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Nigeria’s Democracy at 25: Group Eulogies Gov Bago’s Sacrifices, Contributions To Good Governance



Nigerian Pilgrims Are Starving In Saudi Arabia —Gov Bago

The Middle-Belt Conscience Guard (MBCG) has commended Niger State Governor Mohammed Umar Bago for his selfless sacrifices for democracy and contributions to good governance in the country.

The group in a statement signed by its President, Comrade Odeh Ralph Odeh, on Democracy Day, lauded the the Governor for prioritising human and infrastructure development without employing propaganda and politicking.

MBCG while congratulating Dr Bago on his first Democracy Day celebration as Governor, described him as “a silent worker and an overachiever.”

“As our dear country, Nigeria celebrates 25 years of uninterrupted democracy, we must also commend the efforts and sacrifices of our living legends even as we remember our heroes past. The workaholic Governor of Niger State Dr Mohammed Umar Bago is one such living legend.

“Governor Bago epitomises the ‘It’s not how far, but how well’ idiom; in his young political career, he has already earned a coveted spot in the pantheon of Nigeria’s democracy,” the statement said.

“The Governor’s unparalleled contributions to good governance haven’t gone unnoticed. When the Governors sworn-in on May 29, 2023, marked their one year anniversaries last month, the name of Governor Bago reverberated with the loudest decibels: He was deservingly named the ‘Governor of the Year’ by both local and international publications and civil society organisations.

“The Governor’s laudable achievements include agricultural revolution, infrastructural revitalisation, economic transformation, human capital development and improved security. His giant strides in Niger typifies the essence of democracy.

“Governor Bago, known for his modesty, chose to forgo the title of ‘His Excellency’ in favour of being known as the ‘Farmer Governor.’ This selfless act has yielded enormous benefits for the people. Niger State has attracted over a billion dollars in Agric business investments since the inception of Governor Bago’s administration.

“The Governor’s agricultural revitalisation is self-evident and realistic. He is a silent worker and an overachiever. The ‘Farmer Governor’ is actively leading Niger State to deliver 100,000MT of grain by June 2025. His faith in agriculture is commendable.

“Dr Bago is known for positively impacting people’s lives without employing propaganda and politicking. The Governor’s decision to lease government lands to residents for farming purposes demonstrates purposeful, resourceful, and progressive leadership in action.

“His achievements in one year are far-reaching and deserving of praise for his selfless sacrifices and contributions to good governance.

“The Middle-Belt Conscience Guard (MBCG) is calling on all stakeholders in Niger State to unite with Governor Bago in his challenging mission of repositioning the state. This support will encourage the ‘Farmer Governor’ to intensify his efforts to achieve more for the benefit of the state, the country, and future generations.”

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