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I’m contented. Everything I do now is for others.” – Col. Agbu Kefas (rtd)



In this brief encounter with newsmen in Abuja, the Taraba state Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) flag bearer in the upcoming Governorship election, Lt Col Agbu Kefas (retd) gave an insight into his personality and his plans when he eventually becomes governor. Excerpts.

You look unassuming and almost self effacing. Is that a strategy or this is who you are?

(Laughs) I don’t know about self effacing but this is who I’m. Yet for what ever it’s worth, it’s good I let you all know I have had more than two decades stay in the Nigerian Army and left as a lieutenant colonel. If I were still in the Army I would have been a two star general by now. The military is a great institution and it prepares you greatly for leadership. It is a place that has taught me discipline and many things. You learn to think strategically and patriotism is practically beaten into you. I eventually resigned willingly and have been doing other things. The leadership training from the military has helped me handle tough assignments like recently being the Chairman, Governing Board of NIMASA. I was also very active in the General TY Danjuma led North East Development Commission. All these helped me in my current work as the Chairman of the PDP in Taraba state and of course the party flag bearer. I believe there is a lot to say about my childhood and upbringing. So many people know my story but that is probably left for another day. Right now what matters is the people. I’ll rather we talk about my people and what they want done. What I want with the media is to always beam the light not on me but on the people. Leadership exists for the people. They should be the focal point.

Speaking of the people, how acceptable are you seeing you are not an established politician.

Established politician? I’m actually not new to the corridors of power and have done many things in the background. Take for instance this quest to be Governor of our dear state. I was actually one of the people that went for it in 2015 but the system brought someone else and I supported the process whole heartedly. Now years later I’m the flag bearer. I’m well versed in the politics of our state and also the needs of the people. Basically, that is my main motivation in this matter: the need to meet the aspirations of our people. Not just an ambition but the good works we can do with power and position in changing lives. I don’t say this like every other politician probably would. I say it from a place of deep sense of mission.

What is your take on the just concluded PDP national convention and it’s outcome?

As you all saw it, it went well. The outcome too is one that many would agree that is the best for this country right now. The situation is already tense and Nigeria can’t afford more madness. We need level headedness and a man who can be a unifying factor. Someone who would get along with every one to unite the country. Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, gives that kind of energy and vibes. And I’m sure he would be a fantastic president.

How do you intend to tackle security problems confronting Taraba state?

Taraba state is not the only state with those challenges. So a holistic approach that takes into account all the other areas is one of my main game plan. Working with all the stakeholders, traditional institutions, the intelligence community (my own community because I was in intelligence in the military), youths and all the various segments, I believe securing Taraba state won’t be that difficult by God’s grace. First, it is an area I have a lot of experience and even passion for having worked in very hostile situations in the past. And I’m involved with efforts for lasting security in this country. I won’t say much but let me assure you that this is one area we would be grateful to God for.

How religious are you because you keep mentioning God.

(Laugh) let me say I’m a product of grace and have seen divine interventions again and again in my life. I can safely say I have all I need right now. God has been good to me as a person. So one is at that stage where all you want to do is for others. I’m a contented person. This is not the time to be excited about anything material other than you are touching lives and making others better than you met them. Power won’t mean anything If it doesn’t touch lives. So I’m committed to see that our people are happier and more uplifted.

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