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Investigation: APC Stakeholders Reject February Convention



All seem not to be well in the ruling All Progressive Congress. (APC). It has been revealed that stakeholders of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) have rejected the party’s forthcoming convention. Insider sources who know of issues within the party confided in this medium that the APC may experience a crisis if urgent steps are not taken.
According to a reliable source who pleaded anonymity, the issues stem from the proposed February convention date of the party.
“I can tell you that party stakeholders have roundly rejected the February 26 Convention date. Their grouse is that there are issues that ought to be resolved before the convention, and going for a convention in this mood might spell doom for the party.”
He further added that those in favour of the February date for the convention might have sinister motives.
“There is no hidden fact that those who are in support of the February convention date are up to some game plan, which might not be in the best interest of the party. Their actions are not realistic, and it behoves on the party leadership to act wisely to avert the looming danger as the election approaches.”
According to investigations carried out by this medium, it was realized that the party’s stakeholders are afraid that the party might disintegrate should the planned convention in February takes place. They cited the need for the party to put its house in order before going to the convention.
A top stakeholder from Kano state, Ibrahim Yakubu, stated that it was a guaranteed path to electoral misfortune should the APC go ahead with the planned convention. He noted that the Mai Mala Buni led Caretaker Committee should be allowed more time to resolve some of the issues still present in the party. That could not be achieved within a month.
“We need more time before our convention. The party is in a tight corner, and we should be careful not to engage in actions that would ruin our chances at the elections. As stakeholders, we must insist on more time before the convention. We should be looking at six months from now.”
“The party leadership must rise to this challenge. The opposition PDP seemed more organized at the moment. As the ruling party, it would be a shame if, after our convention, the party ends up in crisis.”
This fact was corroborated by another party stakeholder from Lagos state, Mutiu Adelaja. He stated that the APC is on the brink at the moment. If the planned February convention holds, the party might record mass defection as those aggrieved would leave the party in droves.
“I don’t see sense in rushing to conduct a convention when there are issues yet unresolved. The issues must be resolved for warring and aggrieved parties to shield their swords. The interest of the party must supersede personal interest. We stand the risk of losing it all if care is not taken.”
This medium was also gathered from an aide of the caretaker committee chairman, who pleaded anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter stated that the party leadership is sceptical about the suitability of the February date.
“There are reservations with the February date, but it seems there are some powerful forces that want the convention to hold as proposed, not minding the consequences of such actions. I think they do not mean well for the party. However, again, these are very powerful interest that wants to take control of the party structure for their benefit.”
The source further added that Governor Mai Mala Buni is under tremendous pressure from some powerful sources to do their bidding.
“Our chairman is in a very tight situation at the moment. He has been pressurized of late to do the bidding of some powerful party stakeholders. But I am glad that he has been able to withstand the pressure so far.”
In a similar vein, this medium gathered that some stakeholders in the AOC have activated their plan B should the party go ahead with the convention. It was gathered that talks are ongoing with the opposition party if the APC is engulfed in crisis.
Our investigations reveal that states like Lagos, Kano, Katsina, Rivers and Oyo are likely to experience mass exodus should the proposed APC convention go as planned. We also gathered that the Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, has been identified as the link man for those that would troop to the party in the southwest region.
Our findings revealed that there had been nocturnal meetings between some APC governors and cabinet ministers with the PDP governor as a plan B to actualise their ambitions. It was revealed that a top APC member is the brain behind the nocturnal meetings.
His grouse, it was revealed, was that the party must do his bidding or the party disintegrates. According to a top source who pleaded anonymity, he corroborated our findings. He stated that the party leadership is aware of the scheming.
It would be recalled that there have been calls in some quarters for the APC to postpone its convention fixed for February 26, citing lack of preparedness and other sundry party issues.

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