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Nwaokobia to APC Delagates: Yahaya Bello’s Candidacy Will Birth A New Nigeria



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Prof. Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, the Convener COUNTRY FIRST MOVEMENT, a leadership and mentorship instructor, and a member of the APC has called on party delegates to present the best person to lead the Party’s run for the high office of President come 2023.

Nwaokobia, in a press statement titled “A Treatise To The Delegates Who Will Elect The APC Presidential Candidate” said delegates must not assume that all is going to be well and must not arrogantly believe that 2023 election will be tha same as 2025 and 2019 and so must therefore passionately and truthfully present a candidate that fits the time and season.

Nwaokobia went further to list 10 points why Governor Yahaya Bello candidacy should be consider by the party delegates.

The statement reads: “Dear Delegates to the forthcoming Presidential Primaries of the APC, the moment is here, and the hour of reckoning is close. We cannot in the name of politics ignore the urgency of now. We cannot assume that all is well. And we must not arrogantly believe that 2023 will be the same as 2015 and 2019. We shall not have PMB and his famous 12m guaranteed votes on the card because he will be rounding up his statutory two terms. We must therefore dispassionately and truthfully navigate the waters and present to Nigerians a candidate that fits the time and the season”.

“As you contemplate the way forward for our Dear Party the All Progressive Congress APC, and debate the best person to lead our Party’s run for the high office of President come 2023, may you liberally consider the 10 salient points I here present to you”.

1. “Knowing that Nigerians are unanimous in the call for a new deal and a new tendency in governance. The challenge before you is to look youth-ward. In doing so you shall find Governor Yahaya Bello saying ‘folks let’s get the job of reworking and resetting Nigeria on course’. At 46years of age he is ready, willing and able to lead the challenge for the soul of Nigeria, and in so many fora he has said that the quest for a new, prosperous and great Nigeria is his unalterable commitment”.

2. “Since Nigeria is presently saddled with monstrous national security challenge. The onus is on you to choose the one who has performed best in managing the Security of his State to succeed Mr President. And without an iota of doubt Governor Yahaya Bello GYB is the best performing Governor on Security. To GYB the primacy of lives and property is nonnegotiable, he has proven that in the State of Kogi, and he wants to replicate same in glowing dimensions at the centre. Your votes at the Primaries is all he needs to begin the journey to a better and more secured Nigeria”.

3. “On infrastructure, one Governor stands out having repudiated the prevalent culture of fixing an Infrastructure and spending almost as much to commission same. That Governor has turned the hitherto lacklustre State capital of Lokoja into one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. As you Google check and verify this, think Governor Yahaya Bello GYB, and present him as our Party’s Presidential Candidate, that way we can instill a morbid fear in the other Parties, and retain the Presidency come 2023. Not minding the little resources that accrue to Kogi State GYB has turned the State of Kogi around for good, and he wants to make Nigeria great again”.

4. “Knowing that women and young people consists of over 70% of our voter demography, you have to present to Nigerians a candidate that resonates with women and young people, and GYB does. GYB has in glaring measures made Kogi State the State with the highest youth inclusiveness in governance, and the State with the highest gender parity in Nigeria, and arguably in the whole of Africa. You are also aware that GYB led our Party’s membership drive to huge success by heading the Youth, Women And Person’s With Disability Committee that fetched over 21million new members to our Dear Party. Let’s unleash him as our Presidential flagbearer at the General Elections to retain the Presidency for the APC and for the good of Country come 2023”.

5. “On food sufficiency, you are aware that having handled the Farmers/Herders conflict the best in the whole of the country, farmers and herders in Kogi State are cohabitating peacefully and plying their trade profitably. Nigeria needs a unifier and a bridge builder come 2023, and it behooves on you Dear delegates to present Nigeria with one. GYB is that bridge builder and unifier that can win the general elections for the APC and set Nigeria back on track as a world leader in food sufficiency”.

6. “On Healthcare, do you know that GYB is increasingly making Kogi State a viable alternative to the prevalent culture of medical tourism that pervade the nation. Today, in Okenne in Kogi State stands one of the most outstanding medical facilities in the whole of West Africa. And there are many other topnotch medical facilities sprouting all over the State. Do you also know that in Kogi State medical and healthcare givers are paid as and when due? Presenting GYB to Nigerians as our Presidential flagbearer will not only be the right thing to do, it will be in the best interest of the Party, and the nation”.

7. “In this era of periodic ASUU strikes and the closure of Universities in Nigeria, Nigerians are in search of a President who can fix the education sector. Do you know that not only are the Universities in Kogi State not on strike, GYB has built a new university The Confluence University which is also functional and strike free, GYB provides effectively for the day to day running of the schools for which they are never on strike. The APC needs a Presidential Candidate that can proudly present himself to the Nigerian people, students and lecturers alike as pro the massive repositioning of the Education sector for progress. GYB fits the bill”.

8. “In today’s Nigeria where Job Creation, Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship is most needed, a GYB as the APC Presidential candidate will reverberate and resonate for good. Do you know that the Peace and Tranquility that GYB’S security scorecard has built in Kogi has made huge Private Sector investments in Kogi State possible? Do you know that the Kogi State government owned Confluence Rice built by GYB’S government employs over 5,000 people? Do you know that the Confluence Rice Mill is one of the best Rice Mills in today’s Nigeria? Do you know that the many skill acquisition initiatives of the Kogi State government have created jobs for many otherwise unemployable youths? Dear Delegates putting GYB forward as the presidential candidate of our Dear Party will not only be a choice well made but a choice most prolific and profound”.

9. “As the call for financial and Fiscal Discipline cum better anti-corruption regime grows, Nigerians will judge the candidates by their scorecards. And very evidently of the many Aspirants only GYB can present proven record of fiscal and financial discipline. Do you know that not only does Kogi State have the World Bank validation and commendation as the State with the highest compliance with Fiscal Discipline and Financial Responsibility, Kogi State was the only State to return over 4.3million Dollars unspent Erosion control funds to the World Bank? Do you also know that the spurious suit about a certain 20billion Fixed Deposit account bandied by the EFCC against Kogi State have since been withdrawn with apologies? GYB is the exemplary leader that fits the present reality, his choice as the Presidential Candidate of the APC will be one well made”.

10. “The call for a courageous and broad-minded reformer is the sweltering harmattan of now. Nigerians are asking for a President that will put Country first. In GYB’S position on the COVID-19 pandemic was Country first. In his position on the Lockdown was Country first. In his position on END-SARS, ASUU Strike, Medical Tourism et al is Country first. GYB is the leader that you can trust and entrust with the Presidential Ticket of our great Party and be sure that the over 3,000 support groups already routing for his candidacy indiscriminate of creed or clan, region or religion will join hands with our Dear Party the APC in birthing and berthing a new, a better and a more prosperous Nigeria come 2023. With GYB we can’t go wrong Folks, may we do right at the Presidential Primaries in May”. He prayed God to grant the delegates wisdom to act and do right.
“And may your choice reverberate and resonate with the urgency of now. God Bless Nigeria”. He said

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