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Exclusive: Fresh Plots To Impeach PMB, Inaugurate Osinbajo As President Revealed 



Ghenga Daniel Point News

Less than three weeks after President Muhammadu Buhari saw through an attempt to embarrass him by members of the House of Representatives and declined their summons, facts have emerged that there’s a fresh plot to impeach the President by a new set of legislators.

The President, about three weeks ago, declined to honour a summon by the House of Representatives over a purported need to hear from him on the security situation in the country as it was discovered that there was a ploy by opposition members of the House to boo the President as the first step towards galvanising other members towards moving for his impeachment.

The fresh plot, this time, has been hatched at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly and is being spearheaded by a former Governor from the Northeast who is curently a serving senator.

The aim of the plot according to reliable sources, is to either have the President removed or heat up the polity and cause sustained confusion ahead of the build up to the 2023 elections so that the presidency would be in disarray and lose focus on who to support in the next dispensation.

This is because the chances appear slimmer for a presidential hopeful from the Southwest who is hell bent on succeeding Buhari but is being haunted by his sordid past. 

Recall that elder statesman, Mamman Daura had stated earlier this year his personal opinion against zoning the presidency to a particular zone which shut the door against this political godfather from the Southwest.

Our investigations revealed that the former governor from the Northeast is being supported by this powerful political godfather in the Southwest who is known to be eyeing the presidency for long.

The plan is to push forward the candidacy of the political godfather who has seen that he does not stand a chance in the current calculation and have him pair up with the former governor from the Northeast as his running mate in 2023.

The duo had embarked on a similar plan in 2016 but did not go far as President Buhari’ s return to the country cancelled that plan.

Part of the 2016 plan was hatched when President Buhari was admitted at a hospital in the United Kingdom and the then Northeast Governor used his state resources to lobby the political godfather to put in a word for him so he would be picked as vice president to Yemi Osinbajo incase President Buhari fails to make it out of the hospital.

The former governor had even gone to the extent of mobilising  lawmakers to recreate a different version of the doctrine of necessity to enable the Vice President take over while he is named as Vice President. 

Though that plan failed, our investigations have revealed that the former governor hasn’t given up and is working round the clock using the resources he made while serving as governor to oil the plot.

As the first step towards the realization of this plan, the former governor caused his political protege, who took over from him as governor, to rubbish the security architecture in the country and to call for the involvement of foreign mercenaries to fight the Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists operating on the fringes around the Lake Chad region.

This was carefully thought out to make the President and the Service Chiefs appear incapable of handling the security challenges in the country and so as to set citizens up against them.

The former governor as a follow up to the plot, granted an interview calling for the removal of the Service Chiefs and capped his insolence to the President by remarking that Buhari is no God.

Since the initial plan to use the House of Representatives had failed, the current plan is being hatched from the Senate because of the access the former governor has with his colleagues in the Red Chamber where he has deployed his enormous resources to recruit senators especially those of PDP extraction to impeach the President. 

Our sources have it that moves to reach out to the House of Representatives with the plot hit a brick wall and not been successful as the leadership of the House turned down an offer of financial inducement to execute the plan.

A reliable source, has it that the Speaker of the House, Femi Gbajabiamila rejected the $1m offer made to him to mobilise the House and bluntly told those that approached him to allow Buhari complete his second term.

It was at this stage that the former Governor and his godfather resolved to concentrate on the Senate for now.

The current plan were to approach Senate President Ahmed Lawan as it was agreed that Lawan would be more agreeable to the plot since he was partly helped to the Senate Presidency by the Southwest political godfather and owes him allegiance.

About six senators mainly from the opposition party have been recruited and have been meeting to fine tune the plan. 

They include a Senator from the Northcentral, another from the Southeast and another from the Southwest.

The Senator from the Northcentral who is also a former Governor has been promised the juicy position of FCT Minister if the plot succeeds, in the same manner Bala Mohammed was rewarded by then President Goodluck Jonathan for his support and helping to make him realise the presidency. 

While the other two are to be adequately compensated if the plan pulls through.

The choice of the PDP Senators leading the plot is also to make this plot look like an opposition response to the insecurity situation across the country and to cover up the real actors behind the plot.

Our correspondent also found out that the former governor has also recruited some columnist to defend his aggression against the President and make his outbursts look like mere criticism of government policies while the plot  is being executed.

Attempts by our correspondent to speak with the former governor failed as he was not responding to calls.

A reliable source in the Senate when contacted however said ‘we have heard something like that,” when contacted.

Attempts to reach the Speaker of the House  of Representatives were also not successful.

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