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Nigerians Raises Concerns Over Plot to Kill Godwin Emefiele in Detention



A cross section of Nigerians have raised alarm that there is a threat to eliminate the suspended Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele while in detention .
This was made known by Malam Yahuzu Tanimu, Chairman of Nigeria Citizens Watch For Good Governance in a press release sent to media houses on November 9 , 2023.
According to Malam Tanimu, the group have received credible  reports of a plot to kill  the suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, while in detention.
The Group further added that
” Any form of violence or threat against someone in custody is highly condemnable and goes against the principles of justice and human rights.
It also condemned the reported plot by security agencies to rearrest Mr. Emefiele when he is eventually released .
“We are also saddened by the revelation of the plan by some Security Agencies to rearrest Dr. Emefiele on Trump-up charges to further suppress his fundamental human rights. We are consoled that with the recent decisions of our courts, those who violate their decisions won’t have where to run to.
“Therefore, the Judiciary should be on the watch for further disobedience to their order.
The group further praised the judiciary for granting bail to the embattled CBN Governor .
“We commend the judiciary for their prompt action in ordering the immediate release of Mr. Emefiele. This decision upholds the fundamental principles of justice and reinforces the significance of respecting the rule of law. We believe that it is crucial to provide every citizen with a fair and transparent legal process, and the judiciary’s intervention demonstrates their commitment to upholding justice in our society.
In the same vein, the group condemned the  campaign of calumny that is being peddled against Emefiele in some section of the media while calling on Nigerians to disregard those who are bent on destroying what’s left of Mr Godwin Emefiele through the use of the media.
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