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APC Chairmanship: Senator Sani Musa Vows to Re-Engineer Party



Ahead of the March 26th National Convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) frontline Chairmanship aspirant Senator Sani Musa has restated his determination to re-engineer the internal structures and workings of the party to win elections if elected.

Sen Musa in continuation of of his interactions with the party’s stakeholders noted “if giving the opportunity to lead the party I will completely re-engineer the internal structures and workings of the party. APC needs total leadership reorientation for it to actualize its institutional potentials.Hence, I will be adaptive to participatory and affiliative work style that will usher visionary and pacesetting leadership for the party that will give the party a new direction and philosophy.

“APC must be made an institution which is the only antidote to reckless abuse of office and ethics which brings about disharmony and wrangling within the various organs of the party viz a viz its followers. My reform agenda for the party is expressed in what I call the three Rs for success, that is, Reconciliation, Reorganization and Redirection. We need to immediately reconcile aggrieved members of the party at all levels on a sustainable basis” he added.

The Senate Committee Chairman on Services further stated that “we need to reorganize the party in such a manner that it is able to effectively mobilise all segments of the country from youths to women groups to meet up with the INEC timetable timelines for 2023 elections. And thirdly we must redirect our efforts towards winning elections and nation building and not wrangling.

“Most importantly we shall govern by the rule of law, abide by the party constitution, guidelines, manifesto and in line with the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. We will run an inclusive leadership that is devoid of the habitual grain of the entrenched political culture of dynastic politics, sectionalism, favoritism, money politics, parasitism on the public pay roll, cronyism and patronage” he noted.

Senator Musa maintained that “we shall thrive to be self funding and not rely on individuals that will later want to be dictating the tunes and which will create wrangling and disharmony in the party. Under my leadership the party will embrace more technology in our operations which will reduce waste and abuse of our party best practices.

“We will run a party that will preserve the legacy of our founding fathers to build a strong country that is more tolerant, more prosperous and fairer by giving every member of the party equal opportunity. Disputes are indispensable in democracy because democracy allows for different shades of opinions. This in itself is not a disadvantage because it allows people to learn from such disputes and even matters that end up in courts afford the judiciary the opportunity to expound and develop the law regarding issues in dispute which serve as precedents for the future” he said.

Senator Musa pointed out that “so I don’t see how disputes will affect the convention. I do believe that once I emerge the chairman of the APC, my reform agenda will address most of these challenges and reposition the party for the better. We believe in the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, and the president been a democrat will never subscribe to imposition against the will of the majority party faithfuls. Hence we shall continue our consultations and prepare ourselves for the national convention with the hope of winning the National Chairmanship contest.

“Furthermore as genuine party faithfuls we will always be open to abide by any genuine considerations with superior reasoning if brokered by Mr. President in return for a consensus arrangement, and cannot be pushed away and in a manner like what is been peddled now as endorsement of a non prepared individual as one” he added.

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