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Chief David Sabo Kente@57: Birthday Celebration or Political Coronation?



It was a congregation of who is who in the political arena of the Nigerian state and particularly in Taraba State as encomiums and eulogies rained nonstop in honor of the North East Development Commission Education Endowment Fund’s Chairman, businessman, philanthropist, and frontline Gubernatorial candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress APC, Chief David Sabo Kente on 3th March 2022 simultaneously at his expansive home in the heart of Abuja the prestigious Frazier Hotel in the capital city.

Without doubt in anyone’s mind present, the gathering amplified once again the behemoth larger than life image, astounding popularity and towering standing of Chief David Sabo Kente who many neck named “too much money” because of his sometimes shocking free gifts to individuals in need and community facing challenges.

Like the proverbial saying that “but he that dares not to grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose.” The hard earned national popularity and good will Chief David Sabo Kente enjoys amongst the youths has long translated into bitter envy and jealousy among some few elites and political rivals particularly within his community who are so scared of his astronomical rise in political stature and have left no stone unturned to shot him down using all means possible under the sun.

Several random opinion polls has always placed Chief David Sabo Kente tops amongst his contemporaries for the race of the Governorship in Taraba State basically because of his open mindedness towards every religion and tribe in the complex state, his accessibility and philanthropic activities spanning several years.

For a state notorious for religious fanaticism and intermittent tribal skirmishes, Chief David Sabo Kente has consistently kept his head high above the mucky waters of religious bigotry and tribalism, demonstrating a very high level of understand and tolerance far above his age. This attributes points to his aristocratic background as a Crown Prince whos kiths and kins are practitioners of Christianity,Islam and traditional religion.

Several researches has alluded to the fact that Tabara state has suffered and continue to suffer arrested development and stunted growth, all attributes of poor leadership selection because the state has been held hostage by Marchants of religion and tribalism who must insist always that the only qualification needed to govern is to be endorse by pastors or imams to the detriment of high quality individuals with outstanding pedigrees and vision.

The forthcoming 2022 elections shall determine once again if the people of Taraba State are really ready now to break free from the shackles of stagnation and embrace good governance and prosperity or remain where they have been for decades when contemporaries of the state have moved on breaking new grounds.

The choices can never be more clearer than ever before as a respected religious leader in the state who prefers not to be named pointed out quote: “I don’t know all the serious individuals contesting to be Governor besides Chief David Sabo Kente who has proven in both words and deeds despite never been elected into any public office.

Among all that I have seen so far, Emmanuel Bwacha would have been good considering his political experiences, but it is in full public knowledge that he is a well known selfish bigot and Tribalist harbouring a hidden and deep seated desire to use executive power to divide and implement other dangerous agendas that may set the state ablaze if he mistakingly grabs power.

As the call for Chief David Sabo Kente to come and salvage the comatose state continue to grow louder as demonstrated by the gathering at his birthday get-together in Abuja last weekend, sons and daughters, patriotic volunteers for good governance, progressive Elders and Youths must all rise in unity from all over the nation in the quest to enthrone decency, fiscal responsibility and great march towards Renaissance in Taraba State and give hope back to it’s long suffering people.

The vivid choices on the table for the people of Taraba State moving forward is between marching away from the present decay by voting in Chief David Sabo Kente, a personality that shall unite the fractured state and grow prosperity and wealth with happy families or putting divisive elements with agendas other than the people to sink the state further into abyss.

Ishaq Mohammed writes from Mutum biu Gasso

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