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Defamation Charge: How Ladidi Boyfriend Led Her To Her Capture



After weeks of hiding, Ladidi Bello, a famed Taraba state praise singer cum political attack-dog, finally got caught yesterday. It was a sting operation that appeared dramatic in its execution. The drama was heightened by the fact that it was Ladidi’s boyfriend that led her to her arrest in Abuja. KWARARAFA REPORTERS learnt the police had gone on a manhunt for Ladidi following a petition to the Inspector General of Police by Senator Emmanuel Bwacha.

Bwacha had fired a tightly worded petition to the IGP after Ladidi released a series of audio recordings in which she accused the Senator of many things including the murder of prominent politicians in the state. Bwacha, according to the petition, pleaded with the IGP to invite Ladidi to ” substantiate her claims especially how Senator Bwacha killed certain individual as contained in her audios.

2. She must recant or retrieve the damaging audios making the rounds

3. Her arrest will serve as a deterrent to mischief makers who subsist on such tactics.”

The police search had commenced in earnest.
But a smart Ladidi had disappeared from the radar. Luck ran out of the singer when her boyfriend approached Senator Bwacha with hopes for some amicable settlement.

A source told KR that the boyfriend wanted “sulhu” (fence mending in Hausa). To achieve this, there was need to bring Ladidi to the Senator. A subtext of this arrangement would mean funds may be given to Ladidi to stop further recordings. A rather subdued Ladidi was said to have agreed to all conditions for peace including her eventual decamping from the PDP to the APC. The source noted that Ladidi had confessed that all she wanted was the Senator’s attention and that she was willing to even work for his governorship ambition as a woman leader. She claimed she used to be Senator Bwacha’s girlfriend when he (Bwacha) was a commissioner.

On the fateful day, Ladidi in the company of her boyfriend arrived the residence of Senator Bwacha at Maitama for peace talks and settlement as planned. The police then pounced on her and the boyfriend there. Ladidi is still in police custody at the time of this report.

Recalled that Ladidi was also arressted after a petition written by former minister of power, Sale Mamman. She had also done audios insulting the then minister.

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