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APC Women Hold Massive Rally Support for Tinubu, Pam’s Ticket as President, Running Mate



Thousands of All Progressives Congress women on Monday held a massive rally in Abuja to throw their weight behind Asiwaju Bola and Rev Yakubu Pam as the party’s presidential flagbearers.

The Coalition of APC Women, drawn across the country, said that Tinubu is assured of success at the polls with the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission as running mate.

Speaking on behalf of the women, national converner, Lady Princess Ajibola hailed Tinubu as an “epitome of prosperity and good governance, a great force to reckon with, and the right candidate to continue the sail of the affairs of Nigeria to greater heights”.

She, however, said that in order for the APC candidate to fulfil his mandate, he must pick the strongest possible running mate.

And according to the APC women, Rev Pam tops the pile being a “quintessential leader, a teacher and a peace lover”.

Ajibola added, “He is a man who has never taken his service in God’s vineyard for granted, he has been serving faithfully since 2020 and still is, even till now. Rev Yakubu Pam has proven himself an excellent man, a man of good faith and integrity before his appointment as the executive secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrimage Commission. Service like this requires great personalities.

“We have seen many acclaimed leaders loose their focus after given higher appointment of leadership, and we have seen many attained the positions of this height, and loose faith of their humble beginnings. The Reverend has however retained his humility, keeping in mind God’s role in his life to serve the human race. The commission has been blessed to have been led by Rev Yakubu Pam as he has since then impacted the nation in many ways.

“His appointment has set many records for high standard of leadership in Nigeria which has led many stakeholders acclaim to this fact severally in conferences and the likes. Rev. Yakubu Pam has shown himself as the great man who constantly contributes to easing the plight of the people. The Reverend is a leader that listens to the people and hears their voices, and then speak out on their behalf on several occasions. He has spoken up about the different killings and inhumane treatment, urging and pushing for a better governance for the people. He has also applauded the different measures of change taken by the government in easing the pain of the people. The people’s plight has always been his plight.

“This is a man that seeks solutions to problem rather than complain. His words are a soothing balm to heart of the oppressed, assuring them of hope and relief. He’s an orator that push for positive actions to be take at the swiftness of time.

“The Coalition of APC women is asking us to go for a man that his influence cut across many sectors in Nigeria, a man who understands what pain is, and a man that is neither consumed with pride nor seek self-gratification. An altruistic man that so much detest bigotry, and nepotism”.

The women, therefore, pledged to mobilize millions of their members across the country to vote the Tinubu/Pam ticket in 2023.

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