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LGBTQI: Group Berates US President Biden Over Belligerent Attitude Towards Nigeria, Other Nations



The Centre for Africa Culture, Rights and Citizens Protection (CACRP) has expressed concern over U.S President Joe Biden’s “belligerent attitude” towards Nigeria and other nations opposed to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI).

According to the centre, Biden’s threat of sanction to Nigeria and these countries is a disregard for their democratic institutions and sovereignty.

The centre made its displeasure known at a press conference on Thursday in Abuja.

In a memorandum on Tuesday, Biden instructed the U.S embassy in Nigeria and other nations to push for legislation of homosexuality in their respective countries of residence.

Nigeria, one of the nations against LGBTQ, signed a Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act into law in 2014.

But speaking on behalf of the group, Executive Director, Comrade Adamu Kabir Matazu noted that the U.S must realise that nations across the world have the responsibility to enforce the laws that govern them internally.

Matazu said if the U.S could take measures to save its democracy from pro-Trump protesters who stormed its Capitol, then every other nation should be allowed to do likewise.

The centre, however, called on the Federal Government to immediately articulate areas of counter-sanctions that would be deployed against the United States if it presses ahead with its threat.

It equally urged the FG to build and lead a “coalition of the righteous” made up of countries opposed to the degradation of human values through LGBTQI.

The group also warned that the EndSARS protests would be used to provoke security response that will then be leveraged on to launch another campaign in support of LGBTQI in Nigeria.

Read the full statement below:

We have noted without surprise the Memorandum issued by United States President Joe Biden in which he threatened to sanction countries that refuse to condone the abhorrent flaunting of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) people in the face of other law-abiding citizens of such countries.

Ordinarily, the rant of the US President should have been ignored, his predecessor having treated the world to endless rounds of tantrums and drama. But people of conscience across the world must rise as individuals and groups to highlight the folly of President Biden.

We are also encouraged to speak out because of the threat, while omnibus, appears to be targeting Nigeria. This is because we have the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2013 that makes it criminal for people to openly engage in abhorrent practices that the United States is attempting to promote.

It is pertinent to point out here that have the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2013 is not the imposition of just one random dictator, it was not signed into law by the present government but by its predecessor. It is legislation that had the touch of the three arms of government: the legislature passed the bill, the executive arm signed it into law while the judiciary has at one point or the other entertained suits about its legality.

The implication of what the United States is asking countries to do therefore is akin to asking that they disregard their democratic institutions, discard their national sovereignties and adopt dictates from the President of the United States of America. This is a clear threat to democracies across the world because it means whatever the representatives of these countries decide for their people will be of no consequences – it is a matter of time before elected persons begin to cite the US as the basis for which they will have no regard for their constituent.

There is also the fact that caving into President Biden’s demand would effectively mean that the whole time and efforts expended by Nigerians in making their views known on same-sex marriage issue would have been wasted.  Does it now mean that countries of the world should simply wait for the US to make laws and decisions for them? In which case, there would be no need for these nations to have presidents, parliaments and courts since President Biden has decided to take over their functions.

A lot has been said about the desirability of LGBTQI so we will not dissipate efforts in canvassing arguments against it. But suffice to say that the tendencies that Biden’s America is trying to make Nigeria adopt would not be tolerated among the breeding herds of American cattle since it will naturally lead to decline in the farms’ output, fall in revenue and eventual collapse of the animal husbandry sub-sector when male animals fail to mate with a female in the name of LGBTQI.

One point we want the Federal Government to impress on the United States is that nations of the earth have the responsibility to enforce the laws that govern them internally. If the US thinks laws should not be enforced, then it should have demonstrated this by allowing pro-Trump protesters take over its Capitol when they invaded the place in the challenge of the alleged election fraud that sacked former President Donald Trump from office. If the US can take measures, which it claims were meant to safeguard its democracy then Nigeria by the same take reserve the right to safeguard its culture.

We call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to immediately articulate areas of counter-sanctions that would be deployed against the United States if it presses ahead with its threat to use sanctions in forcing countries to accept the unacceptable. This should be backed up with ensuring that Nigeria’s next ambassador to the US is someone that can engage that country at the level at which it plays, an ambassador who can situate Nigeria t  relate with that country from a position of strength as an opposed to a nation that cowers at each episode of United States’ distemper.

Nigeria should equally build and lead a “coalition of the righteous” made up countries that are opposed to the degradation of human values as embodied in the pro- LGBTQI that Biden’s America has embarked upon.

We further urge that the government immediately begin a risk assessment regime to ensure that Nigeria can ward off any campaign of destabilization that could be launched against it under the innuendo of “full range of diplomatic tools”. Nigeria should not be caught napping especially when the US has run a similar operation against the country using the #EndSARS protests as a cover – we are all aware how bank accounts linked with the LGBTQI community were used to finance the protests and how LGBTQI members manned the social media propaganda and disinformation campaign that attempted to make the government look bad.

We want the government to note that Biden’s memo was not published in isolation. As a prelude to the memo, United States’ hirelings and urchins had activated the #Lekkitollgate hashtag as a replacement for #EndSARS protests, which they are planning to use as a means of provoking security response that will then be used as a launchpad for preventing enforcement of Same-Sexe Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2013.

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ICC/Amnesty International: Enemies Of Nigeria Must Be Prepared To Meet The Masses – NDF



The National Democratic Front (NDF) has warned the International Criminal Court (ICC), Amnesty International (AI) and other “enemies of Nigeria” to prepare to meet the masses, whose lives they are jeopardizing with their subversive activities.

The NDF made this known on Tuesday in reaction to the alarm that these international organisations are colluding to undermine Nigeria’s war on terrorism.

In a statement signed by its Director of Public Enlightenment, Dr Samson Ayo, the group further noted that the ICC, AI and others have allied with the opposition in a devilish pursuit of a possible regime change. 

According to Dr Ayo, the Armed Forces of Nigeria is the last obstacle in their quest, hence the constant attacks on the service chiefs.

To achieve this, he added that the ICC conjured up a dubious report alleging war crimes and rights abuses against the military. 

The NDF, however, urged the Federal Government to take decisive actions to counter the threats posed to Nigeria’s democracy and security by the ICC and Amnesty International.

Read the full statement below:

The National Democratic Front (NDF) is alarmed by the revelations from the Federal Government that the International Criminal Court of justice (ICC) and international NGO, Amnesty International are colluding to undermine Nigeria’s war on terrorism. There can be no greater travesty than such callous undermining of Nigeria’s right to defend its territorial integrity. 

NDF is further concerned that the ICC, Amnesty International and their associates are collaborating with the opposition in this devilish pursuit, which lends credence to assertions in some quarters that these organizations are jostling for an illegal and possibly a forceful regime change to plant elements of the opposition in positions that will enable them to destroy the country from within. 

The decision of this syndicate to target the leadership of the military in Nigeria with spurious and unfounded allegations of war crimes and rights abuses is one that should set the alarm bells ringing in the collective consciousness of Nigerians. This is because they recognize the Armed Forces of Nigeria as the last obstacle to their attempt with the opposition to illegally sack the government, especially since the Military Service Chiefs had serially promised to defend Nigeria’s democracy at any permissible cost. 

NDF recalls that it had warned in the run-up to the 2019 General Elections that the opposition is desperate to see the removal of the military chiefs so that pliable and pro-coup replacements can be named following which they would massive and coordinate civil unrest that they will then use as a basis to overthrow the government with the backing of foreign partners that have now proven to be the ICC and Amnesty International. 

We are therefore not surprised that the opposition’s frantic call for the sack of the service chiefs is now being followed by a dubious report from the ICC aimed at forcing the exit of the gallant commanders in addition to subtly blackmailing their eventual successors into doing the biddings of Nigeria’s enemies as represented by the opposition, Amnesty International and the ICC.

It is most unfortunate that the ICC and Amnesty International, institutions that have the safeguard of human rights as the core of their mandates, are the ones that have now constituted themselves into pro-terrorist organizations simply because of their desperation to implement the evil agenda they have in the country. They have also committed themselves to actively sabotaging Nigeria’s hard-won democracy, which qualified them as the country’s leading enemies. 

NDF has no choice but to unequivocally demand that the Federal Government takes decisive actions to counter the threats posed to Nigeria’s democracy and security by the ICC and Amnesty International. Things have gotten to the point where these organizations, irrespective of their now abused international status, must treat in the manner they deserve.

Conscious of the fact that it had in the past expressed concerns about the dangerous activities of these organizations with unheeded warnings to them to desist, NDF is warning the ICC and Amnesty International that they must now be prepared to meet the masses of Nigeria, whose lives they are jeopardizing with their subversive activities. 

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Revealed: Sex Scandal: IGP Sacks Wife , Elopes With Ex AIG’s Daughter , Detain Officer



The Inspector General of Police, IGP, Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, has secretly divorced his wife, Hajia Fatima Mohammed Adamu, after accusing her of having sexual relationship with one Mohammed Musa, a Superintendent of Police, investigations have revealed.

IG Adamu also allegedly eloped with one Fatima Ahmed Daura, a daughter of a retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Sani Ahmed Daura, and hid her in No 5b Granges Street, Maitama, Abuja, a house he recently purchased.

The Inspector General of Police then set up SP Musa, used Fatima Ahmed Daura to invite him to No 5Bb Granges Street, where Policemen arrested and detained him at the Maitama Police station on trump up charges.

Subsequently, SP Musa was issued a query by the IG on “Serious Misconduct.”

Several calls to Force Spokesman, DCP, Frank Mba, were not answered.

Deputy Force PRO, Aremu Adeniran referred back to the Mba who neither returned calls or responded to calls.

Below is the query and the response exclusively obtained by

The Inspector-General of Police 5th January, 2021

The Nigeria Police Force,

Force Headquarters,

Louis Edet House,

Shehu Shagari Way,

Central Area,



The Commissioner of Police,

Yobe State Police Command Headquarters,


Yobe State.


The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Administration),

Yobe State Police Command, Headquarters,


Yobe State.


The Assistant Commissioner of Police (Administration),

Yobe State Police Command, Damaturu.


The Chief Superintendent of Police (Administration),

Yobe State Police Command, Damaturu.

Dear Sir,



Respectfully sir, I refer to your letter of Saturday 2nd January, 2021 with reference number AP.105697/FS/FHQ/6 bearing the caption under reference and signed by DCP Jonathan Towuru in which I was queried for some alleged serious misconduct to wit; (1) Disobedience to Constituted Authority (2) Absence from Duty (3) Divided Loyalty (4)Refusal to Accept Posting (5)Discourteous Behaviour to the Public and (6)Conduct Unbecoming of a Public Officer contrary to Rules 030301(m), 030402(e), 030401(s), 030301(b), 030301(p) and 030402(w)of the Public Service Rules 2009 and I wish to accordingly respond to same


a. With every sense of humility sir, I wish to commence my response to the said query by stating that on the 29th day of April, 2020, I received a text message (sms) from DCP Rabi Umar, the Force Education Officer, in which message I was mentioned as one of the people having some illicit sexual affairs with one Fatima Juli Mohammed who is married to the Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Abubakar Adamu.

​A printed copy of the Text message is hereby annexed for your perusal.

b. Further to the said text message and in less than twenty-four (24) hours from the time the said message was sent to me by DCP Rabi Umar, a circular was passed from the office of the Inspector-General of Police demobilizing and transferring me to Yobe State Police Command from SPU Base 2, Lagos State.

c. Curiously, this circular was made on the 30th day of April, 2020, received by my Unit being SPU base 2 Lagos State on the same day and I was released from the said Unit on the same day even when there was no immediate security emergency as to occasion such speed in our release from our duty posts.

d. It is worthy of note that as at the time of this posting, there was in force the Federal Government inter-state and intra-state lockdown to curtail the spread of the novel Corona Virus Disease code-named COVID-19 and for which reason, movement from one state to the other was very difficult, if not impossible.

e. However, notwithstanding my release and the order to immediately report at my new command, as well as the pendency of the COVID-19 lockdown, I was also summoned by the then Inspector-General of Police Special Tactical Squad (hereinafter referred to as STS), Abuja for interrogation in respect of a certain report made against me before the said STS.

f. Owing to the summon by the STS, I had to defer my reporting at the Yobe State Police Command and immediately embarked on a very dangerous journey from Lagos to Abuja which journey lasted for about three days owing to the obstructions on the roads due to the COVID 19 lockdown, unavailability of public transport vehicles as well as the near emptiness of the roads.

g. Upon my arrival at the Abuja office of the STS following the summons, I met the Investigating Police Officer (that is, the IPO) of the case against me in the person of SP.

Mohammed who upon my report confronted me with an allegation of having illicit sexual affairs with the wife of the Inspector-General of Police and which allegation according to the IPO was made against me directly from the office of the Inspector-General of Police. I made statement as a suspect and denied the unfounded and baseless allegation.

h. The investigation of this allegation against me by STS lasted for about one month with a standing instruction that I MUST avail myself to the office of the STS almost on a daily basis. In the course of the investigation into the allegation against me by the Inspector-General of Police, it was revealed that the text message sent to me by DCP Rabi Umar originated from one DSPIbrahim who works under DCP Rabi Umar.

i. It is also considered appropriate to state that during the investigation into the allegation against me by the Inspector-General of Police by the STS, I did not know neither was I confronted with my accuser; the said wife of the IGP Mrs. Fatima Juli Mohammed never came to the office of the STS even when I insisted that she should be invited to the office STS to be interrogated in my presence and asked questions as to whether or not she knows me let alone having any sexual affairs with me.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no evidence and none exists to substantiate the allegation. My phone, her phone or the phone of whoever my accuser is, are scientific evidence and one of the ways to easily disprove this allegation, before subjecting me to the harrowing experience, psychological trauma and torture I passed through as a result of this unnecessary and unfounded accusation which terribly affected my health.

j. Consequently, while the investigation by the STS was on-going, I was struck by High Blood Pressure following which I was admitted at Maitama General Hospital for treatment, and I have been in and out of the hospital since then. It is also to be noted that till date, and to the best of my knowledge, no investigation report has indicted me on the allegation of having sexual affairs with the wife of the Inspector-General of Police.

k. It was after my discharge from the hospital that I proceeded to the Yobe State Police Command to report and document myself as required as shown by the relevant records of the Command.



I. In specifically responding to the allegations of serious misconducts against me, I wish to commence by stating that upon my arrival at the Yobe state Police Command Headquarters, I completed my documentation and immediately reported to the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police in-charge of administration in the person of DCP Victor Olaiyan for my posting.

Afterwards, I waited for my posting from the 8th day of June, 2020 till September 2020 without being posted to any duty post in Yobe State. Suffice it to also to state that till date, for no fault of mine, I have not been posted to any duty post in Yobe State Police Command, so I am still waiting for my posting.

II. However, in September 2020, I became very ill and needed an urgent medical attention that I was constrained to approach DCP Victor Olaiyan and explained my health challenges to him.

Being new in Yobe State and not yet able to access any hospital within the state that can peculiarly handle my delicate medical condition, I explained to DCP Victor Olaiyan that I would prefer to travel to Abuja for my treatment as I already have a hospital in Abuja that is conversant with my medical history and has been treating me, where I was also supposed to do some follow-ups, but which I had to stop abruptly against medical advice, just to enable me to report and commence duty at Yobe State.

III. For my plea and having seen my condition, DCP Victor Olaiyan graciously permitted me, albeit, orally or informally, to travel to Abuja on health grounds but with a condition that I call him twice daily (that is every morning and evening) through his GSM number 08033482728 so as to give him a daily update on my health status and also to enable him inform me whenever my posting is released.

IV. Since September 2020, I have been in and out of Maitama General Hospital for the treatment of my lingering BP issue and other complications arising thereto. Similarly, I have, on a daily basis, been in contact with DCP Victor Olaiyan through telephone calls as he instructed that I should do.

V. On the ground of the above narrative, may I humbly state -in response to the allegation of misconduct numbers One (1) and Two (2) that is, Disobedience to Constituted Authority and Absence from Duty as contained in the letter under reference- that contrary to those allegations, I was in Yobe State and wasreporting daily to the office of the DCP Administration of the State Command from June to September 2020 before I fell sick and had to travel to Abuja for my treatment with the permission and understanding of the DCP Administration, Yobe State Police Command.

VI. Furthermore, having consistently called and updated DCP Victor Olaiyan of my health status and being that till date, I have beenunder treatment with follow-ups at the Maitama General Hospital for the same BPand other associated issues triggered by my BP rise.

I hereby attach as a proof to my claim MY MEDICAL RECORD/MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF TREATMENT consistent with the provisions of Rule 070301 and 070302 of the Public Service Rules 2009. So I did not deliberately refuse, fail or neglect to report for duty, it was purely on health grounds, which information I regularly related to DCP Olaiyan.

VII. Again sir, I deem it very necessary to point out that had my whereabouts been unknown since the 8th day of June 2020 till date as alleged in the query letter, Yobe State Command being my Command would have issued me a query over time or in the alternative, write to the Force Headquarters complaining or expressing lack of knowledge of my whereabouts, abscondment or absence from duty without leave.

VIII. The lack of any query to me from the Yobe State Police Command as well any communication between the Yobe State Police Command and the Force Headquarters, Abuja regarding the allegation of my Disobedience to Constituted Authority, Absence from Duty Without Leave and/or abscondment from duty raises an almost irrebutable presumption in my favour to the effect that the said Command is in the full know of my whereabouts and that I neither disobeyed any constituted authority nor absented myself from duty without leave or justification.


I. On the allegation of Divided Loyalty anchored on the accusation that I abandoned my Command, relocated to Abuja and engaged in some unwholesome activities against professional ethics, I make haste to adopt my earlier explanation as to the circumstances under which I travelled to Abuja for my treatment particularly as it affects my present health status for which I am still on admission at Maitama General Hospital, it was at my hospital bed that this query was served on me yesterday, 04/01/2021, by the Area Commander, Maitama at about 1200hrs.

II. Further on the allegation that I engaged in some ‘unwholesome activities againstprofessional ethics’, I was made to know thatthe word “Unwholesome” is an adjective which describes something that is not conducive to health or moral well-being. In the instant case, the term was used to describe so many activities that I was engaged in all of which are against professional ethics. It is rather curious and unfortunate that no mention was made of any particular or specific ‘unwholesome’ activity I was engaged in to enable me to specifically respond and defend myself.

However, I must categorically state that while I was in Abuja or indeed in any other part of the country or the world at large, I have never as a police officer or as a civilian been engaged in any activity which may be adjudged to be unwholesome, and my conscience and level of morality also emboldens me to deny such allegation as untrue.


I. On the fourth allegation of serious misconduct against me being that I refused to accept posting to Yobe State and relocating to Abuja after I had documented at the same Yobe State Police Command on the 8th day of June, 2020.I must say with respect that the content of this allegation of misconduct has already provided a very valid and incontrovertible answer to the query.

This is so because alleging that I defiantly refused to accept my posting to Yobe State on one hand and at the same time, stating that I relocated to Abuja after documenting at the Command on 8th day of June, 2020 appears to me, with due respect, as self-contradictory. On this, the incontrovertible fact is that I reported and documented at the Yobe State Police Command on 8th of June, 2020 following my posting from SPU Base 2 Lagos to Yobe State, and till date, no posting which is outside my power or authority to decide.

The practice is that an officer should report to his new command, document and await the process of posting, (which he cannot do by himself, or have any role to play in that regard), and during this period, he is expected to report at the headquarters, make his presence known and close at the close of work, except when otherwise engaged. This is exactly what I did, because by my rank and position, I am conversant with the Police Rules and Regulations, practice and procedure.

II. From the background facts as I above narrated, I have explained the reason which occasioned my delay in immediately reporting and documenting at Yobe State Police Command after my posting and release from SPU Base 2 Lagos State on 30th day of April, 2020 and which reason is mainly for the summon I received from the STS leading to the investigation of the allegation of illicit sexual affair with one of the wives of the Inspector-General of Police Mrs. Fatima Juli Mohammed and which allegation against me was made by the Inspector-General of Police.

III. I also stated in the said background fact that the investigation into this allegation against me lasted for about a month with an order that I should be reporting to the office of the STS almost every day while the investigation lasted, during which period I had health challenges that led to my hospitalization/admission.

IV. I noted also in my background facts that this posting was made when the Federal Government inter-state and intra-state lockdown on COVID 19 was still in force,thereby making it near impossible for Nigerians including me to freely move from one state to the other. The situation was beyond my control, and I also know that the Police authority was not oblivious of the said state of affairs.


I. On this, it was alleged that I exhibited a discourteous behaviour to the occupants of No. 5b Ganges Street, Maitama, FCT Abuja in the company of one Abdulmalik Sani Ahmed and which conduct caused embarrassment to the Force.

May I respectfully crave your indulgence to recount the events that led to the incident ofthe 30th day of December, 2020.

II. On the 9th day of December, 2020 while still undergoing treatment in Abuja, I received sms/text message from Miss Fatima Zara Ahmed through her GSM number 08038449425 telling me that she was sick and that I should come to No. 5b Ganges Street, Maitama, FCT, Abuja. May I quickly state here that Miss Fatima Zara Ahmed is the daughter of AIG Alh. Sani Ahmed Daura (RTD) whom I served while he was in the service of the Nigeria Police Force and who till date regards me as one of his sons. As such, Miss Fatima Zara Ahmed is a sister to me.

A printed copy of the sms and my call log arehereby annexed.

III. Having received the message from Miss Fatima Zara Ahmed and being that I was still receiving treatment for my illness, I could not go to the address as requested. On the 30th day of December, 2020, AIG Alh. Sani Ahmed (Rtd.) whom I can confidently call my father called and informed me that for over one month, he has not seen or heard from his daughter Zara neither does he know her whereabouts.

IV. It was against the alarm raised by AIG. Alh. Sani Ahmed Daura over the whereabouts of his daughter Zara that I quickly informed him that Miss Zara sent me a message via an sms on the 9th day of December, 2020 that she was at No. 5b Ganges Street, Maitama Abuja. Upon this information, Rtd. AIG. Alh. Sani Ahmed Daura asked me to assist him and go to the said No. 5b Ganges Street, Maitama, FCT-Abuja in the company of his son Abdulmalik Sani to check if we can find Miss Zara there particularly as she was the one that sent the message informing me that she was in the said house.

V. In obedience to him and considering also the trauma he may have been through for not having seen his daughter for over a period of one month, I set out with Abdulmallik Sani to the said No. 5b Ganges Street, Maitama, Abuja and upon our arrival at the place, we mistakenly knocked at the gate of No. 5a instead of No. 5b, where we were accosted by some State Security Service (SSS) personnel guarding the said house No. 5a.

VI. Upon being approached by the said SSS personnel, I explained to them that I am a police officer and that we were trying to locateNo. 5b Ganges Street being the house where my sister asked me to come and meet her there for the purposes of taking her to the hospital as she was ill, as she told me. It was on my explanation that the SSS personnel directed us to No. 5b and even assisted us in calling the attention of the gate keeper to the said No. 5b Ganges Street.

VII. When the gate keeper came out and met us outside the house, it was Abdulmalik Sani that explained to him that we were looking for Miss Zara who had on the 9th of December 2020 sent me a message to come to the premises and take her to the hospital as she was ill. Sequel to our explanation and following the description of Miss Zara to the gate keeper by Abdulmalik Sani, the gate keeper informed us that he saw a girl with the features that Abdulmalik Sani had described but told us to hold on and speak with someone inside the house through an intercom.

VIII. We eventually spoke to someone through the intercom that was given to us by the gate keeper and the person only asked to know our identities and thereafter asked us to wait for him for a moment so that he could come out of the compound and meet us at the front of the gate being where we were standing.

IX. It was about fifteen to twenty minutes after we spoke to the person in the compound through the intercom at the gate house that we saw a convoy of police vehicles which came to the front of the house where we were and stopped. From the convoy of police vehicles we saw the Chief Detail to the Inspector-General of Police, the ADC to the Inspector-General of Police among others from the office of the IGP who alighted from the vehicles and immediately arrested us.

X. We were not in anyway howsoever informed of the reason for our arrest. From that spot, we were taken to the Maitama Police Station where we were detained in the police cell along other suspected criminals on the order of the Inspector-General o Police as I was informed later.

We made statement under caution and most surprisingly, we never saw anybody from the said No. 5b Ganges Street invited to the Maitama police station to make any statement or say the offence we committed in the said premises as to warrant our arrest and detention.

XI. While in detention at Maitama Police station, my health deteriorated again leading to my eventual collapse inside the cell and the next thing I saw was to find myself on a hospital bed.

XII. Interestingly, when I regained consciousness at the hospital, I saw standing by my bedside AIG. Alh. Sani Ahmed Daura and I quickly explained everything that transpired to him particularly how we were unable to see his daughter in the said house owing to the incident of our arrest and detention.


A. On the whole and from my explanation so far, I did not disobey any constituted authority neither did I absent myself from duty without leave or reasonable justification as to warrant any disciplinary measure to be taken against me.

B. Further still, since my recruitment into the Nigeria Police Force, I have till date exhibited a very high level of loyalty to the authority of the Nigeria Police Force, I have never attracted any disciplinary offence, and have a good record. It is not true that my Loyalty to the authority of the Nigeria Police Force is divided.

C. It is not in doubt that I reported at the Yobe State Police Command and documented there consequent upon my transfer from SPU Base 2 Lagos. The incontrovertible records speakvolume on this in my favour. Accordingly, I DID NOT at any time refuse to accept my posting to Yobe Command.

D. Again, except the intercom brief, friendly, courteous and polite conversation as to our mission, which we had (Abdulmalik and I) with someone whom I never met physically and whose identity till date remains unknown to me, I did not step into the premises of No. 5b Ganges Street, Maitama, Abuja on the 30th day of December, 2020 or any other day, as to be discourteous or impolite to the person, as alleged.

E. Finally, may I restate that I did not indulge in any of these allegations levelled against me, I hereby vehemently deny them and passionately plead for my exculpation.

F. May the Almighty Allah, the greatest judge,guide and direct your decision and actions.Thank you, Sir.

Yours obediently,


AP NO. 105697

Source: Point-blank News

Kwararafareporters is yet to verify the report as at this time of publication

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RE: Gov. Darius Ishaku And Taraba’s Continuing Saga Of Incompetence And Malfeasance , By Fred Hikon – By A. A. Mshelia



I believe in good faith that the “pattern of my writings”, over time, focuses on facts, in an effort to defend the sincere interest of the people and standing against some irksome cobras that seeks to devour innocent souls, especially in Taraba State.

As much as one will want to put his pen to rest in regards to responding so these injudicious venoms, it has become extremely hard.

A man called or better put labeled as Fred Hikon, because we know there’s no such human with the said name. Thus, whatever category one chooses to place the said name, the person wont be wrong. Some that knew the hidden facts about the phony character hiding behind the said name, have called him a spirit, fake, stupid, clown among many. But to me reading the garbage by this joker; whether he’s human or an visceral as others have attributed, to me, HE IS A FRAIDY-CAT.

I must commend H.E. Arc. Darius Ishaku for his consistent prove of maturity and strong character in leadership. The Governor have been insulted unjustly by some cruel folks, but just like his Former boss, Ex President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, he has remained calm. No matter how one tries to put the fact, it will always stand out that, Governor Ishaku is a political force today, and has become the father of Modern Taraba, because he reads the economic and social needs of the people accurately and transmits his observations into policy implementation most suitable to comprehend by his team, thus, giving them the required output in governance, despite the hatred that seems to surround his administration daily. He is a man that is naturally loved and admired by people for his impacts; a democrat and pivot of mass mobilization; a man who achieves greatness through diligence, self-will and sheer determination; he has remained unruffled even at the height of unwarranted intimidation and provocation over the years and this will not get in his way either.

Like Mr Caleb rightly addressed the fraidy-cat sometimes ago, as far back as June 2, 2020, by saying The writer (Fred Hikon) is obviously confused and rendered blind by the spirit of hate which he is serving with an abiding loyalty and unrepentant devotion to an extent that he has lost his sense of rationality. There’s no better way to describe the man than this, except that its very important we add that he’s an expression of the highest order and true definition of a coward – a fraidy-cat.

Knowing the assumed identity of the man who shuttles between Abuja and Jalingo, struggling to earn life needs, I advise he focus on something of worth to help his life and generation yet unborn. And by the way, if he had any genuine interest of the Taraba people, he could have stayed at his duty post, ready to die as a true soldier not pull out. No nation is built by one man, but since he’s a fraidy-cat he chickened out.

With the show of emotional rollercoaster and the confusion that is clearly expressed in his texts, it seems the sun has tanned him on the other side, which is also clear he has tried to return to base to take shelter but failed, under the umbrella in Taraba State whose holder is Governor Darius Ishaku Thus, the state of his depressed life is shown evidently in his text.

Every good writer is a reader, I advise the fraidy-cat tagged Fred Hikon, to learn to research and read facts about Taraba State before writing confusedly, showing his level of inanity. Every lie in form of a question he raised in his last article have been answered in details in all my previous articles. If he had commit to study, he could have been assumed wise by his silence.

Focusing on what’s more important and precious, I beg that the good people of Taraba, should refer to one of the article I wrote earlier, 2020: “A Mission To Rescue Taraba 2: What Should Tarabans Expect Of Gov. Darius Ishaku.

Tarabans must believe that none of those expectations stated by Governor Darius Ishakus shall be cut off. One of such prove that the Governor is committed to his promises and is on track, is the commissioning of the 5 million multi-dimensional water facility in Jalingo. This 5million liters capacity water reservoir is the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa with restaurant, recreational facilities, amphitheater and a park to give a beginning outlook. It is a component of the 8billion Naira “Jalingo Water Source scheme” State government intervention to boost water supply to Jalingo town and environs. Work is ongoing and is expected to be completed by September 2021. Other components of the project include water intake structure (gallery system), pumping station, transmission line, Chlorination plant, reservoir and distribution, offices and other auxiliary works…

Governor Darius Ishaku cannot be faulted for his inability to keep to his promise. He would always say: “The Governance of Taraba State didn’t start with me and it wont certainly end with me, therefore, I will only promise what I am sure I can deliver, because it is in my interest to leave a good name for my children just as my grandfather and father did.”

This truth can be traced and proven in the testimonials of the life lived by his grandfather Yaku Pastor and Tita Ishaku. These are men, whose story is always inspiring to the heart, that led one of the most esteemed Professor of English, David R. Jowitt testified to the impacts and lessons of their lives to the foundation, formation and continues building of a better Taraba by their blood, Darius.

A man is known for two things: his words and his actions. These two must of necessity tally. If there is a divergence, then neither his words nor his actions are of any value no matter how magnanimous. As the Executive Governor of Taraba State, the words and actions of Architect Darius have proved a unity of purpose, a confluence of merit and harbinger of inspiration.

In his words Governor Darius once stated:
“This administration will strive to create and maintain an enabling environment conducive for the optimal participation and sustainable engagement of key stakeholders and partners, by developing a sensitive and responsible political class, a vibrant and purpose-driven bureaucracy, a veritable resource base, and a robust broad-based economy. People-based, government-enhanced, and private sector-led approaches will be employed to guarantee this pursuit”.

Hikon and co should sit down and watch the facts unfolding; Taraba State shall be rescued under the watch of Governor Darius against all odds.

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