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Oil Theft: NAF Air Strikes Bombs 7 Illegal Refinery Sites In Rivers State



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The Nigerian Airforce said on Sunday that air strikes by its Air Component of Operation Delta Safe against oil thieves in the Niger Delta, at the weekend resulted in the destruction of seven (7) illegal refinery sites and four boats (4) in Rivers State.

Air Vice Marshal Edward Gabkwet, Director of NAF Public Relations said the strikes formed part of the successes against the activities of economic saboteurs operating in the Niger Delta Region.

He said, “Specifically, air strikes carried out from 12-13 April 2024 at some locations in Rivers State have significantly diminished the capabilities of oil thieves to continue in their nefarious efforts at bursting and siphoning crude oil.

“At Idama community, for instance, an active illegal refining site was observed and engaged.

“Also, armed reconnaissance undertaken over Yellow Island and

Channel revealed 4 boats loaded with illegally refined products heading southwards.

“The boats were subsequently engaged and destroyed.

“Similar reconnaissance missions were conducted over Ogbomkiri, Arugbana, Ivy Island and Samkiri.

“While over Ogbomkiri, an active illegal refining site was identified and engaged accordingly.

“At Arugbana, oil thieves were seen trying to set up an illegal refining site and, on sighting the approaching aircraft, scampered for safety.

“Several illegal sites were also observed at Samkiri and were engaged and destroyed.

“In all, about 7 illegal refining sites and 4 boats were discovered and destroyed within the 2 day operation.”

Credit: Vangaurd

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