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AAC Slams Buhari Government Over Fatal Shooting of 14-Year-Old Girl

The Muhammadu Buhari regime has led Nigeria into a full-blown dictatorship as it has become unfortunately excruciating to keep condemning its attacks on Nigerians on a daily basis.

The sorrow, tears and blood government has become emboldened in its fascist tendencies with the recent events that have played out in the last one week- the abduction of Nnamdi Kanu, nocturnal attack on Sunday Igboho’s residence and the extrajudicial killings that happened there.

Today, it is unfortunate that we are penning another condemnation of violent repression of agitators, that has resulted in the killing of a 14-year old female trader by stray live bullets shot by officers led by police commissioner Hakeem Odumosu.

If people could be treated with such violence as witnessed today in broad daylight, we can only imagine the level of wanton atrocities the regime commits at dusk. LekkiTollGate Massacre comes to mind. We call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of all the officers involved in the violent repression and eventual killing.

We describe the “show of force” by the police as very cruel, undemocratic and a complete waste of both man-hours and taxpayers’ money that could have been used to combat crimes that are on the exponential rise in the state.

The level of force seen today at the protest venue would be appreciated in the prevention of crime and in attending to distress calls by residents of Lagos. Less than 10 kilometres from the protest venue is Somolu; a suburb that has become a hotbed of daylight and nighttime robberies. The show of force has not been taken there.

From Kaduna to Abuja, Ibadan and Lagos, just in the space of a week, over 10 protesting Nigerians have been killed with scores left with varying levels of injuries by security agents under the command of Buhari.

The unpopular regime must immediately desist from the use of brute force in addressing the rightful discontentment of Nigerians.

The AAC calls for the unity of all oppressed as we forge ahead in the struggle for liberation.


Femi Adeyeye
National Publicity Secretary,
African Action Congress

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