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Christmas: Help Your Needy Neighbours, A’Ibom Gov Tells Christians



Akwa Ibom State Governor, Umo Eno, has urged well-to-do Christians to exploit the spirit of Christmas to reach out to people who may have fallen through the rough patches of life in the state.

Specifically, he urged them not to give them hand-outs but a helping hand to enable them to get up again and together work for the collective growth and development of the state.

Eno, who said this while presenting his Christmas message to the Akwa Ibom people on Monday, assured them that the state would flow with the spirit of love and peace throughout the celebration.

He said, “We will continue to flow with the waves of love and amity and as you celebrate this day, please remember to reach out to those who may have fallen on the rough patches of life.

“Don’t just give hand-outs, give them a hand to get up and let us together ARISE and work to extend the frontiers of the Golden Era of our collective growth, development, and progress.”

While calling on the people to continue to live in peace and love one another as exemplified by Jesus’ love for humanity, the governor urged the people especially politicians to throw away the cards of hatred and other divisive tendencies.

He added “This is a season of joy and goodwill. I call on our people to continue to live in peace and unity and eschew tendencies that seek to divide us.

“Politics is long gone. It’s now time for governance. We should bury and throw into the trash can, the cards of hatred, of whipping non-existence schisms, and of demonizing our leaders and symbols of authority.

“From Ibibio to Annang lands, to Oro Nation, to Obolo, we are united and shaped by the language of love and unity. We are homogenous. Therefore, let no one throw poison into our otherwise calm waters of unity and kindred spirit.”

The governor also assured the people that his administration would continue to tackle critical ‘kitchen-table’ issues affecting families and prioritise the welfare of workers in the state.

“We will continue to pay special attention to our workers and also ensure that we create the enabling environment for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, which is the engine of growth, in any economy to thrive.

“We will continue to tackle those critically important kitchen-table issues, which affect families. We will continue to pay down gratuities to our retired workers, and ensure that our children go to school, especially at the primary level in an atmosphere that fosters creativity, academic excellence, and social interactions, as exemplified by the features and facilities at the newly rebuilt Model Primary School at Christ the King School, on Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo, which would be replicated in all local government areas.

“We are doing the same, in the healthcare sector, with the soon-to-be commissioned model healthcare centre, located in Ikot Nkowk, Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area,” the governor stated.

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