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Development: As kefas carries Taraba state residents in Abuja, Lagos



Although he is now only a candidate in the upcoming polls, Lt Col Agbu kefas (rtd) is already in Governorship mode in all its dimensions. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate is already mulling over the economy of Taraba state and how partnership with the private sector can change the story.

He gave insights of this when recently at a meeting with the state residents in Abuja, he clearly stated his vision on the symbiotic relationship that should exist between the state and expertise from the outside. The event itself was one of its kind: the ambitious attempt to engraft business and professional people from the outside with the state for mutual benefits.

Kefas stated that such meetings would happen periodically with the business and professional class based in major capitals around the world. At such meetings, Kefas said he expects to hear programs and investment projects from the parleys. He said, “I look forward to the meetings because I believe Taraba state citizens outside need to be carried along for a well rounded development. There is much I believe you have to offer in terms of contributing to ideas and programs for progress. My hope is to create the enabling atmosphere, the access to assist you inject your expertise into the state.”

This position instantaneously resonated with his audience. Many of them who spoke said this is one of the best push by the leadership in Jalingo. A resident of Abuja, Phillip Agyo, said the interaction is one that was long in coming, noting that Taraba citizens in other states contribute to developments elsewhere but feel unwelcome back home. He said, “the good thing about this is that we can feel a sense of belonging and contribute our quota to the growth and development of our dear state. The problem in the past is you will come with your plans and someone would feel you are only thinking of profit. Not knowing you actually have the interest of your state at heart. So this is good.”

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