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Concentrate On Eradicating Insecurity, Improving Development Of The North, Leave Tinubu Alone- Kaduna Based Journalist



A Kaduna based Journalist has urged northern politicians to as a matter of national unity redirect their energy towards ending banditry and terrorism that are bedevilling the north, rather than playing “Mammy Market” politics with the planned relocation of some CBN departments and FAAN headquarters to Lagos State.

According to him, it is a misplaced priority for a region which its citizens cannot sleep with their two eyes closed due to kidnapping, terrorism and other social vices to have lost their voices in that direction only to play politics with agencies that do not belong to one region alone.

He noted that if the sudden voices of the Northern politicians were there long before now, banditry and terrorism would have ended without firing a single shot.

The Kaduna Journalist observed that the North at this point owes other region the duty of supporting the Central Government just as it was done during Muhammadu Buhari and other Northern leaders.

He warned that playing such dangerous politics over the planned relocation of FAAN and some offices of the CBN doesn’t put the northern region in goodlight in the scheme of things in the country.

He added that what the present Adminstration needs at this point in time is a collective effort towards rebuilding Nigeria of our dream.


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