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Court Orders: Why FAAN Must Disclose Revenue — CLCC



Court orders: Why FAAN Must Disclose Revenue — CLCC

A civil society organisation, Centre for Law and Civil Culture, CLCC, has asked the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, to comply with the judgment of a Federal High Court in Lagos, which ordered it to disclose the revenue generated from toll gates and parking lots fees in all Federal airports.

The trial judge, Justice Ibrahim Kala, had ordered FAAN (the respondent) to provide details of the revenue to a public interest applicant, the Registered Trustees of CLCC.

The judge gave the federal agency three months to comply with the order.

The applicant filed the suit, following the respondent’s failure to accede to its Freedom of Information, FOI, request of August 24, 2022.

However, while FAAN complied with the order by disclosing the sum generated from January 2015 till date, it failed to provide information on how much it remitted to the Federal Government, from January 2015 to January 2024.

In a letter dated April 18, 2024, the Executive Secretary, Registered Trustees of CLCC, Abdulganeey Imran reminded FAAN of the need to fully comply with the order of court.

The letter reads: “We observed with great concern that you only complied with the first leg of the order of the court by availing us with the evidence of the total sum so generated from January 2015, till date but flagrantly and deliberately disobeyed and/or disregarded the second leg of the order of the court which further mandated your agency to provide “the evidence of yearly remittance of such sum so generated per year from January 2015 to January, 2024 within three months from today” in the circumstance.

“We, hereby, demand full compliance with the Judgment of the court delivered by Justice Kala dated February 24, 2024, and request that you provide us with the evidence of remittance of such sum in conformity with the aforesaid judgment of the court.”

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