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Community-Based Organization Urges Ulama to Address Moral Conduct of Bauchi Health, Education Commissioners




The Toro Joint Action for Moral Sanity (TJAMS) has expressed deep concern and disappointment over the conduct exhibited by the Bauchi State Commissioners of Health and Education at a recent party in Dass LGA.

The TJAMS is a community-based organization that aims to uphold moral values and promote ethical behavior.

During the event, the commissioners, Dr Jamila Mohammed Dahiru of Education and Dr Adamu Sambo of Health, were witnessed spraying money as they danced in close proximity to each other.

The sight of the two commissioners, who are not legal spouses, attending a party together in a distant location has raised questions about their moral standing.

In an official statement released by TJAMS, chairperson Hajiya Ladi Danlami questioned the choice of the commissioners, who belong to Toro local government, to spend their time and resources in such a frivolous manner.

The group believes that both officials should be focused on empowering their constituents at home and fulfilling their primary responsibilities to the community. Instead, they chose to engage in lavish spending at a party elsewhere.

Highlighting the specific concerns surrounding Dr Jamila Mohammed Dahiru, the TJAMS noted that as a married woman and mother, she should display a high level of moral uprightness, particularly in her role as the Commissioner of Education.

It is expected that she would promote moral values in schools, especially among young girls, visit informal schools such as Islamiya to encourage the students, support exceptional and talented students, and serve as a role model.

The TJAMS expressed distress at the fact that instead of fulfilling these important responsibilities, Dr Jamila was seen rubbing shoulders with men and frivolously spraying money that would have been better utilized to support her immediate constituency, which is in dire need of assistance.

In light of these events, the TJAMS has called on the Ulama, who are regarded as guardians of morality, to examine the actions of the two commissioners. The organization strongly believes that the Ulama should play a crucial role in addressing and rectifying any moral transgressions exhibited by individuals holding positions of authority.

Additionally, the TJAMS advised Dr Jamila’s husband to take appropriate steps to restore the moral standing of their family. It is essential for families of public officials to maintain a strong moral image, as they are seen as representatives of the community.

The TJAMS raised concerns about the appointment of individuals to sensitive positions who might not be able to uphold their oath of office as public servants. They argue that these individuals should resign from their positions if they cannot fulfill their responsibilities.

Furthermore, they urge the state Governor not to appoint such individuals again, given his own background and religious values.

The TJAMS is committed to advocating for moral values within the community and holding public officials accountable for their actions. The organization hopes that this incident serves as a catalyst for reflection and change, reinforcing the importance of ethical conduct among those in positions of power.

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