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Kebbi 2023: Understanding Malami and his traducers



I have a challenge with the kind of journalism practised in the country of late. This is so because it has become evident that objectivity has been completely eroded. To make matters worse, some supposed credible news platforms seem to have joined the bandwagon of fake news peddlers without recourse to their actions on the sensibilities of readers and stakeholders alike.

The news report by one popular news portal on the alleged plot to impose Abubakar Malami, the Attorney General of the Federation, as governorship candidate is fueling the Kebbi APC crisis is below the belt for the people of Kebbi state. It was an empathic display of ignorance by the reporter and the medium. I am tempted to question not just the source of information in the news; I would also question the editorial competence of the editor that sanctioned such a story in the first place.

To link Abubakar Malami to the crisis in the APC in Kebbi state is most uncharitable. It was neither here nor there, but again, I can guess that some elements who feel threatened that should Malami indicate interest in the Kebbi Gubernatorial elections, it would be difficult for him not to receive statewide support.

I will like to refer to the insinuation that Governor Atiku Bagudu has plotted to impose Abubakar Malami on the people of Kebbi state. This is a misnomer that must be corrected. In Kebbi state, it must be stated that politics of imposition does not stand. But instead, candidates with the proper understanding of the peculiarities of the state always have the upper hand. This is a fact.

The creation of a new faction by Senator Adamu Aliero in the state to impose a stooge is mainly responsible for the crisis in the state. Recall that the Senator Adamu Aliero faction attempted to commission a new state secretariat to undermine the party executives in the state. Party faithfuls and stakeholders rejected this.

The attempt was not in the interest of the state, but a personal one and it is expected that the governor won’t allow such to happen. Abubakar Malami has never been the reason. However, there is every indication that should Abubakar Malami indicates interest; he would be faced with little or no obstacle amongst the stakeholders in the state because of his towering credentials.

For some of us in Kebbi state, we know his strength and passion for the state. You can’t question his passion for the development of the state. You can’t also ignore his tremendous support for the developmental strides in the state in recent times.

Even though he hasn’t come out to indicate interest, there is so much anxiety in the camp of politicians who view his entrance as a stumbling block to actualising their ambition because Abubakar Malami is well-loved across the state.

I can say authoritatively that there are moves to bring Abubakar Malami into the race. However, he hasn’t given any concrete assurance. But the feelers are indicative that he might succumb to the pressure.

I can also say that all those that have indicated an interest in the 2023 governorship race in Kebbi state, Abubakar Malami stands tall in the lot in terms of experience, commitment to the development of the state and acceptance by the electorate. His leadership style has been commended across the state, and he is viewed as a worthy ambassador of the state.

The likes of Senator Ademu Aliero must realize that the interest of Kebbi State must come first. And ordinarily, there should not be any doubt or resistance if Abubakar Malami indicates interest in governing the state unless he wants to tell us that there is another better candidate that the people of Kebbi state are not aware of.

Unless those against Abubakar Malami also want to feign ignorance to what he represents and what the state stands to benefit with him as governor. So to link him to the crisis in the APC in the state is outright character assassination. This does not augur well for our sensibilities, and it must be discontinued.

This is on the heels that his kind of politics is such that the people of Kebbi state yearn. We know what we stand to benefit in terms of inclusiveness and sustainable growth and development. This fact resonates across the state and why there has been tremendous pressure on him to indicate interest.

Going back to that online news, I think the news medium should undertake further research on the politics of Kebbi state. They should not rely on desk research; they should visit Kebbi state to feel the pulse of the eagerly expectant people for the day Abubakar Malami would indicate interest.

They would realize that such a famous personality cannot be imposed on the people, but rather gifted to the people. And suppose the governor tends to support Abubakar Malami to succeed him as governor. In that case, that is not an imposition, but rather a display of love for the people of Kebbi state because Kebbi would be in safe hands under an Abubakar Malami as governor.

For emphasis sake, I wish to reiterate that Abubakar Malami is by no means connected to the crisis in the APC in Kebbi State. As a fact, he has not been known to be meddlesome in the political process in the state. Maybe his offence might be that he is famous for his good deeds and commitment to the development of the state for several years, even before he was appointed Attorney General of the Federation.

We can’t count his numerous contributions to the state in his private capacity. And he did all of that not for any selfish reason but the mere fact that it is his nature to see Kebbi state progress for the benefit of the Kabawa people.

I must also advise all those that have taken to plots to discredit him in the papers to desist from such endeavours. Instead, they should join hands with all well-meaning Kebbi indigenes to continue pressuring him to indicate interest in governing the state.

There is no doubt that Abubakar Malami is a courageous man and one whose antecedent speaks volumes of service to humanity. And who would not be proud of such an individual whose impact has been felt across the state for several years without holding any political office.

It must not be a crime to be loved by your people. It should be a plus, and therefore no amount of smear campaign can succeed in turning the tide against him should he indicate interest in the Kebbi state governorship race.

At this point, his traducers must rest or change tactics. And not even resorting to using supposed credible news mediums in the country can change anything; after all, as they say, all politics is local. The Malami we know is for the interest of the state and never against the interest of the state. The supposed news medium must do well next time to verify the information at their disposal before going to press at the risk of losing its credibility entirely at the end of the day.

The Kabawas are waiting in earnest for that day when Abubakar Malami would accept their overtures.

• Aliyu, a member of the APC , sent this article from Argungun, Kebbi State.

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