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BWACHA 2023: the perception of his critics and the support of the people



When you read the jittering online media propaganda of his critics and and see how they perceives the Taraba state APC gubernatorial candidate, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, you will just wonder within yourself what a great and powerful man he must be. They make the man appears as an almighty and invincible politician who has pocketed INEC, Police, DSS, APC and now the Judiciary, just for him to become the next governor of Taraba State.

I read one of such articles recently and I saw how the author explained the connections of the Senator with the judiciary and how even the supreme Court judges through one of their retired and highly respected colleague have been pocketed to pervert justice in favour of his 2023 gubernatorial ambition. What a joke!

After laughing myself out, I said to myself, if our leader Senator Bwacha is this powerful as they are postulating and agitating, then it’s God’s doing and it’s marvelous in our eyes. I am convinced that this fear and desperate agitating of our critics and opponents against the restoration agenda and aspiration of Senator Bwacha, is a message to all concerning the perceived outcome of 2023 general elections. Glory be to God! This is because no politician, not even a presidential candidate can be perceived to exert such great influence over independent institutions of government as we are witnessing in regards to Senator Bwacha.

However, the truth of the matter is, they know that Senator Bwacha is innocent of all their allegations, accusations and media propaganda because as a ranking Senator in the red chamber, he does not have executive power to have so much and influence as they’re postulating. But because they know that Senator Bwacha is time tested political strategist who plans his ways to the end of every struggle he has ever undertaken, they know that with the leadership capacity he has displayed so far, Tarabans will vote for him in 2023 and he will work for the good and prosperity of the state. With this knowledge, they are afraid and jittery about his emergence.

Taraba State history is filled with the emergence of unprepared political opportunists as executive or acting Governor. This is the first time in our history for a man who has served and paid his dues in the political arena to given the ticket to stand for general election. Some of these opportunists did well while others just came to plunder and abandoned the people in more precarious condition than they met them. Bwacha is different and that this the reason of their fears. How I wish someone can help us explain to them why Bwacha is ‘alheri ne,’ a special blessing prepared and sent from God to give Tarabans a sigh of relief and restore hope in government as the driver of security, peace and prosperity. There is no reason to be afraid or agitated over his emergence if truly we want political leadership to be a blessing to the people of Taraba state.

With Bwacha, Taraba will be united again across ethnic and religious divides as we can see in his political campaign structure to the ward level. The people’s hope and confidence in government from the local government to state will be restored as he plans to imbark on a massive reform that will bring government back to life in Taraba. The Restoration Government plans to provides resources and opportunities for scholarships, training and empowerment of our youths. It will bring back drugs to our healthcare facilities. It will bring back enthusiasm in civil service and make it a rewarding career with regular salaries, pension and timely gratuities. Tourists will see Taraba as the preferred destination and haven of adventure.

Senator Bwacha plans to ensure that the Transport system is given adequate attention to ensure our people travel safely, comfortably and affordably to their destinations. Taraba State Transport Corporation ( TSTC) management will be restructure, redesigned and positioned to give Tarabans the comfort they need as they plan their journeys across the country.

Under Senator Bwacha’s Restoration Government, private schools will be less attractive except they raise their standard due to the investment and priority that will be given to public educational institutions from basic to tertiary. Quality teaching method and curriculum that will ensure that the education of children is base on 21st century requirements in education.

Senator Bwacha’s restoration government will put in all the experiences that he has gathered as civil servant, state legislator, member of state executive council, a federal representative, member of the governing board of the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) and a three term Senator and principal officer of the highest lawmaking institution in Nigeria. He is prepared and ready to serve his people.

Senator Bwacha is not coming as a “General without troops” like some of his opponents who are lone rangers in the political arena but go about claiming to be leaders. Instead, he is coming as a General with officers and men who has been motivated, trained and are ready to offer their services in different aspects of governance to the people of Taraba. In the Bwacha Political organization are experts in different fields of human endeavors who because of Senator Bwacha will sacrifice anything to come back home and support in the building of a new Taraba.

Senator Bwacha’s ability to give attention to details has endeared him to many professionals in education, security, environmental management, administration, political development, media, healthcare reformation, economists, social investment, urban development, tourism management etc. who have confidence in him and are ready to work with him. He has brought a lot of them into politics already. His team is such an inspiration and enthusiasm for a new Taraba. A vote for Bwacha is a vote for all these experts and professionals that will join hands to turn around Taraba state and restore it on the path of peace and progress as a known team player.

What am I trying to say? I want to reassure Tarabans that with Senator Bwacha, it will be a different ball game in government and governance. He is the only candidate that you and I can trust to unite Taraba and build a team that will change the fortunes of our dear state. No doubt, a vote for Bwacha is a vote for unity, peace, security and prosperity.

His critics know these facts very well and they know that 2023 election has already been decided once APC field senator Emmanuel Bwacha as it’s gubernatorial candidate for Taraba state. With that already done and dusted on 26th May 2022 at the direct primary election, be rest assure by the grace of God that Senator Bwacha is coming. Better days ahead!!

Amb. Rikwense Muri, mspsp
P.A Media and Strategy to Senator Bwacha

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