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Haske: A Man Nigerians Need In 10th Senate



Kudla Milnda Satumari (Haske) is one politician Nigerians are praying to have in the 10th Assembly.
Many believed that having Haske, an Aviation expert in the national assembly, especially the Senate will help at ensuring that the entire aviation sector is reform.
Even though his motive of seeking for a political office is his passion to work for the development of his people, Southern Borno, North East and Nigeria at large.
No young politician today in the North East enjoys the love of people from his constituency and the entire country like Haske.
Kudla Satumari got the name Haske shortly after joining politics. He is a politician whose brand of politics should be emulated.
Haske, a Hausa name which means light, was given to him by the people because of the peaceful manner he conducted himself without segregation.
Looking at Haske, indeed, he is light. His facial look, habits, character, brilliancy and his down to earth show clearly that he is the light that should light up Southern Borno, North East and the Nigerian Senate in 2023.
Kudla Satumari Haske is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the Borno South Senatorial seat election in 2023.
If you go to Borno State and the North-east, Haske is a brand that has come to stay. That’s why many people in the region are insisting that Kudla Satumari Haske get to the Senate to help in lighting up the red chamber.
In countries like America, the Senate is seen as the saucer that cools the tea. If Haske get to the Nigerian Senate, as someone who has been the saucer that cools the difficulties of the lives of the people in ravaged North East communities with his personal resources, Haske’s contribution will go far beyond the filibustering of some members of the parliament, he will be an integral component in building a new Nigeria.
As a Founder/CEO of Aero Nigeria limited, Haske is a responsible family man with a deep sense of duty to his people.
Aside from his involvement in politics, his time is spent running his businesses. His belief is that political power should be used for the good of the society. He believes that political office is a platform that gives you an opportunity to serve people more in your community and your country.
“He has done a lot in his personal capacity. But there is a limit to what he can do to help the people in need of help. He can’t also help the country if he is not in a political office,” his close ally, Dr Allen Manasseh said while responding to questions on why such a successful man wants to be in the Senate.
Even the people who are not doing well as Haske are now contributing just to ensure that he gets to the Senate and takes his humanitarian gesture to another level while still serving his father’s land.
The Haske Campaign Network has received a lot of moral support from happy individuals including a donation of Toyota SUV and a dozen Bicycles from Engr Daniel Madu Gadzama to facilitate campaign logistics.
Ahead of the 2023 general elections, people of Southern Borno and friends of Haske came together and purchased the nomination and expression of interest forms for him.
Haske has the capacity to purchase such a form for over 100 people but it came to him as a surprise gift to mark his 52 birthday.
Haske was pleasantly surprised when some groups of friends said to him he won’t use his money to buy the Senatorial form for the 2023 contest, which was a moral booster and a show of acceptability.
“They said to me enough is enough. You have spent a lot to bring leadership to us, this time around, we will bear the cost of the interest and nomination forms.
“They called me and said they will handover the forms on my birthday. It shows that collectively, our aspiration can be fulfilled.
“During the campaigns in the last election, I went to every settlement in the 9 LGAs.
“We saw a particular place in Shani LGA, after crossing three ponds, they told us their daily morning prayers is that God should wake them up earlier to be the first to reach the pond before animals because both human and animals drink water from the same pond,” Haske said promising to give a purposeful leadership if elected.
“Some people their problem is not water. In some places, children sit on the ground using blocks as a desk to write.
“When given the opportunity, I will hold this office in trust for the people. I know that I don’t know the solutions to all the problems. I will bring developmental changes in the law of the land.
“We will identify the actual needs of the people. Some people’s problem is not class rooms, it’s health centres. Some don’t have good roads and bridges,” Satumari said, adding that, “people are suffering, yet, we have members in the national assembly that have been there for more than five times.
“We will introduce town hall meetings. I want you guys to hold us accountable. We have things we do but for the care of the people, we want to provide better opportunities for the people.
“We’ve given scholarships to hundreds of students in universities. We have built schools, built Mosques, Churches for the teaching of peace and harmony,” Haske said while calling on his supporters to maintain a decent campaign strategy.
“I’ve seen the passion and dedication for all of you. If this is the way we are going, I will deliver all your aspirations,” Haske added.
Each day you talk to Haske either in Abuja, Lagos, Maiduguri or in any part of the world, he will tell you that very disheartening issues motivate his drive for good representation for his people.
“Democracy thrives when we’re able to elect leaders who are driven by the desire to produce a better future for the people. Representation that is equitable is what we deserve, and we can achieve it working together, ” Haske disclosed his goal behind being in politics.
“My goal is to provide representation that will lead to progress and positive transformation in the life of the people of Southern Borno,” Haske added.
When Haske was at Chibok to meet and discuss with the people for a deeper level understanding of their issues and challenges, after deliberation and listening to the people, said more deliberate effort needs to be channeled to the Chibok community towards the development of education and security.
The Chairman, Haske Foundation, Dr Alfred Gadzama, has also said that the people are determined that Satumari becomes their Senator in 2023.
“By his grace, the time for another election is by the corner. Let me thank all of you for making the resources available. Because you believe he is somebody that will represent you well. It is God that gives power, and we stand by you. We must not sell our destiny. Your destiny is in your hands,” Gadzama said.
Also, a chieftain of the PDP in Borno State, Mr Mbirza Gabasa, said they have seen Haske’s aspiration as a big project they will all celebrate.

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