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Doyin Okupe’s Resignation A Metaphor for The BIG TENT Project Clean Up Nigeria – Prof. Chris Mustapha



Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, Director of Public Affairs And Strategic Communications OBI-DATTI Independent Presidential Campaign Council – BIG TENT, Member LP-PCC and also the Convener COUNTRYFIRST MOVT, has described Doyin Okupe’s resignation as a metaphor for the determination of the Peter Obi presidency to Clean Up our Politics, also describing It is a pointer to the resolve to Clean Nigeria of benumbing ethnocentric debauchery.

Nwaokobia Jnr said the event hosted few days ago “The BIG TENT” which doubles as the OBI-DATTI Independent Presidential Campaign Council, and the warehouse of the Support Groups and Political Parties supporting the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party launched a nationwide initiative called the Clean Up Nigeria Project.

He also stated in a press statement that “At the Unity Fountain and its environ in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja the Director General of the BIG TENT Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulkareem, the Secretary General Dr Austin Kemie and members of the BIG TENT attended the moral and ideological task that Project Clean Up Nigeria epitomizes. The Flag Off of the Clean Up Nigeria Project across the nation on the 21st of December, 2022 by the BIG TENT speaks to the fact that in physically cleaning up Nigeria, the OBI-DATTI Presidency shall when voted into office in 2023 Clean Up all that has held Nigeria down”.

“As though providential, and divinely orchestrated whilst the BIG TENT was perfecting plans for the launch of Project Clean Up Nigeria, news broke of the Usain-Bolt-Like conviction of Dr Doyin Okupe for Money Laundering, rather than do what politicians in other Political Parties will do, that is to ‘stay put’ until they exhaust the Right To Appeal, Dr Doyin Okupe resigned as the DG of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council preferring the high moral demands of leadership to the jurisprudence of his right to Appeal the judgement. In that singular act of honorary and redemptive sacrifice, the Clean Up of Nigeria has begun”.

“The BIG TENT states without equivocation that only one Ticket ditto the OBI-DATTI PRESIDENTIAL Ticket has the bragging rights to integrity. That of the four leading political parties in the 2023 Presidential contestation only one Party has the moral right to preach about anti-corruption, about credibility and about due process, and that is the Labour Party. We are the redemptive Team determined to reshape Nigeria and we are the band of Patriots committed to Take Back Nigeria for good”.

“Doyin Okupe’s resignation is a metaphor for our determination to Clean Up our Politics. It is a pointer to our resolve to Clean Nigeria of benumbing ethnocentric debauchery. To clean Nigeria from sickening religious and regional supremacy. To clean Nigeria from corruption, larceny, insecurity, hunger, poverty, disease, despondency, infrastructural decay, and to Clean Nigeria of the abandonment of our healthcare and education by those who have never stayed true to their electoral promises. Our RESOLVE to Clean Up Nigeria is unalterable”.

“Compatriots, we are the Movement of the Just, we are the Ticket of genuine hope, we are the custodians of great values, and we are the grail-bearers of a Prosperous and a Successful Nigeria. Together with the OBI-DATTI PRESIDENTIAL Ticket, with the Labour Party, with the BIG TENT and the Obidient Family worldwide the Peaceful Ballot Based People’s Revolution sweeping through the nation shall not cease until Victory is won”.

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