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Now Is The Time To Elect A Leader You Can Trust – Prof Pat Utomi



It was a BIG TENT moment, it was a watershed and indeed an exciting stride in the history of the politics of Delta State. The Obidient Movement Worldwide led by the BIG TENT began what is called Operation Win Your Constituency, and charity they say begins at home, so the Geopolitical Zone of the Convener of the BIG TENT Prof Pat Utomi decided to show the way.

Saturday the 4th of February, 2023 was the day the people of Delta North Senatorial Zone fondly called the Anioma People stepped out in support of the LP Presidential Candidate H.E Peter Obi and his Vice Sen. Datti Baba-Ahmed. It was in furtherance of the need to consolidate the Labour Party control of the political narrative everywhere and anywhere, and to win the many undecided voters over to the Obi-Datti Revolution. It was a day of Music, Dance, Speech Making and Commitment to the project Take Back Nigeria through the Labour Party LP and the Obi-Datti Presidency.

The day began with a Town Hall Meeting in Ibusa which is apparently the largest constituency in Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta State. Ibusa is arguably the most Obidient town in Nigeria, as four of her illustrious sons are members of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council ditto Prof Pat Utomi, Diokpa Delly Ajufo, Dr Nosike Agokei and Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr. Interestingly, Prof Pat Utomi is the National Convener of the BIG TENT which is the Independent Presidential Campaign Council of OBI-DATTI.

The Town Hall Meeting was targeted at inspiring the Obidient Movement at home to greater action, and to ensure that LP wins resoundingly across all the Wards and Units in Anioma land. After the Town Hall meeting the convoy paid a visit to the Oldest Leader and Diokpa of Ibusa who at 103 was excited about the promise of a New Nigeria, he prayed for the Movement and for Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed. The convoy also visited prominent political stakeholders in Ibusa.

It was at the Oshimili South Arcade in Asaba the Delta State Capital that the One Million Man Rally proper took place. We had Speakers like Charles Oputa Charly Boy, Prof Pat Utomi, Diokpa Delly Ajufo, Dr Nosike Agokei, Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, Johny Mamba, and the relentless Dr. Moses Paul MadMo Lead MC of most of Peter Obi’s Campaign Rallies was on hand directing the show. Indeed it was an evening to remember.

Speaker after Speaker informed the excited crowd about the need to turn things around for good with the instrumentality of their Votes. Use your PVCs justly and vote wisely was the message. Charles Oputa Charly Boy regaled the crowd with one of the latest revolutionary songs in his arsenal whilst encouraging the People to show through their Votes that Our Mumu Don Do’, ‘I’m glad and I believe say our Mumu Don Do’ he said. Dr Nosike Agokei charged the people to rise up to the challenge and Take Back Nigeria for good. He asked them to vote for the candidate who truly can take Nigeria from consumption to production. Johny Mamba a foremost leader of the Obidient Movement in Ika Nation urged the people to remain resolute in their choice of the Obi-Datti candidacy, and to step out to Vote LP in the general elections. Diokpa Delly Ajufo was unequivocal in asking the Anioma nation to vote overwhelmingly for the Labour Party LP noting that Peter Obi is the most reliable of the many candidates in the race for President.

Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr Director of Public Affairs And Lead Spokesperson of the BIG TENT speaking right before the Convener of the BIG TENT Prof Pat Utomi, charged the audience to make real the Promises of Democracy by voting rightly. Nwaokobia Jnr challenged the excited crowd to go from House To House, Unit To Unit, Ward To Ward and from Village to Village preaching the message of a New Day, a New Dawn, a New Republic and a New Nigeria. He begged the audience to step out on the 25th of February, 2023 noting that the Peaceful Ballot Based Revolution sweeping through the nation is an idea whose time has come.

The highpoint of the evening was when Prof Pat Utomi challenged the audience to not just VOTE but vote for a leader they can Trust. He noted that Peter Gregory Obi is not only the most competent of the leading Presidential candidates but that Peter Obi is the most credible, the most competent and that Peter Obi has the greatest capacity to get the job done.

Prof Utomi charged the people to vote for a man who had done it before, reminding the crowd about Peter Obi’s performance in Anambra State. He turned Health care around in Anambra State, his investment and stride in Education is unparalleled, his score on Security, His Financial Discipline and his Investment in infrastructure speaks to the capacity and competency of Peter Gregory Obi, he said. Peter Obi is the Leader you can trust, so step out on election day to Vote for Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed, Prof Pat Utomi charged the crowd.

The energy and the electricity of that great Anioma Rally was felt across the Delta State capital Asaba, and across the Anioma nation. Indeed the spectacle of the people who trooped out to wave at the motorcade in solidarity with a Movement and a Party whose ultimate resolve is to Take Back Nigeria for good was a beautiful one.

Compatriots, we are the grail-bearers of the New Day driven by an unalterable commitment to birth and berth a New Nigeria. And a New Nigeria Is POssible. WE MOVE, WE WIN.

Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
Director of Public Affairs And Lead Spokesperson BIG TENT.

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