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ICC: Group Accuses Iranian-Backed Terrorists, IMN Of Bankrolling Frivolous petitions Against Former Chief Of Army Staff, Buratai



Some-well meaning Nigerians have fingered Iranian-funded groups, Concerned Citizens and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) to be behind a petition against former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai.

The Concerned Citizens and Stakeholders (CCS) revealed that the call by Deji Adeyanju and his cohorts at Amnesty International for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute Buratai is another phase of their destabilization agenda.

The group, which disclosed this at a press conference on Friday in Lagos, said it is “laughable” to allege that the former COAS massacred members of IMN, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and protesters at Lekki Tollgate.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Secretary-General, Lanre Arogundade noted that the move is a warning shot at the new service chiefs.

According to Arogundade, the aim is to instil fear to weaken their performances, such that they would rather prefer to fail than be put on trial by ICC for doing the right thing.

The Concerned Citizens and Stakeholders, therefore, urged the military leadership to ignore Adeyanju’s malarkey so that they can continue the legacy of service to the nation that was the hallmark of the crop of service chief who just left office.

The group, however, implored Nigerians and the rest of the world to ignore the Iranian-backed Concerned Citizens led by Deji Adeyanju.

It also called on Nigerians to ask Adeyanju to declare his financial relationship with IPOB and IMN, including details of his interactions with Saeed Koozechi, a one-time Iranian ambassador to Nigeria.

Read the full statement below:

Gentlemen of the press, at a time that right-thinking Nigerians are asking what contributions they can make to address the contrived security challenges coming the country’s way, we have observed that one questionable element who goes by the name,  Deji Adeyanju who leads an Iranian-backed group, Concerned Citizens, is about implementing another phase of the destabilization agenda of the enemies of Nigeria.

You will recall that several individuals and groups had outlined how the assault on Nigeria’s corporate integrity and sovereignty is being intensified on the flank of degrading the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This assault is framed in a manner that ensures that troops and their commanders are intimidated into not fighting foreign-backed terrorists that have been undermining security on various fronts.

This intimidation is in the form of constant threats of dragging soldiers, their commanding officers and entire military services before the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague. These threats come from international destabilization contractors like Amnesty International and criminally-minded persons like Deji Adeyanju, who deployed such blackmail to protect every single undesirable element operating under their franchise, from petty thieves to hardcore terrorists.

As part of the evil they have in mind, they have over the years been setting down the groundwork for their agenda of making Nigeria’s military unable to ward off the threat to the country’s territorial security. They had consistently told lies in the public opinion space such that they have now built up a body of literature replete with lies about atrocities committed by the military. In this regard, they have successfully created a loop of lies whereby any online research done on their client-terrorist group will invariably present such criminal groups as victims of military operations. These tissues of lies are the basis on which the ICC is now pursuing a vendetta against Nigeria and its outstanding citizens.

It is therefore not surprising that Deji Adeyanju has activated another phase of the evil agenda to incapacitate the military in the form of the letter he wrote to ICC asking for the prosecution of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai (rtd). The deluded fellow is asking the ICC to prosecute General Buratai for allegedly massacring members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and laughably the phantom massacre at Lekki Toll Plaza during the #EndSARS protests.

Ordinarily, we should have outlined how Deji Adeyanju is a closet terrorist who actively joins the enemies of Nigeria in their strategy and planning sessions on how to destabilize the country but that would amount to stating the obvious. This character is desperate to justify his pouch of 30 silver to a point where he offered himself a human shield to prevent law enforcement from managing violent protests.

A properly constituted Judicial Panel of Inquiry held a robust public hearing into the IMN incident that Adeyanju based his comical letter upon. That panel rather found that IMN is militarized, held extreme terrorist views and was a threat to others upon which it recommended its proscription. Kaduna state, which set up the panel, has since issued a white paper that outlawed IMN. Other states have learnt to not allow IMN quarters in their jurisdiction.

Similarly, a competent court reviewed the evidence before it and proscribed IPOB as a terrorist organization whose activities are no longer allowed in Nigeria. That court ruling was after repeated instances of IPOB members robbing people in the south-east in the name of collecting taxes, forcefully disappearing those who refuse to join its ranks and killing those opposed to them whose remains were sometimes discovered floating in streams or interred in mass graves deep inside forests. The recent skirmish between Eastern Security Network, the militia wing of IPOB, is a glaring reminder that the group is a venomous serpent that Nigeria cannot hold to its bosom in the name of rapprochement. A terrorist group will always remain virulent irrespective of what marketing and branding attempt made on it.

The phantom Lekki Toll Plaza massacre that Deji Adeyanju has added to his toolbox for demonizing the Nigerian state has been established as phycological operation and false flag project orchestrated by IPOB to create a basis for attacking and destroying the businesses owned by persons of other ethnic nationalities different from his own Igbo. There is evidence that he coordinated attacks on businesses within hours of propagating the lies that there was a massacre at Lekki Toll Plaza. Interestingly, Osai Ojigho, Amnesty International’s chief in Nigeria and a collaborator of Deji Adeyanju could not volunteer evidence on national television even when repeatedly asked.

Against this background, it is apparent that the letter Deji Adeyanju wrote to ICC’s jaundiced Chief Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, is not about General Buratai nor is it about any credible incidence of rights violation. The letter is rather intended as a warning shot at the new military service chiefs, who the pro-terrorist circuits are desirous of intimidating into inaction so that terrorists can have a free pass to do what they like in Nigeria. The plot is for the military chiefs to fear that the performance of their duty will earn them a date at the ICC such that they would rather prefer to fail than be put on trial for doing the right thing.

As Concerned Citizens and Stakeholders, we urge Nigeria’s military leadership to ignore Deji Adeyanju’s malarkey so that they can continue the legacy of service to the nation that was the hallmark of the crop of service chief who just left office. The best way to deal with urchins like him is to continue to eradicate terrorists that threaten the wellbeing of Nigerians. We, however, want to warn that Deji Adeyanju is the errand boy they send to do the dirty work for the circuits that are out to destroy Nigeria. His is to test the waters for them to see the extent to which they can try the Nigerian state. If the country takes the bait, then his co-travellers will step out from the shadows in large numbers to harass the military.

We call on Nigerians and the rest of the world to ignore the Iranian backed Concerned Citizens of Nigeria led by this questionable Deji Adeyanju. Nigerians should also ignore Deji Adeyanju’s cohorts who are out to promote terrorism, extremism and arson on Nigerian citizens in their bid to beatify IMN and IPOB. Nigerians should challenge Deji Adeyanju to declare his financial relationship with IPOB and IMN, including details of his interactions with Saeed Koozechi, a one-time Iranian ambassador to Nigeria.

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PDP Celebrates Obasanjo At 84



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has celebrated former President Olusegun Obasanjo on his 84th birthday.

The party in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr Kola Ologbondiyan, in Abuja on Friday described Obasanjo as a patriotic leader and a global figure.

He also described the former president as exceptionally energetic administrator, who made immeasurable contributions, both as a military leader and democratically elected president for the survival, unity, stability and development of Nigeria.

“As a military leader, Obasanjo fought for the unity of our dear nation during its turbulent hours as well as making immense personal sacrifices for the return of democratic rule with the Second Republic in 1979.

“Twenty years after, as a democratically elected President, on the platform of our great party, the PDP, Obasanjo further united our nation with entrenchment of democratic values of all-inclusiveness,” he said.

Ologbondiyan said that Nigerians celebrated Obasanjo for running a visionary administration, leading to the revamping the country’s productive sectors.

“Under the Obasanjo-led PDP administration, our nation witnessed most of its best days as Nigerians particularly in the private sector, thrived in all fields.

“These included telecommunication, aviation, banking and finance, education, manufacturing, sports, entertainment, real estate, healthcare both at home and in the international arena.

“Our party extols Obasanjo’s undying sense of patriotism and love for our dear nation for which he has remained fearlessly active in his counsels, directions and admonitions,” he said.
He prayed God to grant him many more years in good health for the benefit of Nigeria and humanity at large.

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Insecurity: Inter-Faith Group Appeals To CAN, Others To See President Buhari As Leader For All



The National Inter-Faith Religious Organizations for Peace (NIFROP) has urged the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and other religious bodies in the country to embrace President Muhammadu Buhari as a leader for all.

According to the foremost interfaith-faith group, the president has never demonstrated bias against Christians, Muslims or any other religious sect in the country.

This unshakable faith in the unity of Nigeria, the group reckoned, was visible at the last polls in 2019, in which Nigerians across religious and ethnic lines massively voted for the president.

NIFROP’s remarks trails CAN’s insinuation that President Buhari’s prolonged silence on Sheikh Ahmad Gumi’s alleged profiling of military operatives is tantamount to endorsement of the Islamic cleric.

However, speaking at a press conference on Friday, in Abuja, through its grand patron, Bishop Julius Idiwe, NIFROP warned the Christian body not to drag the president into bigotry or partisanship.

Bishop Idiwe noted that CAN’s unwarranted outburst and vituperation on the presidency, with intent to incite the public, negates the core norms and values of all religions.

The inter-faith group insisted that President Buhari has always taken an impartial stand on national issues and doesn’t jump into every statement in the public domain.

Idiwe recalled how Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka and other Christian preachers in the past launched scathing attacks on the president without any reprimand whatsoever.

While Gumi has insistently canvassed for compensation and amnesty for the bandits, the respected Christian cleric said President Buhari has rejected his proposal.

He, therefore, advised CAN to promote peaceful co-existence, unity, togetherness and the indivisibility of Nigeria.

Read the full statement below:

The leadership of the NationalInter-Faith Religious Organizations for Peace ( NIFROP) is compelled to address a component of us, the  Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) over comments attributed to an Islamic cleric, Shiek Ahmad Gumi on his alleged negative profiling of non-Muslim soldiers fighting insecurities in the frontlines, in  President Muhammadu  Buhari was unfairly dragged into a religious campaign. We find the contents of CAN’s statement untrue and a misrepresentation of reality concerning the Buhari Presidency.

NIFROP has found the public utterances and outbursts of CAN, a major Christian body in Nigeria against the Government, office and person of President Buhari extremely misdirected and misleading. And we believe, it is because of a lack of basic knowledge of the operations or mindset of this  Presidency.

NIFROP is unexcited the more by the consistent focus by CAN, as exemplified even in the current public statement to align the personality or the Buhari  Presidency to the country’s regressive national faultlines of ethnicity, religion and regionalism, even when there is enough evidence against such sermonized inclinations on the President. We again wish to bring to the notice of CAN’s leadership that President Buhari has consistently over the years, clearly resisted a romance with such biases.

It is the conviction of NIFROP that the sacred obligation of religious leaders in the country is to seek peace as also amplified by the Holy Scriptures. It is completely unreasonable to stoke troubles in the land in the magnitude that would cause the widespread crisis. It is our divine duty as clerics to promote peaceful co-existence, unity, togetherness and the indivisibility of Nigerians and Nigeria.

Therefore, CAN’s unwarranted outburst and vituperations on the Presidency, intent on public incitement of the people negates these core norms and values of all religions, as we collectively seek for a unified nation. It is a task President Buhari has glaringly and religiously committed his heart to it as leader of this nation.

President Buhari has never demonstrated through words o  actions any discrimination against neither Christian nor Muslims or preference for a particular religious sect in this country. He has not shown any favouritism to any section of this country against another based on religion or ethnicity. Both Christian and Muslim clerics have variously and directly attacked his Presidency, several times in the past; but he has never contemplated or condescended to a clampdown on them using state power for their expressed opinions.

It may interest CAN and their leaders to recall the several damaging prophecies of the SpiritualDirectorr of the Adoration Ministry,  Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbak against the Government and person of President Buhari, including his 2018 New Year eve prophesy, predicting President Buhari’s defeat in the 2019 presidential elections.

CAN should also remember Fr. Mbaka’s prophecy on December 31, 2020, Crossover Night tagged, ‘Cornucopia of New Miracles from God,” in which he accused President Buhari of politicising the conditions of Nigerian youths. And at another instance, Fr. Mbaka declared that “God is angry with Buhari”, a statement, he later denied after it went viral on social media. But the Presidency never harassed him.

In CAN’s latest statement, it also referenced the most recent open epistle to Nigerians by the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rev. Fr. Dr Matthew Hassan Kukah in which he severely threw darts at President Buhari and his Government in an obviously inciting and demeaning manner. It angered some Muslim youths who reacted to it by issuing a quit notice to  Fr. Kukah to vacate the North or face the consequences.

But CAN deliberately or hypocritically fail to remember or mention that the Presidency instantly condemned and countered the threats of the Muslim youths on Kukah through a public statement. It also took actions to secure his life from any possible physical assault on him. President Buhari warned the enraged and incensed Muslim youths never to contemplate an attack on the Catholic Priest or dare take laws into their hands or else, the consequences would be severe on the perpetrators.

President Buhari has repeatedly hollered publicly and even in his private conversations with eminent Nigerians his unshakeable faith in the oneness of Nigeria. He believes in the doctrine of equity, fairness and justice. That’s why even in 2019,  both Christian and Muslim dominated states in Nigeria competitively and massively voted for his reelection. It is a testimony to his demonstrated credentials as the father of the nation and all Nigerians irrespective of religious or ethnic affinities.

And the neutral character of President Buhari has reflected even in the distribution of his appointments and capital projects throughout Nigeria. Every section of the country has an imprint of his administration. CAN’s statement is, therefore, unfortunate and condemnable, to say the least.

Therefore, it is instructive to advise CAN and other religious bigots to necessarily separate the Buhari Presidency from false and imposed religious or ethnic biases.

To consciously and provocatively

align Mr. president with religion or ethnicity over fighting insecurities in the country,  profusely as exhibited by CAN is antithetical to all alternatives of panaceas to the crisis of insecurity in the country.  CAN and their co-travellers must learn to embrace the President and his views as leader of Nigeria and not as a  Fulani, Hausa or a Muslim.

Therefore,  it defeats every sane logic and wisdom on CAN’s expectations of the leader of a complex nation like Nigeria to start chasing every statement in public space. For CAN to misconstrue the Presidency’s silence over Shiek Gumi’s utterances as an endorsement of it and a lack of commitment to fighting armed banditry or terrorism in the county is a farce that only exists in the warped imaginations of these CAN leaders.

And there are several examples to buttress this assertion. Whilst Shiek Gumi has insistently canvassed fo compensation and amnesty for the bandits, President Buhari has rejected his proposal. Mr President is clear and loud that there will be no amnesty for bandits or criminals, as his administration is poised to deal with them appropriately.

Mr. President’s recent directive to security operatives to shoot anybody bearing AK-47 and other sophisticated weapons anywhere in the country is one of the series of fresh actions to contain insecurities in the country. Therefore, CAN have no sound basis to castigate or malign Mr President on his result-oriented battles with insecurities in the last five years.

Thank you.

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Group Faults RevolutionNow Protesters Over Calls For Buhari’s Resignation



A pan socio-cultural group, Nigeria First, has condemned the purported rally by Omoyele Sowore-led RevolutionNow movement demanding for President Muhammadu Buhari’s resignation.

According to the group, Sowore, having failed legitimately to become president, aims to make the country ungovernable for the current administration, not minding the consequences.

The Nigeria First movement made these known at a press conference on Friday in Abuja.

In his address titled ‘Omoyele Sowore: A call for caution in Nigeria’, the group’s Deputy President, Ndubisi Nwogu, noted that the self-acclaimed activist is not acting in insolation.

Mr Nwogu revealed that the Sahara Reporters founder has the backing of both local and international saboteurs who are pained with the level of sustainable growth and development experienced in Nigeria under President Buhari.

He added that the call for President Buhari’s resignation is part of the overall plot and in the weeks and months ahead, more and more attempts to destabilize the country would surface.

The group, therefore, warned Sowore to desist from this ignoble quest which by all intents and purposes would serve the interest of his paymasters.

It further cautioned that the former presidential hopeful would be held responsible should there be a breakdown of law and order in the country.

Nwogu, however, urged all well-meaning Nigerians to rise in defence of the country in this “critical period of our existence by calling to question the motives of Sowore and his goons in their antics towards misleading the unsuspecting members of the general public”.

Read the full statement below:

You are all warmly welcomed to this event intended to put issues in proper perspective in the interest of the generality of Nigerians. The leadership of Nigeria First believes that recent events in the country indeed calls for caution from all relevant stakeholders at the risk of the country erupting in flames at the behest of some unscrupulous elements that are bent on destabilizing the country for reasons best known to them.

It is indeed despicable that some individuals and organizations would elect to throw caution in the wind by actively promoting causes that would divide the country in a most reckless manner and at the chagrin of our peace and unity as a country.

Nigeria First as a pan-sociocultural group is reiterating that recent events in the country are assuming a dangerous dimension, especially with the call for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari by no group other than the Omoyele Sowore led RevolutionNow Movement.

It is indeed obvious that Omoyele Sowore is the brain behind the despicable rally, which is a resurgence of his infamous call for a nationwide revolution in the country that was hugely a flop some months back.

Sadly, the likes of Omoyele Sowore have elected to sell their souls to the devil in return for a plate of porridge. This goes a long way to state the obvious truth that Omoyele Sowore is a cantankerous individual that ekes a living from blackmail and inciting violence, yet, parading himself as an activist and advocate for sustainable growth and development in Nigeria.

Nigeria First as a concerned stakeholder in Nigeria wishes to emphasize that it is now public knowledge that the overarching objective is to destabilize Nigeria and this anomaly is fast gaining traction in a dangerous dimension.

It is also instructive to state that Omoyele Sowore is not acting in insolation in the sense that the sponsorship of his nefarious activities is a combination of both local and international saboteurs that are angry with the level of sustainable growth and development experienced in Nigeria since President Muhammadu Buhari assumed leadership of the country.

Having this as a fact, it then speaks volumes that those that held the country by the jugular for several years have refused to come to terms with the present reality that it is no longer business as usual.

Nigeria First states that the sin of President Muhammadu Buhari remains the fact that he has put the interest of the country at heart and against the interest of a select few that have fed fat from the rot in the system, and responsible for the level of decadence in the polity.

It remains the considered opinion of Nigeria First that the plot to destabilize Nigeria is high on the list of the task before Omoyele Sowore and his goons that have been highly mobilized to incite a revolution in the country so they can truncate our nascent democracy.

Thus, the rally by RevolutionNow is indicative of this grand plot that has been well-planned as well as funded towards achieving their despicable objective aimed at causing unrest in the country.

Nigeria First wishes to use this medium to bring to the attention of Nigerians that indeed Omoyele Sowore is acting the script of some vested interest within political and ethnoreligious circles in Nigeria. And it has indeed assumed a dangerous dimension that indeed calls for concern from all well-meaning Nigerians that are desirous of sustainable growth and development in the country.

Nigeria First is using this medium to warn Omoyele Sowore to desist from his ignoble desire in destabilizing Nigeria which by all intents and purposes would serve the interest of his paymasters in the country and outside the shores of the country.

Nigerians must also come to the realization that the revolution now rally calling for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari is a part of the overall plot and in the weeks and months ahead, more and more attempts to destabilize the country would be experienced in the public space in Nigeria.

We are urging well-meaning Nigerians to rise in defence of Nigeria in this critical period of our existence by calling to question the motives of Omoyele Sowore and his goons in their antics towards misleading the unsuspecting members of the general public.

Nigerians must know that Omoyele Sowore by all indications is neck-deep in ensuring that Nigeria is destabilized through his RevolutionNow group. And their recent outing is just one out of the avalanche of planned events they have up their sleeves.

Nigeria First wishes to state in unequivocal terms that Nigerians should hold Omoyele Sowore responsible should there be a breakdown of law and order in the country in the coming weeks and months.

Having stated the above, Nigeria First as an organization would continue to engage other critical stakeholders in Nigeria towards nipping in the bud the plans of Omoyele Sowore and his paymasters towards destabilizing Nigeria.

Thank you all for your time and attention and God bless us all.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Long Live President Muhammadu Buhari.

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