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2023: Northern Professors back Tinubu/Pam ticket, give reasons



Some professors from the north have backed an All Progressives Congress (APC) joint ticket of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu for president and the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), Rev Yakubu Pam as his running mate.

The scholars, under the aegis of Association of Northern Professors, made this known in a research paper made public at the weekend in Abuja.

Co-signed by Prof. Kakuta Yaki, a Professor of Public Admin. & Politics, and Prof. Ibrahim Shuaibu, a former President of Political Science Association, they said the conclusion was the product of an extensive research work by Professors from diverse backgrounds in politics, history and international relations.

Considering that the country is polarised along ethnic and religious lines, the Professors said it would be counter-productive for the party to still proceed with a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Among the array of qualified northern Christians considered, the Association of Northern Professors said Rev Pam stands out based on its findings.

“Pam is a most suitable candidate for the APC because of his rich pedigree and numerous contributions to the entrenchment of peace and unity in the Northern region. He commands respect amongst the northern elites and clerics,” the academics said.

“His credentials are intimidating. Rev Yakubu Pam is an unassuming personality, though silent, and has contributed immensely to religious stability in the northern region. His name resonates with peace and unity, even amongst the Northern religious circle, with whom he enjoys tremendous respect.

“His leadership footprints cut across different segments and sectors of the Northern region, hence why his nomination as the vice-presidential candidate of the APC would indeed boost the chances of the party in the 2023 presidential elections. His candidacy addresses the religious and ethnic questions needed to position the APC for electoral success.

“The choice of Rev Yakubu Pam as the vice-presidential candidate of the APC comes with its attendant benefits, as it would give the APC a balanced ticket that would eventually guarantee electoral success at the polls.

“Rev Pam is also a known figure in most parts of Northern Nigeria because of his numerous contributions to peace and development and religious tolerance. His appeal also cuts across all ages due to his broad views on issues”.

According to the professors, Tinubu and Pam will complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“While Tinubu addresses the political component of the ticket, Rev Yakubu Pam addresses the administrative component,” the scholars noted.

“His wealth of experience in administrative matters is noteworthy. His sterling leadership strides at the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission give an insight into his approach to leadership. This is aside from other positions of authority he has occupied over decades, including the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the 19 Northern states, including the Federal Capital Territory”, they added.

The professors, however, urged the leadership of the APC to rise to the occasion in “ensuring that the Tinubu/Pam ticket in the overarching objective of presenting a formidable force capable of translating the hopes and aspirations of Nigerians into tangible reality”.

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