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Bye—Election: Bandits kill Five in Katsina



Customs Refute Involvement In Katsina Teenager’s Death

Violence and bandit attacks have cast a shadow over the rerun election scheduled for today, in some of the polling units across Kankara and Sabuwa Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Katsina State.

Local sources reported five people killed in two polling units within Kankara LGA on Friday night: three in Ungwar Kela and two in Yan Bene. Also, the hoodlums reportedly stole over 100 bags of grains from Ungwar Kela during the election eve onslaught.

Local sources described the assailants arriving on over fifty motorcycles and strategically using some members to guard the area while others transported the stolen produce.

Attempts to reach the Katsina Police Command spokesperson and the Kankara LGA chairman for confirmation were unsuccessful.

Danmusa LGA also reportedly experienced similar attacks between Wednesday and Friday, with over 300 bags of grains stolen and residents forced to evacuate due to safety concerns.

They expressed frustration with the limited response from security forces due to challenging road conditions. The residents are appealing to the state government for a “robust security team” to protect them from these recurring threats and enable them to return to their communities safely.

Credit: Vanguard

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