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Easter: Police Call Nigerians To Show Love, Compassion



Easter: Police Call Nigerians To Show Love, Compassion

The Nigeria Police Force has urge Nigerians to show the values of love, compassion, and empathy towards one another as they celebrate this year’s Easter.

The force made the call in a post on its Facebook handle on Friday.

It stated that by working together and remaining vigilant, Nigerians can contribute to maintaining road safety and enhancing community security.

The message read, “On this solemn occasion of Good Friday, the Nigeria Police Force extends heartfelt wishes to all Nigerians.

” May this day of reflection and sacrifice inspire unity, peace, and harmony across the country. Let us uphold the values of love, compassion, and empathy towards one another.

“Remember, in times of distress, our commitment to safety remains solid. If faced with the unfortunate event of vehicle theft, flag your vehicle as stolen on the NPF Motor Vehicle Info Certificate portal []. Instant nationwide alert for a quick recovery!

“Together, let’s ensure our roads are secure. Visit the nearest police division/station for a detailed investigation and recovery.”

It was report that the portal enables vehicle owners to comply with regulations by providing essential information online, aiding the police in maintaining accurate vehicle records

A piece of information from the NPF website about the portal read, “In carrying out this responsibility with regards to motor vehicle security, the Police established a Central Motor Registry (CMR) as a repository of information of vehicles operating on Nigerian roads.

“Every motor vehicle (cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, etc) owner is required to register the motor vehicle in the Registry and issued a Motor Vehicle Information Certificate.

“This portal is designed to enable motor vehicle owners to comply with regulatory requirements by providing information online about their vehicles, their ownership, and other necessary details that will support the Police in maintaining information on vehicles.

“This will be very useful in the investigation of motor vehicle theft and recovery processes.”

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