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2023 And The GYB Phenomenom



“Every generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfills it, or betrays it.” – Frantz Fanon.

In today’s Nigeria only one Public Office Holder appears to wield an unequalled spread of Love and Brotherhood across our geography, nay a charm akin to what we had in the 1992/1993 political contestation that produced the MKO ABIOLA phenomenon.

By Jove three decades after the 1993 phenomenon, the new beckons. The present phenomenon like the former is indiscriminate of ethnicity, region and religion. The present phenomenon is concerned about competency and capacity over zoning and or rotation of power. The present phenomenon is the bastion of the Youth O’clock fervency, calling for a New Deal and a New Thinking. And the present phenomenon is the young man called Governor Yahaya Bello, GYB is interested in job creation and in the abolition of poverty as was Chief MKO Abiola of blessed memory.

GYB stands for Inclusiveness and gender parity in governance. He is an example of responsible and responsive leadership. And clearly represents the collective aspiration of the Nigerian people for a nation where justice, equity, fairness and Inclusiveness is prime. He did it in the multi religious, multi lingual and multi ethnic State of Kogi which is arguably the strategic microcosm of Nigeria, and he can replicate same in the macrocosm come 2023.

In 2020 the Bridge Builder called GYB won The Sun Newspapers Apostle of Political Inclusiveness Award for his unrivaled commitment to gender parity, and for his bold inclusion and appointment of Young People to strategic leadership positions. With 43years as the average age of the Kogi State cabinet do you wonder why GYB is the grail bearer of the call of the Nigerian People for new values in leadership?

GYB is unarguably the Bridge between the Old and The Young. As 2023 approaches the very popular refrain Youth O’Clock which represents the trust of the moment and the urgency of now resonates because GYB has thrown his hat in the ring to lead the challenge for a new Nigeria come 2023. In GYB the Youths have found their own, they have elected to identify with their own, and they are ready, willing, and able to reset Nigeria for good.

The GYB phenomenon across the nation is the validation of the competency and the capacity of the Young Man who governs the Confluence State of Kogi. And Nigerians old and young are enamoured by the GYB magic. Do you know that in Kogi State GYB has a cabinet that includes Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Kanuri et al. And do you know that since the creation of Kogi State, GYB though a Muslim was the only Governor to build a Chapel for Christians to worship in the Government House like their Muslim counterparts? Make no mistake, GYB is that broad thinking and urbane Bridge Builder that Nigeria needs come 2023.

Need I emphasize the fact that GYB is the best Governor in Nigeria in the area of Gender Equality and Youth Inclusiveness as recognized by a huge platform like the United Nations (UN Women).

Need I state that GYB has made Kogi State the safest State in the North and the second safest State in Nigeria? GYB is that consumate Chief Security Officer of his State who believes in the primacy of lives and property. GYB is competency and capacity combined.

Need I tell you that GYB has made Lokoja the capital city of the Confluence State of Kogi one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.

Need I tell you that Kogi State under GYB is not owing workers, and that Kogi State leads the pack in the record of States that pay Medical and Health Workers as at when due.

Need I tell you that Kogi State under GYB boasts of one of the most functional Rice Mills in Nigeria. The CONFLUENCE RICE mill with a Yoruba, Mr Segun Olonade as MD/CEO has over 5000 workers directly employed by it, and thousands of Rice Farmers across the nation as Suppliers.

Need I tell you that the Kogi State Agricultural Revolution scheme is second to none. And this reminds every student of history of the FAREWELL TO POVERTY AND NO TO HUNGER trust of the MKO Abiola 1993 phenomenon. 30years (3 decades) after the GYB Phenomenon is with us, and 2023 shall witness a massive turn around for good. GYB has done it in Kogi and he will do at the centre.

Need I tell you that Kogi State has one of the best Skill Acquisition and informal education programmatic which is key to creating jobs and making the seemingly unemployable employable.

Need I tell you that with the Kogi State share of the COVID-19 Palliative funds, GYB is 75% done building one of the biggest health facility in West Africa in Kogi State, and that no other Governor presently serving has achieved such feat.

Need I tell you that the Bridge Builder and the unifier called GYB was Chief to the truce that ended the food blockade between the North and the South in February.

Need I tell you that not long ago along with the Governors of the South West he was key to quelling the fulminating Fulani/Yoruba tiff in Oyo, Osun and Ondo States.

Need I tell you that GYB is constantly reaching out to the leaders of the disparate ethnicities that people Nigeria, and that more than anything else underscores the wide support that attends his quest for the high office of President come 2023.

Need I tell you that the deluge of awards and honours that attend the GYB Phenomenon, and that the endorsements he garners across the nation are evidence of the acceptability and the credibility of the GYB brand. Without a modicum of doubt, I tell you Nigeria, that together with GYB we shall berth a new dawn for our nation.

Finally, do not wonder why Youths across the nation root for GYB. Do not wonder why groups across the 6 geopolitical zones are enthused by the GYB Phenomenon. And do not wonder why GYB resonates across societal stratification. Please wonder why you still believe the falsehood of his detractors and naysayers, then do your research on the GYB Phenomenon, and repent. God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
National Coordinator

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