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Appreciating Gen Irabor’s Rare Wizardry



It was a tragedy for Nigeria when, on 28th March 2022, the Abuja-Kaduna train came under attack leaving some passengers dead and many kidnapped by the bandits or Boko Haram as alleged.

While ransom was paid in bits, the kidnapped victims were also being released in bits; a situation that halted the Abuja-Kaduna train from resuming operations. This development plunged the country into chaos and fear as scores were held captive.

When hope of having all of them released seemed to have been lost, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Lucky Irabor, waded into the matter and tactically brought the situation under control with the eventual release of what was left of the abducted train victims.
This particular development and special operations that involved a carefully crafted presidential think tank was made possible with the involvement of General Lucky Irabor and his show of patriotism, responsibility and desire to see that Nigerian citizens anywhere in the country are safe. It shows, in all ramifications, the mastery of the military art and craft by the gentleman General Lucky Irabor.
Hence, in General Irabor’s desire to secure the release of the train attack victims, he set up a seven-man committee, better known as the Chief of Defence Staff Action Committee, that was mandated to look into the situation and ensure the release of the remaining 23 victims that were still being held captive by the train attackers at the time.
In not mincing words, the Chief of Defence Staff Action Committee is the most efficient and effective committee so far in the country. Within a short period, the committee was able to articulate workable strategies that helped the Nigerian military achieve results in securing the release of the 23 victims that were left in the abductors’ den. This committee showed high intellectual capacity and military prowess and was able to have the armed forces and the various security agencies collaborate in the clandestine operation that was initiated, carefully planned and executed.

In his nature, swiftness and artistry, the Nigerian Armed Forces, under the command of General Lucky Irabor, was able to take the Kaduna train attackers and kidnappers by surprise, dislodged them and successfully rescued the remaining 23 victims in their den without recording any casualty.
In Nigeria’s leadership of the Armed Forces of all times, the personality, character, courage, charisma and purposeful leadership being experienced by the Nigerian Armed Forces under the amiable Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor, has not been heard of. The Armed Forces is lucky to have such a gentlemanly general dedicated to seeing an active and successful military living up to its responsibility and ensuring peace and security are restored in the country. General Irabor has repositioned the Nigerian Armed Forces to an enviable height as one of the finest militaries in the world.
The heightened insecurity that Nigeria faced before the appointment of General Lucky Irabor as Chief of Defence Staff is now a thing of the past. Aside from pockets of security threats being experienced from time to time in different parts of the country, insurgency and organized crimes, as were experienced with the activities and menace of Boko Haram and bandits, have entirely reduced if not eradicated. Thanks to General Irabor’s determination and focus on ensuring that Nigerians are safe and that their security is paramount.
General Lucky Irabotr has proven that results will always be achieved with exemplary leadership. In the fight against insecurity in Nigeria, the military has continued to pay the supreme price and has shown serious commitment to security. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that the armed forces continue to get the necessary support to keep delivering on security operations and further ensure that the peace and security that have now been restored in the country are sustained.
The Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor, whom the country owes a debt of unalloyed gratitude for his purposeful leadership to the Armed Forces. Under his watch, the Nigerian military has brought insurgency and banditry under serious check and control. Almost nothing is heard of Boko Haram and bandits in addition to the general insecurity that almost overtook the country
Undoubtedly, the security achieved under General Irabor is just the beginning of the security to be enjoyed by Nigeria and Nigerians. With General Lucky Irabor in charge, Nigeria’s overwhelming security threats and challenges are over. The Chief of Defence Staff is a man of competence, integrity, and capacity and an excellent military leader. He is success-oriented and has continued to push the armed forces to achieve nothing short of victory.
While we are grateful to the Nigerian military for their patriotism and commitment to tackling general insecurity in the country, we are thankful to General lucky Irabor, under whose watch; achieving security in Nigeria has been made possible. He set a standard that is worthy of commendation.

Agbese is a UK trained human rights activist and author.

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