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Benue: Call for Achadu to be appointed minister gathers momentum



Chief Dr. Micheal Achadu has continued to enjoy overwhelming support from coalition groups and prominent party stakeholders calling on the president to consider his appointment as the minister from Benue state.

Achadu a philanthropist and a prominent APC member in Benue state was instrumental in the victory of APC in the last Gubernatorial election.

Hon. Inalegwu Adaje leading the coalition in a press conference said Chief Dr Michael Achadu has performed excellently well and still doing so in the private sector.

Adaje said Chief Dr Michael Achadu is a successful business man and he has intelligently continue to do well in all his endeavors.

Adaje also made an appeal to the Governor of Benue state Rev. Father Hyacinth Alia and the SGF George Akume to consider Chief Michael Achadu as minister.

“As minister I can assure you that Achadu will turn things around, this he has done in the private sector.

“Achadu understands time and seasons and I can guarantee you that he will be an asset to the progressive government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu”.

” For us the choice of Achadu is a choice of competence,and dedication, he is a man trusted across board and as such the reason you see the overwhelming support he enjoys.”

“We call on president Bola Ahmed Tinubu to look at the credentials of Chief Dr Michael Achadu and make his decision and not allow those who will want a candidate for their pocket confuse him to make a wrong choice”.

Adaje said he is very optimistic that the president will heed to the calls and do the needful as it is for the betterment of the APC in Benue state.

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