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Governor Elect, Lt Col Agbu Kefas (Rtd) “Not Associated with Parochial Religious Bigotry” – Spokesman




Col. Agbu Kefas, the Governor Elect for Taraba state has dismissed the insinuation in some quarters about the plan for an exclusive Christian agenda.

Hon. Emmanuel Bello Spokes person for Col. Agbu Kefas in a press statement titled “Not in Colonel Kefas character” described the mischievous piece floating on the internet as fake news and the handiwork of his opponents and should be disregarded

Part of the statement reads;
“Our attention has been drawn to a mischievous and heavily childish piece floating on the internet purportedly from Taraba state Governor Elect, Lt Col Agbu Kefas (rtd). Discerning minds have since dismissed the fake post but for the purpose of clarity let’s state that Kefas can not and has never been associated with parochial religious bigotry. The jaundiced piece, presented as a leaked text message from Kefas, tried to create the impression that Kefas is planning an exclusive Christian agenda (whatever that means) as governor”.

“First, Kefas, a trained intelligence officer of the finest order can not be that careless in his phone activities to send such a sensitive message to anyone. But on the whole, nothing on that piece is true about the nature of Kefas: a balanced, global and detribalised soul. What’s more, through out his campaign, Kefas was consistent in denouncing religious bigotry in all its manifestations. He always emphasized that both in his early and adult life, religious harmony was a big thing with him. His grandmother is Muslim. Many of his top friends are Muslims. The military, the main institution that shaped his world view, had instilled him a love for all cutting across genders, tribal affiliations and all faiths”.

“The funny text making the rounds is the last feeble attempt to attack what is looking like an impeccable record in character and lifestyle. Since Kefas happened on the political scene, many of his traducers are abit confused what to accused him of. That he defeated opponents at the poll does not mean he would discriminate against their faiths. He’s planning to be Governor to all Taraba citizens irrespective of who they worship”.

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