Anambra CJ, Housing Commissioner Vows to Crush a Lawyer Over Land Battle

The land tussle between the chief justice of Anambra state , Justice Onochie Anyachebelu and the Okpesieke family has taken another dimension.

Recall that Justice Anyachebelu was called out by the lawyer representing the Okpesieke family , Barrister Harold Ekwerekwu over the illegal take over of their family land.

The Chief Justice responding to the allegations said the matter was already in court and as such the law will take it course.

A tractor on site to perform the demolition

But in a recent developments the CJ is Alleged to have gone against all natural Justice and have continue in his illegal demolition vowing to crush anyone who tries to stop him.

Mike Okonkwo , Commissioner for housing

Joining the Chief Justice in the injustice is also the current commissioner for housing , Arch Mike Okonkwo who has insisted he will do everything including going against the law to protect the interest of the chief justice.

The demolished properties authorized by the CJ

Mr Okonkwo Threatens Barrister Ekwerekwu insisting that if he doesn’t back down he will be harmed and nobody will do anything as he has the authority of the governor and the CJ to do what ever they instruct him

The Continue demolition and taking over can be seen as subjugate since the matter revolving the land is still under investigation.

Another side view of the demolished property

The whole saga can best be define as Injustice personified as the matter is subjudice and all the Chief Judge is trying to do is to destroy the subject of the land, which he ironically and maliciously damaged.

Engr Akanaegbu who hails from same village with the CJ, alleged at the absence of the governor, that he gave them the go ahead to demolish the properties.

The attitude of the CJ instructing the commissioner to further demolish the properties is a flagrant abuse of power and mischief

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