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2023: Bishop Onuoha Best For Abia, Says ARM UK



Abia Revival Movement (ARM) UK has called on Bishop Sunday Onuoha to pick 2023 gubernatorial form of any political party for the contest, stating that he is the best for the state.

According to the diaspora group, they have searched among the aspirants vying for the gubernatorial election and found out that Bishop Onuoha stand out as someone who can change the phase of the state infrastructure.

In a statement jointly signed by General Coordinator and General Secretary, Emmanuel Keoma and Godwin Udensi respectively, the group said they are supporting numerous other concerned stakeholders who called for the emergence of Bishop Sunday Onuoha as the central candidate for Governorship of Abia State in the coming 2023 election.

“It is our hope that Bishop Onuoha will answer this noble call to restore the hopes and aspirations of all indigenes of Abia regardless of where they come from in the state.

“Bishop Onuoha’s wealth of experience in Global Peace initiatives, Diaspora connection, international engagement in technology, innovation, and agriculture as well as his deep commitment to social re-engineering, education, lifting the poor and disable people out of poverty and many more, puts him head and shoulders above any other aspirants.

“The Abia revival movement is committed to the revival of Abia State in all ramifications so that all Abians will experience good and transparent governance that will deliver sound public services around road infrastructure, utilities, health, education, jobs and improved quality of life for all,” the group said.

The diaspora group said it observed with dismay the deplorable state of infrastructure in Abia state, the high unemployment and diminished business opportunities, poor educational and health facilities and general breakdown of law and order due to incompetent governance adding that such should not be repeated in 2023.

“We observe that in the last 24 years, Abia has suffered from abject incompetence in leadership at the highest level, god-fatherism and an evil cabal that has held the state to ransom and thereby hampering economic and social development and gross mismanagement of human and material resources of the state.

“We therefore call for a total change in leadership and want a leadership that is independent, focused, visionary, transparent and people oriented, with a sound economic plan that can bring the state out of the doldrums and into economic prosperity, including the regeneration of Abia metropolis into a world class site with world class infrastructure support production, creativity, skills, apprenticeship and commercial hub centre of Ala Igbo,” the group added.

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