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Appraising Nigerian Armed Forces’ Transformation Under Gen Musa



Okuama Still Not Available Due To Cordon-and-search — Defence Chief

By Gabriel Onoja

Nigeria, a nation brimming with potential, faces multifaceted security challenges that threaten its stability and progress. The security challenges facing Nigeria over the years have necessitated a coordinated and strategic approach by the Armed Forces to address them effectively. Under the leadership of General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), the Nigerian Armed Forces have demonstrated renewed vigor and commitment in tackling these challenges.

General Christopher Musa’s appointment as the Chief of Defence Staff in June 2023 marked a turning point in the coordination and transformation of the Nigerian Armed Forces. With a clear leadership concept, along with a roadmap to guide the implementation of relevant guiding principles, and saddled with the responsibility of coordinating the various branches of the military, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force, General Musa has fostered a highly disciplined, cohesive, and inspired Armed Forces ready to fulfill its constitutional roles. His vision for a secure and prosperous Nigeria has been a driving force behind the transformational coordination of the Armed Forces.

One of the key achievements under General Musa’s leadership has been the strengthening of interagency collaboration, particularly with the Nigerian Police Force. Recognizing the importance of a unified approach to security, General Musa has worked tirelessly to enhance coordination and information sharing between the Armed Forces and the police. This collaboration has resulted in more effective joint operations and a more comprehensive response to security challenges across the country.

The Nigerian Armed Forces, under General Musa’s coordination, have made significant strides in addressing insurgency and banditry in various parts of the country. With a deep understanding of asymmetrical warfare, he devised innovative strategies that effectively helped in countering insurgency. Through well-planned and executed operations, intelligence-driven operations, joint military exercises, and international collaborations, they have successfully neutralized numerous terrorist elements and criminal networks.

The commitment and dedication of the Armed Forces, coupled with improved intelligence gathering and technological advancements, have led to notable successes in the fight against insurgency and banditry. It’s no doubt that General Musa leadership is instrumental in further dismantling Boko Haram’s strongholds and disrupting their supply lines. Amidst the chaos and terror, General Musa prioritized the safety and protection of innocent civilians. He implemented measures to ensure the welfare of internally displaced persons (IDPs) affected by the insurgency, providing them with access to food, shelter, and medical aid.

General Musa’s focus on enhancing border security has been instrumental in curbing illegal activities and securing Nigeria’s borders. The Armed Forces, in collaboration with other security agencies, have implemented robust measures to prevent the infiltration of criminal elements and the smuggling of illicit goods. This has not only contributed to national security but also to the economic stability of the country.

Recognizing the importance of seamless inter-unit cooperation within the Army, General Musa has emphasized fostering collaboration and synergy between different units. This includes initiatives like joint training exercises, information sharing protocols, and improved coordination between combat and support elements. This focus on internal collaboration aims to ensure a more unified and cohesive fighting force.

He recognizes the importance of well-trained and motivated personnel, and has prioritized the welfare and professional development of the Armed Forces. Efforts have been made to improve the living conditions of personnel, provide necessary equipment and resources, and enhance training programs. These initiatives have boosted morale and fostered a sense of pride and dedication among the men and women serving in the Armed Forces.

Having a better Understanding on the importance of public trust and cooperation in achieving lasting security, General Musa has emphasized building stronger relationships with the civilian population. This includes initiatives like community engagement programs, fostering dialogue with local leaders, and ensuring adherence to human rights principles during operations. This focus on civil-military relations aims to bridge the gap between the Army and the communities it serves, leading to better information sharing and ultimately, more effective security solutions.

General Musa recognizes the crucial role of well-trained and motivated soldiers. He prioritized improving the quality and intensity of soldier training, focusing on areas like counterinsurgency tactics, urban warfare, and intelligence gathering. Additionally, efforts have been made to boost soldier morale through improved welfare packages, recognition programs, and a focus on mental health and well-being. These efforts aim to create a more professional, capable, and resilient force.

General Musa’s leadership has undoubtedly yielded positive results. The focus on internal collaboration has led to a more coordinated and unified approach to operations. Enhanced training and improved force men morale have contributed to a more professional and capable fighting force. Additionally, the emphasis on civil-military relations has, in some areas, fostered a sense of trust and collaboration with the communities, leading to better intelligence gathering and improved security outcomes.

Being a man of principle, General Musa unwavering patriotism has consistently shone through his various roles within the Nigerian armed forces and diplomatic circles. Under his leadership, the Nigerian Armed Forces have undergone a remarkable transformation in their coordination and response to the nation’s security challenges. Through visionary leadership, strengthened interagency collaboration, and a focus on addressing insurgency, banditry, and border security, significant achievements have been made.

The empowerment and motivation of personnel have further contributed to the success of the Armed Forces. While challenges remain, the exploits of General Musa and the Nigerian Armed Forces provide hope for a more secure and prosperous Nigeria.

Nigerians aren’t oblivious of the present State of security in the country, in comparison to how it was years back. With enough evidence on how much that have been achieved under Gen Musa leadership, it can be conclusively said that he has left an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals, and our gallant armed forces. He’s not only known for his efforts in ensuring peace and security alone, but also for his immense compassion and commitment to humanitarian causes, and his unwavering dedication to uplifting communities in need.

General Musa leadership style is marked by his unyielding determination and resolute decision-making. He led by example, often at the forefront of critical operations, demonstrating his personal commitment to the safety and security of Nigerians. This hands-on approach not only boosted the morale of the Nigeria Armed Forces, but also showcased his dedication to the mission. With more men like him in power, Nigeria will in no time become the safest zone in the world.

Onoja is a civil rights activist writing from Lagos

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