many. But to me reading the garbage by this joker; whether he’s human or an visceral as others have attributed, to me, HE IS A FRAIDY-CAT.

I must commend H.E. Arc. Darius Ishaku for his consistent prove of maturity and strong character in leadership. The Governor have been insulted unjustly by some cruel folks, but just like his Former boss, Ex President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, he has remained calm. No matter how one tries to put the fact, it will always stand out that, Governor Ishaku is a political force today, and has become the father of Modern Taraba, because he reads the economic and social needs of the people accurately and transmits his observations into policy implementation most suitable to comprehend by his team, thus, giving them the required output in governance, despite the hatred that seems to surround his administration daily. He is a man that is naturally loved and admired by people for his impacts; a democrat and pivot of mass mobilization; a man who achieves greatness through diligence, self-will and sheer determination; he has remained unruffled even at the height of unwarranted intimidation and provocation over the years and this will not get in his way either.

Like Mr Caleb rightly addressed the fraidy-cat sometimes ago, as far back as June 2, 2020, by saying The writer (Fred Hikon) is obviously confused and rendered blind by the spirit of hate which he is serving with an abiding loyalty and unrepentant devotion to an extent that he has lost his sense of rationality. There’s no better way to describe the man than this, except that its very important we add that he’s an expression of the highest order and true definition of a coward – a fraidy-cat.

Knowing the assumed identity of the man who shuttles between Abuja and Jalingo, struggling to earn life needs, I advise he focus on something of worth to help his life and generation yet unborn. And by the way, if he had any genuine interest of the Taraba people, he could have stayed at his duty post, ready to die as a true soldier not pull out. No nation is built by one man, but since he’s a fraidy-cat he chickened out.

With the show of emotional rollercoaster and the confusion that is clearly expressed in his texts, it seems the sun has tanned him on the other side, which is also clear he has tried to return to base to take shelter but failed, under the umbrella in Taraba State whose holder is Governor Darius Ishaku Thus, the state of his depressed life is shown evidently in his text.

Every good writer is a reader, I advise the fraidy-cat tagged Fred Hikon, to learn to research and read facts about Taraba State before writing confusedly, showing his level of inanity. Every lie in form of a question he raised in his last article have been answered in details in all my previous articles. If he had commit to study, he could have been assumed wise by his silence.

Focusing on what’s more important and precious, I beg that the good people of Taraba, should refer to one of the article I wrote earlier, 2020: “A Mission To Rescue Taraba 2: What Should Tarabans Expect Of Gov. Darius Ishaku.

Tarabans must believe that none of those expectations stated by Governor Darius Ishakus shall be cut off. One of such prove that the Governor is committed to his promises and is on track, is the commissioning of the 5 million multi-dimensional water facility in Jalingo. This 5million liters capacity water reservoir is the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa with restaurant, recreational facilities, amphitheater and a park to give a beginning outlook. It is a component of the 8billion Naira “Jalingo Water Source scheme” State government intervention to boost water supply to Jalingo town and environs. Work is ongoing and is expected to be completed by September 2021. Other components of the project include water intake structure (gallery system), pumping station, transmission line, Chlorination plant, reservoir and distribution, offices and other auxiliary works…

Governor Darius Ishaku cannot be faulted for his inability to keep to his promise. He would always say: “The Governance of Taraba State didn’t start with me and it wont certainly end with me, therefore, I will only promise what I am sure I can deliver, because it is in my interest to leave a good name for my children just as my grandfather and father did.”

This truth can be traced and proven in the testimonials of the life lived by his grandfather Yaku Pastor and Tita Ishaku. These are men, whose story is always inspiring to the heart, that led one of the most esteemed Professor of English, David R. Jowitt testified to the impacts and lessons of their lives to the foundation, formation and continues building of a better Taraba by their blood, Darius.

A man is known for two things: his words and his actions. These two must of necessity tally. If there is a divergence, then neither his words nor his actions are of any value no matter how magnanimous. As the Executive Governor of Taraba State, the words and actions of Architect Darius have proved a unity of purpose, a confluence of merit and harbinger of inspiration.

In his words Governor Darius once stated:
“This administration will strive to create and maintain an enabling environment conducive for the optimal participation and sustainable engagement of key stakeholders and partners, by developing a sensitive and responsible political class, a vibrant and purpose-driven bureaucracy, a veritable resource base, and a robust broad-based economy. People-based, government-enhanced, and private sector-led approaches will be employed to guarantee this pursuit”.

Hikon and co should sit down and watch the facts unfolding; Taraba State shall be rescued under the watch of Governor Darius against all odds.

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