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2023 Presidency: Obi Supporters are Unequivocally Civil and Completely Decorous



Convener “CountryFirst Movement”, Prof. Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr , has discribed the press statement authored by Mr Bayo Onanuga Director, Media And Communication of the Tinubu Campaign Organization calling on “Mr Peter Obi to call his supporters to order that falsehood and disinformation will not win election”, as smacks of mischief and manifest desperation as there is no shred of doubt that the Peter Obi Team is profoundly issues based, manifestly factual, unequivocally civil and completely decorous.

Nwaokobia said attempt to tie all the lies swimming in the social media to the Peter Obi Campaign is not only mischievous but shows the desperation of the Tinubu Campaign Organization to colour and paint Mr Peter Obi in bad light and it won’t stick.

He said this is not 2014/2015 where lies and tommy-rot were allowed unattended and not debunked by the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign, this is 2022/2023 and the redemptive masses Movement will not suffer any falsehood against Mr Peter Obi and Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed to thrive. The ideological, issues based and policy driven peaceful ballot based revolution that Mr Peter Obi epitomizes shall respond timeously to any information that seek to present our Campaign and Movement in bad light.

Part of the statement reads “At no point has Mr Peter Obi, his running mate Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed or the Labour Party given instructions or imprimatur to falsehood, malice, lies and or support to any information denigrating other candidates as alleged by the Tinubu Campaign Organization. Indeed if there is any candidate that is the most civil and respectful of others, that candidate is former Governor Peter Obi. He has consistently conducted himself in Speeches, Writings and Mobilization as a man of peace, as civil and decorous, and has instructed every lever and layer of his support groups and Campaign to duel on issues rather than the persona and the personalities on the other side. Trying desperately to colour the Peter Obi Campaign and Movement in ominous shade will definitely not stick, as falsehood will definitely not eclipse the Truth”.

“In the Press Statement penned by the Tinubu Campaign Organization, they sought laboriously to tie the Peter Obi Movement and Campaign to the IPOB agitation, a failed effort by one of their canvassers Mr Sam Omatseye of The Nation Newspapers. There is no shred of doubt that those who are alleging mudslinging are the experts of same. May their mischief and desperation not sully the waters of what promises a profound issues based Campaign. May they fairly judge what has become a masses oriented redemptive movement sweeping through our nation as such, and stop playing the ethnic card because it won’t stick, surely it won’t”.

“The Peter Obi Campaign and Movement is a national redemptive vehicle, ably and comfortably seated in it are Nigerians of every creed and clan, ably and comfortably involved in this voyage are Nigerians from all region and religion, and passionately engaged in the rescue mission are Nigerians of all faith and fervour. The young and the old are Obidiently Yusful and committed to the peaceful ballot based revolution before us. We therefore implore all Presidential candidates to join us as we pioneer and lead the most civil and profoundly issues based Campaign in the history of our nation”.

“We pray that we all make the issues of Security, Healthcare, Education, Economy, Power/Energy, Infrastructure, Job Creation, Human Capacity and Resource Development, National Cohesion centred on equity, love and fairness, Food Security etc the linchpin of the Campaign now and when effective campaign begins in September. And may the best candidate WIN come February, 2023”. He said

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