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2023: Between The Hysteria of Cynics And The History Making GYB



Yes the New Year is here, and the politics of 2023 appears to have begun in earnest, a bit too late for those whose politics is the person of Governor Yahaya Bello GYB. They are too busy talking about GYB and never talking about themselves. They are too busy throwing mud at GYB and never telling the people what they have in stock for Nigeria. So interesting they have made the Phenomenal History maker called GYB, their politics.

The new year message of many of those seeking the high office of President next year was laden with hysteria, there is for them a certain neurotic frenzy about the person of Governor Yahaya Bello GYB, understandably so as GYB has in so many ways shown that he is ready, willing and able to succeed President Mohammadu Buhari come 2023. Unfortunately, every other person running for President appears to have made GYB the song. ‘He is too Young’, ‘His ambition and candidacy is driven by Youthful Exuberance’, ‘Does He Think Nigeria Is Kogi’ etcetera. Get serious folks, and do what GYB is doing, tell Nigerians what you will do as President, and show us your scorecard.

The Youths across the Country pushing the Youth O’clock fervency and the GYB candidacy must rise up to the challenge and tell the present crop of politicians that Youth is not a minus but a plus. We must sing the praise of young people doing profound in our political firmament, and GYB is chief. We must also inform that Youth O’clock is not about alienation but a call to inclusive, effective, efficient and effectual leadership. And that in GYB the Youths have found unequalled competency and capacity, and that supporting GYB for the High Office of President is imperative and patriotic. So do not denigrate Youth, learn from GYB and tell Nigerians why you want to be President.

Kogi State is the Confluence State. Kogi State is the only State in Nigeria that has as much as 10 Borders (9 States including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja). Kogi State is one of the largest States in terms of landmass. Kogi is mini Nigeria (it is multi religious, multi lingual and multi ethnic). And Kogi State under the watch of Governor Yahaya Bello GYB is a testimony of responsible and responsive leadership. The records are so glaring the blind can see.

After 61years of nationhood, Nigeria needs a leader who is sincerely committed to building on the success of the administration he intends to succeed. Buhari has done that with Jonathan’s strides on Infrastructure. Only Governor Yahaya Bello GYB has clearly said that when he becomes President Yahaya Bello PYB he will improve on the profound legacies of the incumbent President. He has said in no uncertain terms that governance is a continuum, and that he will give life and strength to the profound legacies of President Mohammadu Buhari whilst improving and rejigging the sectors needing progressive surgical impact. He is not prevaricating like the others. And he is not hypocritical.

When you see the double mouthing Pharisees seeking the high office of President come 2023, please ask them what they intend to do with Security (you know the GYB scorecard on Security). Ask them what they intend to do with Education, Economy, Job Creation, National Unity and Cohesion, Infrastructure et al, GYB’s phenomenal feats are his trump card, not blackmail, perfidy and falsehood.

Tell those seeking the office of President to campaign on their merits, tell them to learn from GYB and his team, and predicate the politics of 2023 on issues. And tell them, the Youths want debate on issues, that Nigerians crave a new republic of issues based politics, and that we must get.

We are tired of the politics of falsehood, deceit, lies and chicanery. Tell the Cynics that whilst they continue to make hysteria, apologies to Rev. Jesse Jackson, GYB will continue to make history, as we are committed to redefining the fabrics of our politics with competency and capacity rather than mudslinging and tommyrot.

In the days, weeks and months ahead Nigerians craving for a New Deal in leadership will find sufficient reasons and cause to stick to and with the phenomenal history maker called GYB as the great strides and feats of his watch over Kogi State shall reach even greater heights in the year 2022. With GYB a more prosperous united Nigeria is assured.

Happy New Year, and may God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
National Coordinator

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