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Centre scores TETFUND high, says Echono has instilled transparency, accountability, others



The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) says the Tertiary Education Trust Fund, TETFUND, has overachieved and even surpassed its mandate under executive secretary, Arch Sonny Echono.

CESJECT made this known in an extensive report to appraise the agency’s strategic interventions in the educational sector in the past 10 years.

In the report signed by Ndubisi Nwogu, Programmes Director, CESJET said Echono has infused accountability and transparency in TETFUND while ensuring project execution, capacity building, staff training and improved welfare among others.

“The initiation and signing into law at least 76 new people oriented bills to ease the effects of the depression; the administration can confirm that it is a worthy achievement by TETFUND,” the report said.

“The mandate of mobilizing, planning and channeling education task fund for interventions, projects in the nation’s tertiary institutions. Tertiary Education Trust Fund, TETFUND, has made far reaching progress in developing the tertiary educational sector is the country.

“Focusing on capacity building and staff development and effective service delivery. Having prioritized that higher institutions in the country are now benefiting specific programmes and boosting the human capacity development components through TETFUND.

“Managing Education Tax Funds. Towards supporting projects and capacity building for public tertiary institutions, TETFUND under Architect Echono sponsored a research on the newly designed Smart Climate Information Services for Early Warning on Climate Change for farmers with about one thousand five hundred farmers from seventy villages across six states receiving training on the innovation.

“TETFUND agency further saw to the National Library Headquarters Complex, Abuja receive boost with the approval of 16 Billion Naira by TETFUND under Architect Echono as first tranche for the completion of the project.

CESJET, therefore, passed a vote of confidence on Echono’s leadership.

“We have found him worthy and respectable, given that he has uphold a stand in honesty and modest to the people and her citizens, as well as the government, using the position of authority not for his self-aggrandizement, but for dutiful accomplishment,” the centre added.

“He is astute to follow through the implementation and use of the right approach to see every task accomplished as he’s been doing towards every successful notable accomplished tasks.

“As an accomplished technocrat, Arc Echono has brought to the job, a diverse wealth of experience spanning infrastructure, business administration, procurement management, ICT and the education sectors.

“Mr Sonny has further helped the agency to focus more on Its critical areas of intervention which includes, sponsorship of lecturers for postgraduate studies, funding constructions and refurbishment of educational facilities, promoting a creative and innovative approach to learning; promotion of higher education books and funding libraries and provision of learning equipment.”

However, the centre called for improved funding for the agency.

CESJET also lamented some government policies curtailing the scope of operation of the agency.

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