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Mercy Johnson-Okojie Loses Dad



Nollywood star Mercy Johnson-Okojie has shared her grief over the death of her loving father, Ametuo Johnson.

The well-known actress used a vintage birthday photo to share the sad news of her father’s passing on social media.

According to the actress, her family is currently going through a trying period as she mourns the death of her father, Pa Johnson.

The mother of four reportedly said she would never comprehend why he had to depart from this world so quickly.

As she bid her father farewell, the actress referred to the anguish of losing him as the worst pain she had ever experienced, along with the immense love he had shown them.

Her Instagram caption reads; “For the rest of my life, daddy, I will keep asking God why? I don’t think I will ever understand why He has taken you from me. They say love saves but my love did not keep you here with us. The great pain I feel now is the greatest pain of all. Rest in peace, my gentle father, NWO Johnson Ametuo Daniel D.A Johnson. God clearly loves you more, that’s the only explanation that makes any sense to me,”

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