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NEDC Voted As Most Outstanding Agency in 2022



The North-East Development Commission (NEDC) has been named the Most Outstanding Agency in 2022.

This was according to 100 civil society organisations under the auspices of the Coalition of Civil Society Groups for Credible Leadership.

In a statement signed by Haruna Musa, the CSOs came to this conclusion after an online conference to vote and appraise critical sectors in 2022.

Musa said the conference took place on the 31st of December 2022 and was moderated from Lagos.

The CSOs unanimously agreed that the NEDC has fulfilled its mandate to coordinate “the resettlement, rehabilitation, integration and reconstruction of infrastructure for victims of terrorism as well as tackling the menace of poverty, illiteracy, ecological challenges in the North-Eastern states and other related matter”.

They concluded that the agency has gone beyond leading the reconstruction and development of the northeast to provide support and succor to the people.

Musa said the NEDC has effectively tackled the menace of poverty, illiteracy, and ecological challenges in the North-Eastern states.

He added that in 2022, the NEDC carried out massive empowerment, skills acquisition and training, infrastructural development, and many more across the member states.

He noted that no government agency had such an impact in the last year and it was no surprise that the NEDC topped its online conference.

Musa, therefore, urged the Mohammed Alkali-led agency not to rest on its oars until every citizen is resettled, rehabilitated, and reintegrated into society.

Describing Alkali as a patriot, with an unblemished record of integrity and accountability, Musa said he has ensured strict and prudent utilization of the agency’s resources to meet the needs of the common people.

The CSOs also charged the Federal Government as well as local and foreign bodies to continue to support the NEDC.

Musa, however, urged other agencies to follow the NEDC’s example of proper leadership, accountability, and transparency.

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