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Christmas: Human Rights Activist, Agbese Urges Nigerians To Emulate Jesus Christ By Supporting President Buhari



Renowned human rights activist, Philip Agbese, has urged Nigerians to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ by supporting the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Agbese, a UK-trained legal practioner, made the call on Saturday in his Christmas message to Nigerians.

According to Agbese, President Buhari, like Jesus, is a redeemer and Nigerians should rally round their leader to take the country to greater heights.

“I extend very warm greetings to all Nigerians on the special day of the anniversary of the birth our of Lord and personal savior, Jesus Christ,” he said.

“Through Him we graced redemption. We thank Almighty God for His grace in allowing us to see today. Many wished to see today, but couldn’t make it even at the last hour.

“I am very infinitesimal in every configuration of Nigerians. But I wish to say a word to my compatriots. I know a lot has gone wrong with Nigeria and Nigerians over the years and they want quick fixes to have solace. But whatever the past wrongs might have done on us as Nigerians, I think, President Muhammadu Buhari is a redemption leader.

“In President Buhari, I see a germinative hope in the regeneration of Nigeria. I have never believed that leaders anywhere in the world have no flaws and its not peculiar with our dear President. But from what I have seen from our past leaders, even at the risk of flattery, Buhari is far better than the rest”.

He, however, urged Nigerians not to lose hope in President Buhari.

His words, “As a leader of our nation, he must have taken certain decisions, which some of us find unpalatable. But I think, President Buhari dreams every day that Nigeria should be a better country for all of us. I have no reason to doubt him. He thinks more of leaving Nigeria better than he met it.

“Therefore, I am using this special season to invite and plead with every Nigerian on the menu of keeping faith in the Buhari Presidency and the security agencies in protecting us from organized, armed criminal gangs. And it is also a call to all patriots who believe in the future of Nigeria to stand up against this criminal gangsterism on Nigeria. Ours is a prosperous nation. We should be obliged to support our leaders in all circumstances to move the nation forward.

“Once again, happy Christmas and a prosperous New year, in the hope that 2021 would bring more goodies to us under Buhari. I resoundingly salute my compatriots. Journey mercies to all who have travelled. Thank you!”

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