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Muslim-Muslim Ticket: THE MOMENT OF TRUTH II – By Nwaokobia Jnr



The arrogance and the hypocrisy of a candidate. On the one hand he says religion does not matter. That competency and capacity is key. Does competency not imply that he should know that his Party the APC is mirrored as a Muslim Party and seek to balance the Ticket? Does capacity not imply that he should search out a competent Christian in the North to balance the Ticket? The Muslim Ummah must MOVE against the desperate knowing that Leadership in Islam is for equity, justice and fairness.

Those who for political power seek to rekindle our fault lines. Those who for numbers ignore the need for brotherhood and inclusion will fail because Nigeria is bigger than an INDIVIDUAL’S LIFE TIME AMBITION.

Affliction will not prevail a second time. Now is the time to rebuild, re-fix, reshape and reset Nigeria. And the masses of our people are manifestly OBI-dient and Yus-ful to the cause that the OBI-DATT Ticket epitomizes. A NEW, JUST, FAIR, EQUITABLE AND PROSPEROUS NIGERIA IS POSSIBLE.

A peaceful redemptive ballot based Peoples Revolution is ongoing, Compatriots. With Peter OBI And Yusuf Datti BABA AHMED… We Move, WE WIN!!!

God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
Is The OBI-diently Yus-ful Convener of

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