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NYSC DG: Where The Buck Stops On PMB’s Table



Harry S. Truman, the 33rd president of the United States, who served between 1945 to 1953, had a sign “The Buck Stop Here” on his desk at the White House. What this signified was that, a leader worth his salt does not shy away from taking stern and tough decisions that’s in the overall national interest.

The United States styled Presidential democracy that Nigera adopted and practicing, the power centre lies with the president. In other words, the power to hire and fire….
And very much so, President Muhammadu Buhari demonstrated this with the removal of the renegade director general of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig Gen MK Fadda from office for gross incompetence and indiscipline.

Issues must be placed in proper perspectives. President Buhari is not superhuman to know how an appointee is going to behave in office, however, he takes the blame, if an appointee demonstrates lacks of capacity to deliver and he fails to fire.

With Fadda’s removal, Buhari has validated Harry S Truman’s assertion that the ultimate power stops with the president. He has proven, at once, what’s possible, where a leader is focused on results and hence, takes no nonsense.

Buhari has for the umpteenth time demonstrated how adorable NYSC is as a national treasure. Haven being created on 22 May 1973, enabled by Decree No.51 of 16th June 1993 as an avenue for the reconciliation, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of the nation after the civil war.

So dear is NYSC to Buhari that he increased their allowance to par with the national minimum wage. Almost a 100 percent increment from 18,900 to 33,000 in 2020. After all, NYSC’s has served to unite Nigeria more than any other idea before or after it.

We continue to savour our colourfully dressed Youth Corps members traverse the length and breathe of Nigera. As they learn other cultures and civilisations. Too many cross-cultural marriages have been consummated, made possible by the scheme.

The gains of the NYSC Ventures and the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) Programme can not be quantified. The scheme has continued to deepen the impact on rural development through the Community Development Service.

Corps members have continued to make a great impact in the area of healthcare delivery, rural infrastructure and other social services.

The NYSC has since inception, recorded numerous landmark achievements in the area of national unity and integration. It has also made a great impact in other spheres such as healthcare delivery, rural infrastructure, mass literacy education, sports, among others.

In 2014, the management of the scheme launched the NYSC Health Initiative for Rural Development (HIRD) to deepen the impact of healthcare services in the country.

The HIRD was a platform for contributions toward promoting the wellbeing of indigent persons at the grassroots by granting them easier access to free and quality healthcare.

The programme was largely implemented through medical outreaches in communities across the country. Corps Medical Volunteers carried out diagnosis treatment, including minor medical procedures and referrals of patients. In addition, drugs, eyeglasses and other medical consumables are also given to patients free of charge

So, no nation will ignore the above gains to ever go for anything less. There’s nothing wrong Fadda’s appointment in the first instance. Mr. President didn’t know much about him. He is just one guy who cheated his way to the top. His removal is gone to prove that crime has no place in the land no matter how highly placed.

Brig Gen MK Fadah had formally assumed office as the 19th NYSC DG on Wednesday, May 18, this year after his appointment as replacement for his predecessor, Major Ibrahim Shuaibu.

Nigerians have continued to thump up for the president’s decision to sack him, saying it is the best thing to happen to NYSC. Even NYSC insiders have lamented the fact that his headship of the scheme holds the worst recorded ever.

Fadda was said to have reduced the scheme to mockery, while staff helplessly watched it to continue go down on free fall. It was a confirmation that the position is apparently bigger than him. He is not just competent enough to head the scheme. Under that circumstance, no leader, not to talk of Buhari will fold his hands.

The arms chair critics, taking the president to the cleaners because of Fadda’s appointment should give us a break. After all, he who hired still fired because he saw the man is not feat do job.

Olawepo wrote this piece from Kwara State.

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