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CJN Swears In 39 Additional Judges For Election Tribunals



Owing to the large volume of petitions filed after the last general elections, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Olukayode Ariwoola on Thursday swore in another set of 39 judges to man election petition tribunals nationwide.

The 39 are to work with the 307 earlier sworn in on November 7, 2022 who are already sitting in the various tribunals.

It was learnt the need to appoint additional 39 was to meet the shortfall noticed at the close of the period for filing post-election petitions.

Justice Ariwoola urged the judges not to betray their oath of office, and shun conduct capable of casting the Judiciary in bad light.

He said: “You have just taken an oath that has not only imposed a course of upright morale undertaking on you, but equally looped you with destiny.

“Your participation in these tribunals at this crucial phase of the Nigerian Judiciary is not by accident but a clear design of the Almighty God.

“This is an enormous national assignment that will literally put the contents of your conscience to test.

“I am convinced that this is not the first oath you have taken as Judicial Officers, and certainly won’t be your last, especially as you ascend the ladder of your career.

“No amount of homily can convey the enormity of this task. But suffice it to say that you are already initiating an interaction with history. Whatever action or inaction you exhibit today will serve as your testament in the annals of the Nigerian judiciary.

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